"Hurry up and take them. There's living allowance now." As for the tuition fee, it was far from sufficient.

Qiao Nan grasped her head. "Can I say that I don't really feel like taking them?"

Unfortunately, many people visited at the same time. It was so crowded and many just left behind the gifts and ran off.

As such, Qiao Nan completely did not know the corresponding families that gifted the respective items. She could not return them even if she wanted to.

"What do you intend to do then?" Shi Qing was aware that they could not return the money even if they wished to. They were unable to find out clearly the amount of money given by the respective parties. If they were to check with them, would these people, who were determined to give away the money, respond and take the money back?

The reason they gave these red packets was that their children fared so well and could get into the senior high school of their choice.

Compared to the money that was needed to bribe the school into accepting their child as a student, the red packet given to Qiao Nan was really of a negligible amount. Spending a small sum of money to avoid huge expenses, these parents had, in fact, gained a lot.

After thinking, Qiao Nan said, "There's only one way. Simply photocopy the notes that I made during my normal lesson time and send them to the students."

The streaming to humanities and science classes would only happen in the second year. Hence, Qiao Nan's notes of the first year of her high school studies would still be of use to these students. It could also be considered as returning the favor for the red packets.

"I think this method works. They're going to gain a lot more!" Qiao Nan's notes were much more useful than those textbooks and practice materials sold at bookstores. Any parents who were polite this time were smart. Coincidentally, all of the parents were smart!

Qiao Nan tidied up the money and placed it on Shi Qing's study table. She then started to prepare meals for Qiao Dongliang and Ding Jiayi.

Qiao Dongliang's dinner was of enough portions for him and there were a variety of dishes. It was also well-balanced in nutrition with both protein and vegetable dishes. It was excellent in terms of smell, look, and taste.

As for Ding Jiayi, it was the same hundred-year-old menu—a bowl of plain porridge that was so fragrant and thick!

"It's settled." After packing the rice, dishes, and porridge into the lunch boxes, Qiao Nan let out a sigh of relief.

Shi Qing wrung a handkerchief and passed it to Qiao Nan. "I'll go with you."

"No need. It's broad daylight. There's no need to be so exaggerating." Qiao Nan shook her head. The hospital was not that far away. It was embarrassing to keep troubling Shi Qing in this way.

"It's decided then. It's better to play safe as you can't afford a single mishap. If a single strand of hair of yours goes missing, Brother Zhai will chop my head off." Brother Zhai was busy investigating the matter regarding the college entrance examination. He did not have time to take care of Qiao Nan currently.

If she did not take good care of Qiao Nan during this time, Brother Zhai would certainly not let her off.

For the sake of her own little life, Shi Qing had to follow Qiao Nan closely. "Don't forget the incident of Qiu Chenxi earlier. Both of us have encountered such exaggerated acts before. You have to learn to be obedient. Understand?"

"There's a free bodyguard for me to utilize, so how can I say no?" Qiao Nan smiled but there was a tinge of worry in her eyes.

Undoubtedly, Qiao Zijin was certainly involved in the matter that happened during the college entrance examination.

Besides Qiao Zijin, there had to be someone else. Qiao Zijin had joined forces with outsiders to deal with her.

All of a sudden, Qiao Nan did not know what to say. What great sin had she committed that Qiao Zijin had to deal with her jointly with outsiders? Were Qiao Zijin's brains leaking?

"Right, it has been two days. Have you thought about it? Who do you think is likely to have arranged what happened during the college entrance examination? My dad suspects that it has something to do with Qiu Chenxi." Someone who was so wealthy and petty—Qiu Chenxi was the only one with such an extreme character. "Do you think it's possible that Qiu Chenxi found out about your relationship with Brother Zhai, and that's why…" She spent so much money to deal with Qiao Nan. It was worse than the earlier occasion where she hired a group of people to bash Qiao Nan up.

"But Qiao Zijin doesn't know Qiu Chenxi." Qiao Nan looked grim. "Undoubtedly, Qiao Zijin had certainly done something about this matter. When Qiu Chenxi was creating trouble for me, Qiao Zijin had already left Ping Cheng for some time. These two women did not even have a chance to meet each other, not to mention talking about my matters and dealing with me as they were bound by hatred for a common enemy. When I think about it, it's more probable that Qiao Zijin would collaborate with Chen Jun and plot this."

Chen Jun's father had not been promoted to police commissioner. Instead, he was stripped off his post as the deputy commissioner. Given Chen Jun's temper, he must be filled with hatred. He would investigate to the bottom of the matter the reason his father had been stripped off his post.

Chen Jun had always known how to build connections with others. As long as someone could be of help to the Chen family, he would have the intention to befriend them. He would also not offend them.

After assessing, she was the only one who had a greater conflict with Chen Jun.

"This… It's also true. Chen Jun knows the relationship between Brother Zhai and you, so he is well aware that you don't have the ability to do anything to his father. But Brother Zhai has. Ah, I feel depressed. Chen Jun's father had been stripped off his post due to valid reason and proof. Her father was so daring to accept bribes. If they didn't take his post away from him, whose posts were they going to take away? The Chinese government would not allow such a greedy woodworm to remain in the party. He was in the wrong, yet he still blamed it on others. Given the Zhai family's style of doing things, if the Chen family was open and honest in their dealings, Brother Zhai would definitely not do anything to malign others."

Shi Qing was not pleased. There was a problem with the Chen family themselves and the outcome would be the same regardless of who investigated them.

Having a woodworm such as the Chen family would only smear the country's name and image.

Brother Zhai discovered and destroyed them early. He had done a good deed for the party, citizens, and country.

Qiao Nan smirked. "If the Chen family had self-awareness and self-realization, would they be caught? They committed wrong as that was the general trend of events. They were going with the flow. These officials help and protect one another. If everyone did the same thing and the Chen family insisted on honest dealings, they would be ostracized in the end. Since everyone did the same, why did they seek trouble with the Chen family and not others? Of course, the Chen family and Chen Jun were unhappy with this."

There were certainly other government officials who were similar to the Chen family.

The others had not fallen off the horse but Chen Jun's father did. Would the Chen family feel at peace with this?

"Previously, Chen Jun wooed me because of ulterior motives and Qiao Zijin had met him before. She even addressed him as Brother Chen affectionately then. Qiao Zijin knows that Chen Jun is the son of the deputy police commissioner and she's quite interested in Chen Jun. Without me as the middleman, Qiao Zijin will certainly be able to find ways to get close to Chen Jun. I'm not surprised if the two of them join forces to deal with me."

"It's so complicated. Don't worry. Brother Zhai is investigating this. Anyone who did such things can't run away." Shi Qing's mind was getting entangled. There were too few clues and too many troubles. She could not find a clear line of thought. "Right, you're so sure that Qiao Zijin was involved. How about your mom? She's so harsh on you. She's also harsh enough on herself."

It was such a close shave and that woman with the surname Ding would have died under wheels immediately. She would really have kicked the bucket!

To use her own life to stop Qiao Nan from taking the college entrance examination—what kind of courage, and what kind of extreme lunacy was that?



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