Therefore, even if Zhai Sheng rushed to Ping Cheng High School as soon as he received the news, it would be impossible for him to reach the school before the college entrance examination started. He would not be able to make way for Qiao Nan so that she could be in time to sit for the college entrance examination.

Qiao Nan was glad that Zhai Sheng arrived in the nick of time. He was like her guardian angel. Whenever she was in trouble, he would show up at the right time, saving her from the crisis.

However, there were more troubles to come.

"I have indeed received some information ahead of time." Zhai Sheng did not intend to keep it from Nan Nan. She was a sensitive person. Except for being perceptive in relationships, she was very much aware of what was going on around her. Zhai Sheng had never thought of keeping things from her. "Someone in the army told me."

"In the army?" Qiao Nan was baffled. Why would someone in the army know about something that happened in Ping Cheng and was able to tell Brother Zhai in advance? "It is impossible for people in the army to be involved in this matter. That could not be!"

The people in the army would never do anything that would endanger the stability of the country and disrupt the social order.

"Of course. No one in the army participated in this incident. It is just that someone received news of it in advance."


Now that Qiao Nan knew more about it, she was all the more curious about who informed Zhai Sheng in advance.

"I don't know if you have any impression of Qian Yanyan." In fact, if not for this matter, Zhai Sheng would not have known Qian Yanyan. There were so many people in the army. Zhai Sheng was not responsible for training all the soldiers, let alone the female soldiers that were the military performers in the army.

"I have no impression of her." Qiao Nan shook her head. Apart from Song Yin, she had no impression of other soldiers in the army.

"When you went to the army camp to conduct English classes, she only attended Qiu Chenxi's class. She even acted as Qiu Chenxi's teaching assistant."

"Oh, I have some impression of her!"

"She was the person who gave me the information." Zhai Sheng continued. "Not only did she tell me that something would happen during the college entrance examination, but she also confessed her wrong deeds in the past. She was the one who stole your lesson plans and gave it to Qiu Chenxi."

"Does it mean Qiu Chenxi had something to do with what happened this time?" Qiu Chenxi must have found out about her relationship with Brother Zhai!

"Yes." Zhai Sheng narrowed his eyes like a predatory bird at the mention of Qiu Chenxi. He was worried that he would scare Qiao Nan off with the ferocious look in his eyes.

He had already taught the Qiu family a harsh lesson. It was a pity that Qiu Chenxi had yet to learn how to behave herself. She was still not content with what she had.

"Who was the person who told her?" The first thing that Qiao Nan thought of was who told Qiu Chenxi of her relationship with Zhai Sheng. If no one had not told her, she would not have known the truth.

When she was in high school, she did not have much contact with Brother Zhai. She had to study whereas Brother Zhai spent a lot of time in the army. During the rare times that they met, they never showed any affection for each other in public.

According to Qiu Chenxi's and her mother's mentality, as long she maintained her standards and had good results, Qiu Chenxi would never suspect that she was Brother Zhai's girlfriend.

"Wait a minute. Among those who know that we are together…" Qiao Nan had a sudden headache.

There were not many people who knew that she was in a relationship with Brother Zhai. Most of them were on good terms with her…

"Who do you have in mind?" Zhai Sheng had the same sentiments. He felt that someone must have told Qiu Chenxi about his relationship with Qiao Nan. That was why Qiu Chenxi took things so far this time.

Previously, Qiu Chenxi had always thought lightly of Qiao Nan. She did not see her as her opponent.

If she found out that the person whom she despised had the man that she desperately wanted, a haughty Qiu Chenxi would not be able to take it lying down. She would not let Qiao Nan off. She would use all means and methods to hurt Qiao Nan. She would not care that she would be in a dire situation. She would do all she could to bring about Qiao Nan's downfall.

Qiao Nan clasped her forehead, thinking hard. "Let me think about it. Let me think it through." Her father and Chief Zhai would never do such things. As for Shi Qing and her father, it was impossible for them to hurt her as well. "Oh, yes, I remember! There is another person who knows our relationship!"

"Do you mean Chen Jun?"

"Yes, it's Chen Jun!" Qiao Nan slammed the table. "When Shi Qing asked me if I have any suspects in mind, I never thought of Qiu Chenxi. That was because she did not know Qiao Zijin. But it is a different story with Chen Jun. Qiao Zijin knows Chen Jun. Chen Jun's father used to be the deputy police commissioner at the police station. However, he has been stripped off that position because of the two of us. If Chen Jun knows the truth, although he may not be able to deal with you, he is able to come at me. Given the social standing that the Qiu family used to have, it is easy to contact Qiu Chenxi. Besides, Qiu Qin has been transferred to a faraway place, taking up the position of a low ranking official."

On top of that, Zheng Chenggong and his son, Zheng Liang, had been transferred to Ping Cheng. They had taken up the positions that Qiu Qin and Chen Jun's father used to hold.

Therefore, even if Qiu Qin and Chen Jun's father had outstanding performances and were able to transfer back to Ping Cheng, there were no more suitable positions for them. They had no intention to take up other positions as well. They were in an awkward situation.

"Brother Zhai, do you think that it could have been Chen Jun?"

"There is a possibility that it was him." Zhai Sheng sighed helplessly. Nan Nan was trying to absolve Zhai Hua from guilt.

Zhai Hua had been in a strained relationship with the Zhai family because of Wei De. Due to her job, she had to spend a lot of time in the army. On the rare occasions that she was back, she would not go back to the Zhai family's residence. Instead, she would stay at the house that Wei De bought.

Wei De paid for the house. However, the property title deed had Wei De's and Zhai Hua's names on it.

To Zhai Hua, the house belonged to Wei De and her.

In this case, Zhai Hua might have been the person who told Qiu Chenxi the truth.

"I believe it should be the case. Brother Zhai, you can do some investigations. If Chen Jun is involved, it will not be difficult to find out if he has been contacting Qiu Chenxi. I know what you are thinking of. There was a moment I doubted her as well. It is true that Sister Zhai Hua used to target me because of Wei De. However, Sister Zhai Hua will always tell me in the face if she is angry or dissatisfied with me. It is unlike her to do things in the dark." If Sister Zhai Hua was the person who told Qiu Chenxi the truth, it would mean that Brother Zhai had been betrayed by his sister.

If this was the truth, it would only drive a wedge between Brother Zhai and Sister Zhai Hua.

"I believe that Zhai Hua would not do that in the past."

However, Zhai Hua was no longer the Zhai Hua that he knew. She had changed a lot because of Wei De. He could hardly recognize her anymore.

"Don't think too much. No matter what, you should start investigating Chen Jun. It could have been our groundless worries." Qiao Nan patted Zhai Sheng's hands, trying to comfort him.

"I hope so."



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