It would be best if it was Chen Jun. He could go all out to deal with him. But once Zhai Hua was embroiled into this, it would become troublesome and complicated. Things would become sensitive.

Qiao Nan could tell that Zhai Sheng was in a bad mood. She hurried to change the topic. "I don't have much impression of Qian Yanyan, but I remembered that she would always be by Qiu Chenxi's side. I heard from Shi Qing that she had asked to get Qiu Chenxi's belongings from the army?"

The military performers were considered soldiers as well. If not, Qiao Nan had wanted to describe Qian Yanyan as Qiu Chenxi's lackey. Besides, it was Qian Yanyan who informed Zhai Sheng of what was going to happen at Ping Cheng, and hence he was able to reach in time and help Qiao Nan.

"Qiu Chenxi let slip of her tongue."

Qiao Nan only spent less than a month during the summer break to conduct English classes at the camp. However, even after she left the army camp, the soldiers would still bring up 'Teacher Xiao Qiao" in their conversations. This was due to the great success of Song Yin.

After Song Yin accomplished military achievements, he was promoted to platoon leader.

The political commissar felt that Song Yin was a talent, was conscientious, and had a good learning attitude. He helped him apply a year off to participate in training courses to upgrade his skills.

In addition to his interests in English, Song Yin was very skilled in shooting. His aim was very accurate.

Song Yin's proficiency in English improved greatly after taking part in the training courses. He was able to read foreign publications with the help of a dictionary.

Since Song Yin had outstanding performance in shooting and firearms, and he had the abilities and intelligence, he became the new blood in the camp.

In addition, the army had the intention to train and groom new talents. Since Song Yin had outstanding performance, he was one of the soldiers that the army was going to groom.

In the past, Wei De used to dream of rising through the ranks in the army. It only took Song Yin more than one year's time to attain half of his unachievable goals. He was almost promoted to deputy company commander already.

It was because of Qiao Nan who changed the trajectory of Song Yin's life. Although Qiao Nan only taught him for less than a month, it was Qiao Nan who introduced him to the English language, and it was because of her that Song Yin could have the chance of a lifetime.

As Song Yin's success story became widely known in the camp, 'Teacher Xiao Qiao' would always come up in the soldiers' conversations.

All of the soldiers were proud that they were taught by Teacher Xiao Qiao and had attended her classes.

Usually, when people committed mistakes, they would have a guilty conscience.

Qian Yanyan might have a guilty conscience, but if Qiao Nan was no longer brought up in the army, she would have forgotten about what she had done in a few months' or a few years' time.

However, the soldiers kept bringing up 'Teacher Xiao Qiao'. As a result, Qian Yanyan was tormented by the mistakes she had committed in the past. She was worried that someone would discover what she had done and bring up the old scores again. If the army discovered it, they might kick her out of the camp.

Back then, Qiu Chenxi would use this to threaten Qian Yanyan. It had become a nightmare to Qian Yanyan.

Whenever she heard the mention of 'Teacher Xiao Qiao', Qian Yanyan would become very sensitive and she would be on tenterhooks. Those around her noticed that she was behaving strangely. But whenever they asked her about it, she would keep her silence.

Qian Yanyan could not wait to forget everything that happened in the past. She hoped that she could turn back time and stop herself from doing such silly stuff.

But her wish did not come true. Instead, she received a call from Qiu Chenxi.

When Qian Yanyan learned that the phone call was from Qiu Chenxi, she almost pretended that she was sick. "What is… Is something the matter?"

"Why do you sound strange? Are you sick?" Qiu Chenxi had no idea that Qian Yanyan was trying to distance herself from her, and that she was unwilling to answer her phone call. She thought that Qian Yanyan was unwell.

Qian Yanyan cleared her throat. "I am slightly unwell, so I have to go back early to rest. What is the matter?"

During the conversation, Qian Yanyan covered the mouthpiece of the phone for fear that Qiu Chenxi would say anything outrageous and it would be overheard by someone else.

"How is Brother Zhai recently? Is he… in the camp? Will he go back to the Zhai family's residence tomorrow?" Qiu Chenxi wanted to be sure of Zhai Sheng's whereabouts before she started her plan.

She knew that Qiao Nan would sit for the college entrance examination tomorrow. Since Zhai Sheng valued Qiao Nan so much, he might go back to Ping Cheng to provide moral support for her while she sat for the college entrance examination.

If this was the case—regardless of Chen Jun's plan—Zhai Sheng would have a way to make sure that Qiao Nan sat for the college entrance examination.

In the beginning, Qian Yanyan still did not understand what Qiu Chenxi meant. "Regiment Commander Zhai is in the army. I have not heard of any news that he is taking leave."

"Is that so? That's good." This meant that even if Brother Zhai received wind of what happened in Ping Cheng, it would be too late by the time he arrived at Ping Cheng.

Qiu Chenxi only had one simple goal. Qiao Nan had good results, and she usually scored full marks for most of her subjects. To Qiu Chenxi, this was the best scenario.

Regardless of Qiao Nan's good performance, if she missed the exam for one of the subjects, she would not be able to get into a good college.

On the other hand, if Qiao Nan did very well for all the other subjects, she would feel all the more dejected and angry at failing to qualify for the good colleges.

Therefore, Qiu Chenxi had made up her mind. She would use the morning to stop Qiao Nan from sitting for the exam of one of the subjects.

People believed in having a good start to things.

If Qiao Nan could not start off well for the exams and even failed to sit for the exams, no matter how much effort she put in for the remaining subjects, her performances would definitely be affected.

"What is good about it? Qiu Chenxi, what are you up to again? Do… do you want to scheme against Teacher Xiao Qiao?!" Qian Yanyan was truly fearful of Qiu Chenxi. Why did she keep coming after her?

"Teacher Xiao Qiao? Didn't you use to say that she is merely a high school student? She is not qualified to be a teacher! She is not even qualified to study in a good college. How can she be someone else's teacher? It's ridiculous."

"Impossible. I heard from other people that Teacher Xiao Qiao has good grades. She always comes in the first place in the level at her school. She should have no problem in going to one of the colleges in the capital." Even if Qiu Chenxi did not like Teacher Xiao Qiao, she should not fabricate lies about her. "Don't say this to other people in the army. If they hear of this, you will get into trouble."

"Humph! What is wrong? Don't you believe me? If you don't believe it, we shall see if I am telling the truth. You must keep a lookout for the news the day after tomorrow. You will understand and believe what I said. Alright, I have nothing else to say. I will hang up now. But before I hang up, let me remind you. Don't address Qiao Nan so affectionately as Teacher Xiao Qiao."



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