This kind of happiness was something that she had never experienced in her previous life.

Qiao Nan felt especially grateful and blessed to experience it in this lifetime, and she cherished it very much.

"Are you really that grateful to me?" There was a sparkle in Zhai Sheng's eyes. One of his hands was around Qiao Nan's shoulders and the other was holding on to her tiny waist. It was seldom that Qiao Nan was willing to hug him on her own accord. This was something that Zhai Sheng had been yearning for all this while.

Although Qiao Nan's mood was not particularly good at this moment, Zhai Sheng did not decline. One would not be a man if he were to reject during such times.

"Yes!" Qiao Nan replied with certainty. Her tiny head even gave Zhai Sheng a nudge while she was in his arms.

This movement nearly unleashed that evil gush of fire that had been deeply contained in Zhai Sheng's heart.

Zhai Sheng took a deep breath as he breathed in the fragrance of Qiao Nan's hair that was uniquely hers. "If you are really that grateful to me, then promise me one thing."


"Let me give you a kiss!"

Over these three to four years, he had watched the fruit that he had been guarding mature gradually day by day. It had become fragrant that it could overwhelm one's senses. That fruity smell of it was so tempting and it exuded an irresistible charm all over, as if sweet and fragrant juice would drip out of it at any point in time.

Zhai Sheng had been thinking every year, month, and day of his life when he could pounce on and take a real bite out of it to relieve his temptation.

Qiao Nan had not reached eighteen years of age back then and was only a senior high school student. Certainly, as a soldier, Zhai Sheng could not bring himself to lay his hands on her.

Now, Qiao Nan was an adult and her nominal age was almost twenty years old. In Chinese law, she was an independent individual who was allowed to act on her own legally.

That 'wolf heart' of Zhai Sheng that had been tempted for many years could not wait any further. He held on to Qiao Nan's neck and immediately kissed her.

This was the second kiss between Qiao Nan and Zhai Sheng. There was a gap of two years between this and their earlier kiss.

In consideration of this, it was not wrong to say that Zhai Sheng had been a gentleman and he was akin to Liu Xiahui.

Only heaven knew the countless times Zhai Sheng had dreamed about that sweet moment during these two years. He was so immersed in the dream each time that he was reluctant to wake up.

However, when the sun was up the next day, Zhai Sheng's biological clock did not allow him to wake up late. At those moments, Zhai Sheng had to face an embarrassing situation whereby his pants needed a wash as they were stained with countless seedlings of his offspring…

Today, it was seldom that Qiao Nan would express so much of her feelings. As an observant and sharp soldier, Zhai Sheng's advances were as strong and rapid as a leopard. He gave a firm bite on his prey first to satisfy his 'hunger'.

There was a buzzing sound in Qiao Nan's mind and she could not regain her senses for a long time.

This was the house of the Qiao family and only Qiao Nan and Zhai Sheng were in the house. It was unlike the previous time whereby there were concerns about being discovered by others. Hence, Qiao Nan did not have any intention to struggle.

That searing and hot kiss of Zhai Sheng seemed like it could devour a human. It made Qiao Nan feel as if she would be eaten alive by Zhai Sheng at any point in time.

Clearly, during the first time, Zhai Sheng's kiss also felt like it could devour a human but it was so amateurish and shy. This time, his skills were simply akin to a veteran player that had played many games with no strings attached.

Faced with such a situation, Qiao Nan, who did not have much of such experience in her two lifetimes, failed and surrendered repeatedly. She was completely defeated.

With those superb skills of Zhai Sheng, it was only until when Qiao Nan felt a tear and slight pain in her mouth that she came to her senses and pushed him away.

When Zhai Sheng let go of Qiao Nan, he was panting heavily.

As a soldier, it was needless to say that Zhai Sheng's lung capacity was strong. He would not feel breathless even if he were to hug and kiss Qiao Nan for another hour. At this moment, he was overwhelmed by the feeling of his body's little soldier troops standing.

"Brother Zhai, you, you're too exaggerating." Qiao Nan glanced at the clock on the wall. Her face, which was initially flustered, turned even redder.

It was just a kiss but it lasted twenty minutes…

At the thought of this duration, Qiao Nan bit her lip shyly. It felt so painful that she had to continuously take deep breaths. "Tsk…"

"Why?" Zhai Sheng, who had been taking a few more deep breaths to extinguish that 'inner fire' of his, rushed over when he heard Qiao Nan panting.

Qiao Nan wanted to cry but she had no tears. "My lips are broken!" What else could it be?

Not only her lips were broken but Qiao Nan also felt that both her lips and tongue did not belong to her. That feeling of numbness could not seem to go away.

Zhai Sheng looked at Qiao Nan. That pinkish, tender and tiny mouth of Qiao Nan was swollen and red currently. The skin on the lips was torn.

Zhai Sheng smiled proudly and pulled Qiao Nan into his arms firmly. "It's okay. I'll take note in the future. After all, I'm not experienced in this and there will be inevitable misses where I don't use the correct amount of strength. It won't be like this after a few more tries."

"A few more tries!!" Did she still want her mouth?

"You nominal age is twenty years and you're eighteen years old now." In other words, let alone a few more kisses, it should not be a problem even if he and Qiao Nan were to do something that adults do.

Qiao Nan was so furious that she banged her head onto Zhai Sheng's chest. "You know that I'm not thick-skinned but you deliberately said all these. Do you believe that I won't let you do this again?"

Zhai Sheng raised his brows and did not retort.

One must know that, to him, 'talks' were never better than 'actions'. Instead of 'talking', he would prefer 'doing'.

Qiao Nan rolled her eyes badly. Was it true that, regardless of how gentle a man was, he would become indecent in front of the woman that he loved? "Brother Zhai, I can't continue to chat with you. Regardless of whether I'm happy or willing, the one lying in the hospital is my mom. I can't ignore this. Moreover, I definitely can't let my dad starve."

It was time for Qiao Nan to prepare lunch for Qiao Dongliang and Ding Jiayi.

"Fine, go ahead and prepare the meals. Remember to prepare for the two of us as well. I'll send you to the hospital later." Zhai Sheng let go of his hands and Qiao Nan finally left Zhai Sheng's arms.

"Okay." Qiao Nan nodded. "But the ingredients are in the house of the Shi family. I don't have them here."

"That's fine too. Then, prepare the meals at the Shi family's residence." Zhai Sheng stood up and led Qiao Nan to the house of the Shi family, which was located next door.

Shi Qing, who happened to come out while chewing an apple, arched her brows in puzzlement when she saw that the two of them had come back before an hour.

It was only when she saw Qiao Nan enter the kitchen to prepare food and Zhai Sheng sitting in the living room and watching the news on television that she lifted the corners of her lips. So, they treated the house of the Shi family as the kitchen.

Unfortunately, with Zhai Sheng around, Shi Qing dared not say anything despite her anger. She had to abidingly shrink her shoulders and continue to chew on her apple. Even though the news channel was obviously something that she did not like, she could only sit by the side and pretended to watch it.

The only one who could turn Shi Qing the tigress into a house cat was Zhai Sheng. It was hard to find the second person who could do so in the world.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

The phone in the Shi family rang and Shi Qing picked it up. "Hello, good day. I'm Shi Qing. Who are you?"

"It's me…" A sullen and depressed voice of a man could be heard from the other side of the phone. Obviously, he was in a very bad mood.



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