"You think too much. My mom would definitely not jump in front of a moving car. She couldn't bring herself to do it. Qiao Zijin is still a student. She is in school and she has yet to have a boyfriend. She has not married nor does she have any children. My mom couldn't bear to die."

"…Are you saying that your mom has got nothing to do with this incident, or at least, she did not take the initiative to come up with this plan?"

"Yes, but she may have played a passive role."

"…Qiao Zijin?"



Shi Qing gave Qiao Zijin a thumbs-up. She was 'full of admiration' for Qiao Zijin. "Does she want her mom to die?"

Her final goal was to stop Qiao Nan from sitting for the college entrance examination. Was her mother's life worthless to her?

"No, my mom has a higher value alive than being dead. You should have seen that my mom is still alive."

"No matter what, I just don't understand."

"By the way, how is the police investigation going regarding my mother's car accident?"

"We have asked everyone involved. The owner of the car who hit your mother seems to be innocent. He did not speed, drive the reverse direction, or take the other lane. He owned a driver's license. Somebody reported that your mom dashed out onto the road and was knocked down by the car. The police officers spoke to your mom after she woke up. She said that when she was on the streets, she felt giddy from standing under the sun. Right before the accident, she felt as if she was pushed by someone from behind. That was how she ended up dashing onto the road."

According to Qiao Nan's analysis, instead of dashing out onto the road, she believed it was more probable that Ding Jiayi had been pushed by someone.

"Although the owner did not violate the traffic rules, the accident did occur. The owner of the vehicle had to bear the responsibility. The driver's license was revoked and the vehicle was detained. He had to pay a fine of a thousand yuan. It was sent to Uncle Qiao, who was at the hospital."

However, given Ding Jiayi's injuries, a thousand yuan was insufficient to cover for half the amount of her medical bills.

"It is better than nothing. Back when my dad was in a car accident, he did not receive any compensation. Although there is no way that I can get back the money that I gave to my dad, with this one thousand yuan, our finances will not be so tight. At the very least, we do not need to fork out more money."

Qiao Nan was optimistic. She was not as gloomy as Shi Qing. Instead, she was able to look on the bright side of things.

"Hehehe." Shi Qing smiled reluctantly. Under Qiao Nan's influence, she was not as gloomy and unhappy as before.

Qiao Nan did not send the meals to Ding Jiayi's ward. Like what she did in the noontime, she asked a young nurse to pass the lunch box to the ward for her before leaving.

Before she left, she took with her the lunch box that Qiao Dongliang left downstairs previously.

Given Ding Jiayi's attitude, both Qiao Dongliang and Qiao Nan knew that Qiao Nan no longer wished to face Ding Jiayi or wait on her nicely while enduring her insults.

The young nurse brought the lunch box to the ward. However, she felt that the food was wasted on Ding Jiayi. "This porridge smells nice. It is better than the food at the hospital. Do you feel that it is a waste to give this good food to a mother like her?"

The other young nurse on the same shift smiled. "Yes, indeed. However, it is their family affairs. That woman may not be a good person, but she is still the mother of that young lady. But it is indeed a waste of food as the mother would complain and pick on the food. It's a shame."

Everyone in the hospital was busy.

However, they were glad that Ding Jiayi, who was so good at creating news, was at their hospital. With her around, they would be able to listen to a lot of gossip. It was fascinating to them.

Therefore, although it was only Ding Jiayi's fourth day at the hospital, the doctors, nurses, and even the patients had heard about a lot of gossip regarding the Qiao family.

What was interesting was that quite a lot of female patients or family members would use Ding Jiayi as an example to make their husbands see reasons. "Look, that family has such a wife, yet the husband still treats the wife so nicely. The wife is in hospital and the husband still has to wait on her. You should count your blessings. If you married such a woman, you would not want to stay married to her!"

Perhaps Ding Jiayi served as a very good example. All the men who heard of her were thankful that their wives were unlike her. "You… you are quite good to me. Let's lead a happy life from now on."

Qiao Dongliang was the only unlucky person. His misfortune had helped all the other women in the hospital.

However, the young nurse was wrong this time around. She had thought that Ding Jiayi would be picky with food, but she was wrong.

When she handed the lunch box prepared by Qiao Nan to Qiao Dongliang, and he placed it in front of Ding Jiayi, not only did she not throw her temper or pick on the food, she even ate the food heartily. She finished the food quickly as if she was a pig that was reared in the pigsty. The nurse was stunned at this sight.

Ding Jiayi finished the porridge in less than a minute. "Old Qiao, I… I am still hungry. Can you give me some of your rice?"

Ding Jiayi, who had been hungry for a day, could finish one pig by herself. The small amount of porridge was insufficient for her. She kept staring at Qiao Dongliang's rice.

"You are still recovering from your injuries. The doctor and nurse have reminded me to give you light meals. You may not feel full now, but in a while, you will feel bloated." Qiao Dongliang refused to share with her the tasty dishes that Nan Nan prepared for him. He would never give her such tasty dishes.

He remembered that back then, Ding Jiayi would always starve Nan Nan. She refused to give her nutritious food and would let her go hungry. Nan Nan suffered from malnutrition because of that.

Now he could make use of this chance to make Ding Jiayi go through the same ordeal. She would not be given meat dishes and she would not be fed until she was full.

"I see, so this is the case." The young nurse came back to her senses. "Alright, I will make a move. Since you have had your meal, you must hurry to take your medicine for the night." It turned out that she was too hungry and had been starving. She had no strength to lose her temper. Hence, she had no choice but to finish the porridge.

She almost thought that the patient had a change for the better and no longer had a nasty temper.

"Comrade nurse, I will wash the lunch box and leave it at the lobby later. Sorry for bothering you."

"You're welcome." The young nurse was being very nice. She did not find it troublesome at all.

After all, the lunch box had been washed and it no longer smelled of food. It would be placed in the lobby. It only took up a small corner of the place that they worked at. It did not take up a lot of space.

As medical personnel, it was their job to serve people. They would be glad to do the patients a favor as well.

After the young nurse left, there was only dead silence in the ward. It was quiet between Qiao Dongliang and Ding Jiayi.

Ding Jiayi looked at Qiao Dongliang several times. "Old Qiao, do you intend to keep ignoring me? It is common for couples to quarrel. We can resolve our differences through more communication. If you feel that I have any shortcomings, you can tell me and I will change. What do you think? Couples may have quarrels but they patch up easily as well. We've been quarreling for more than two years. No matter how angry you are, you should have been appeased. I am not that unreasonable. You can tell me nicely. I will surely listen to what you have to say."



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