It was the third year of his studies in junior high school. It was only until the first semester that his grades started to improve tremendously!

He had to thank Teacher Xiao Qiao for it. If he had not met Teacher Xiao Qiao, he dared to say with certainty that he would not achieve such grades today regardless of how well he performed on his own.

At the sight of the boy's attitude, Qiao Nan was at a loss of what to do. "Don't say that. You have achieved such grades because you have worked hard. Your junior high school teachers had also put in a lot of effort during the past three years. Such good grades are hard to come by. Remember to go back to school and thank the subject teachers who taught you during your three years of studies."

It was rare that they had nurtured a top student in Ping Cheng. If all the credit were to go to someone else, Qiao Nan knew that the teachers from the student's junior high school would vomit blood due to anger.

"Teacher Xiao Qiao, don't worry. As parents, we know what to do regarding this." The father proudly patted the shoulders of his son, who was almost as tall as him now.

The son could achieve such good grades. Of course, they could not allow him to choose his high school without careful consideration.

Treating the teachers to meals for taking care of his son during the past three years was not a big deal. It was just a small matter. If he was happy and willing, he could not wait to arrange a banquet to tell everyone he knew that his son was Ping Cheng's top student during the middle school examination.

"Teacher Xiao Qiao, thank you. We must really thank you." The student's mother sounded more sincere. "To put it bluntly, I was just following the crowd in the past. I did not expect…" Did not expect that the outcome would be so good!

The child's mother stuffed a pile of things into Qiao Nan's arms. "Teacher Xiao Qiao, take these foodstuffs. Treat it as a form of appreciation from our child and us, parents."

Teacher Xiao Qiao did not claim all the credit. She even mentioned the teachers from the junior high school of her son.

It was rare as Teacher Xiao Qiao was only two years older than his son!

It was no wonder that each time his son mentioned Qiao Nan, who, in fact, could be his elder sister since she was older than him by two years, he would respectfully address her as Teacher Xiao Qiao. It was as if he was referring to his idol.

In one's lifetime, it was extremely important to have a mentor who could guide and lead you in the right direction.

"No, no need. No need to be so polite. It's due to his own hard work that he had done well." In front of so many people, Qiao Nan was also embarrassed to accept all these gifts. Furthermore, she had accepted quite a lot of them during the Lunar New Year last year.

Many families behaved this way. Each time their child took an examination and improved in their grades, they would send gifts to her house.

She was obviously paid to provide tuition for the children. It was a form of trade.

If she were to take so many things from them, Qiao Nan felt that she was not being very ethical.

"Don't, you have to. You have to." The parents were so enthusiastic. Qiao Nan could not even reject them.

In the end, the parents simply said that they had to go to school to thank the child's other teachers and could not stay longer. As for the gifts, they simply piled them up at the entrance of the Shi family and ran off.

"Sigh…" Qiao Nan waved her hand with all her might to get them to come back but it was too late.

The results for the middle school examination were out and it was not just one person who received the results.

Hence, the small courtyard was extraordinarily lively today. In particular, the entrance of the house of the Shi family was so crowded. That family earlier seemed to have set the stage with an opening performance for today's show. The number of people who came to thank Qiao Nan was streaming in continuously, forming long queues.

One by one, all the families of the children who had been taught by Qiao Nan during the past one and a half years visited her.

It was only when the sun was setting in the late afternoon did the entrance of the Shi family quiet down.

They had finally sent off everyone. Shi Qing, who was already considered a strong one, had wobbly legs and nearly slumped at the entrance of her own house.

At the sight of the piles of items at the entrance, her father would not even have a place to stand when he arrived home after work. Shi Qing tugged the corners of her lips. "Qiao Nan, I'll persuade you again. Just quit school and become a teacher. Do you believe that when the results of our cohort are out, Principal Meng will surely be willing to obtain a pass to certify you as a qualified teacher and then make you work for the school as a teacher? It's fine even if you don't teach during normal times. As long as you spot questions for the third-year students before they take the college entrance examination, Principal Meng will also treat you the same way as he prays to the Buddha."

As long as Qiao Nan was around, she could attract outstanding junior high school graduates for Ping Cheng High School and also help the school nurture outstanding senior high school graduates. Amazing!

"No room for talks on this." Qiao Nan was dying from exhaustion. Of course, she could not ignore the satisfaction that filled her heart. "There are so many things. Quickly bring them in. Otherwise, when your dad comes home after work, how is he going to enter the house? Also, I still have to prepare meals for my dad and mom later."

"You're still sending plain porridge to your mom?" Shi Qing squinted and made faces at Qiao Nan.

During noon, when Qiao Nan was preparing meals for Ding Jiayi, Shi Qing was unhappy and deliberately disturbed Qiao Nan.

Shi Qing was very healthy. Although she had known Qiao Nan for two years, there was never a time that she was so sick that she required Qiao Nan to take care of her. At the sight that Qiao Nan was spending so much time and effort to prepare a pot of porridge for Ding Jiayi, Shi Qing so angry that she felt pain in her lungs.

She only felt more at peace when she heard Qiao Nan's explanation later.

Having been mother and daughter for two lifetimes, Qiao Nan understood Ding Jiayi too well.

Ding Jiayi could treat her badly but she had to treat Ding Jiayi perfectly well.

Her mother would expect her to treat her similar to the treatment that her father received in the past—not just the same but better. Even if she did that, her mother would still be dissatisfied. She would only think it was expected of Qiao Nan.

Although Shi Qing felt that she had sincerely prepared the fragrant and thick porridge out of foolish filial piety, in her mother's eyes, she was being extremely unfilial and thus had to be struck by lightning and thunder.

It would be a ghostly encounter if her mother was willing to eat the porridge that she sent to her.

Sending this porridge would make her mother feel worse than if she did not. Moreover, not to mention that there were also the rice and dishes that she sent to her father as complements.

Qiao Nan knew that she was not sending a bowl of porridge but a bowl of oil.

"Of course I'll send plain porridge." Anything more?


"Fine, I'll help you!" After knowing how 'meaningful' the porridge was, Shi Qing was still quite happy to join in the fun.

Qiao Nan had little strength and she was not as physically strong as Shi Qing. Shi Qing's physique was very strong and comparable to that of a young lad. Within a short time, she had already shifted everything into the house. "Qiao Nan, take a look. Is this a red packet?"

When they were shifting the items, Shi Qing found a red packet in the pile of items. When she opened it, there was quite a lot of money—fifty yuan.

"Quickly help search and see if there's more. Don't miss anything." Qiao Nan had just forked out all her savings for her mother's medical condition. This sum of money… Although it was not enough for Qiao Nan to pay the college tuition fees, it was better than nothing. Regardless of how small the mosquito was, it also had some meat.

Qiao Nan looked a little uneasy. To her surprise, these parents not only gifted her things but also red packets. If Shi Qing had not discovered it, she would have been completely unaware.

After a round of search, the biggest red packet was fifty yuan and the smallest was about twenty yuan. There were actually not many big red packets with fifty yuan.



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