Previously, Zhai Sheng and Qiao Nan had been analyzing who was the one who told Qiu Chenxi about their relationship, which caused Qiu Chenxi to vent all her frustration on Qiao Nan.

Their suspicion of Zhai Hua disappeared in the blink of an eye. However, they suspected everyone except for one person—Wei De.

Besides their own family and friends, Chen Jun was not the only outsider that knew about Zhai Sheng and Qiao Nan's relationship. There was Wei De as well.

One must know that once Zhai Hua was aware that her younger brother had that kind of feelings toward Qiao Nan, she immediately shared this 'gossip' with the one that she loved most—Wei De.

All the while, Wei De had been reluctant to accept Qiao Nan as his 'sister-in-law'. Only someone of comparable status and family background such as Qiu Chenxi was qualified to be married into the Zhai family and fit for him to address as sister-in-law.

It was just that Zhai Sheng was willing and Zhai Hua did not object. Old Chief had also quietly acknowledged this. The only one left was Madam Zhai who was quite useless. As such, Wei De decided to rely on himself regarding this matter.

He would resolve it 'in a satisfactory and proper manner'.

On a random occasion, Wei De heard from Zhai Hua about Qiu Chenxi's temperament and found out that Qiu Chenxi, who was always trying to be smart, never once suspected that Qiao Nan was the 'vixen' that she had been looking for. A bright idea thus flashed in Wei De's mind. He immediately asked someone for Qiu Chenxi's telephone number and gave her a call.

During his last visit to the Zhai family, Zhai Sheng and Miao Jing did not give him any face. Wei De did not show any displeasure but that did not mean that he did not take it to heart or bear any grudges.

All men are the same. They bully the weak ones over the strong ones.

Wei De, who felt humiliated, dared not vent his frustration on Zhai Sheng and Miao Jing, the two parties concerned. He simply pushed all the blame to Qiao Nan.

Clearly, he visited the Zhai family for a meal as the marriage partner of Zhai Hua. If Qiao Nan was clear-minded and understanding, she should have known better and not let Regiment Commander Zhai and Madam Zhai remain in the house of the Qiao family for dinner. She had to make them leave even if she had to chase them away.

Clearly, he and Qiao Nan were in a similar predicament. It was unethical of Qiao Nan to have done that. Hence, she could not blame him for being heartless and unruly.

Wei De temporarily vented part of his resentment and anger caused by the Zhai family on Qiao Nan. He spent money to get someone to specifically investigate Qiao Nan's situation.

It was also at this juncture that Chen Jun appeared before Wei De. Wei De felt that this person by the name of Chen Jun would be useful to him.

It could be said that Wei De had not only told Qiu Chenxi about the true relationship between Zhai Sheng and Qiao Nan, but he even personally linked up Chen Jun and Qiu Chenxi.

Without Wei De, Qiu Chenxi would not even have known that an individual like Chen Jun existed in Ping Cheng.

Wei De thought that, notwithstanding Qiu Chenxi, even Chen Jun's status and reputation were much better than that of Qiao Nan. How could Qiao Nan, who was just a daughter of a poor and ordinary former soldier, win against Chen Jun? Furthermore, there was Qiu Chenxi providing him with such fabulous help.

It was a pity that this fabulous help was not comparable to another fabulous help.

It was all thanks to Qiu Chenxi that Qiao Nan could take the college entrance examination successfully.

Wei De was the one who took the lead in this matter. Hence, Wei De paid more attention to the development of this matter more than anyone else.

When the news was out that day, Wei De's face turned black.

After hiring many people and dumping in so much money, there was not a single student who was late for the college entrance examination. In other words, Qiao Nan successfully entered the examination hall and took the college entrance examination?

Due to this matter, despite learning how to put on a false front after starting a business, Wei De pulled a long face for the entire day. Even his secretary dared not enter his office.

Having thought about what Zhai Hua said to him about Qiao Nan's situation, Wei De's expression turned even more solemn.

There was nothing great about the Qiao family but Qiao Nan was different from him. He was the only one from the lower clan.

Qiao Nan's parents were not capable but she had a formidable master—Lin Yuankang. He was once China's leader in foreign affairs.

With such a capable master, how could one say that Qiao Nan did not have any political background?

After knowing this fact, Wei De's worries increased.

Qiao Nan had a master that far exceeded him. If it was as per what Zhai Hua said, Qiao Nan was very intelligent and she was good in her studies. If she were to get into a top tier university, she would have a bright future ahead even without a master like Lin Yuankang.

At the thought that he only graduated from junior high school, Wei De felt so embarrassed and anxious.

The reason Wei De took the lead and initiative this time was that he wanted to stop Qiao Nan from taking the college entrance examination so that her name would be dropped from the roll of honors and she could not further her studies. She would then break up with Zhai Sheng. That would be the best outcome.

Taking a step forward, even if this matter could not make Qiao Nan and Zhai Sheng break up, as long as Qiao Nan did not graduate from a prominent school, he could still accept Qiao Nan addressing him as brother-in-law.

The Zhai family members were all giants among men. Their status and reputations were high. Wei De did not want to become the only one in the family whose identity was the most debatable after he married Zhai Hua.

In short, he wanted to drag Qiao Nan down to be his 'cushion'.

After the matter failed, Wei De's biggest worry was the extent of Zhai Sheng's investigations in this matter and whether he would be discovered and implicated.

Although he had a little success in his career now, the attitude of the Zhai family toward him was not just neither hot nor cold. They completely ignored him.

If the Zhai family found out that Qiao Nan's matter had something to do with him, Wei De was aware that Zhai Sheng would certainly not acknowledge him as his brother-in-law, let alone Miao Jing.

Looking at the bright and spacious office with top-notch renovations, cow leather sofa, and red office table, all these were things that he dared not wish for in the past.

He wanted to be successful in the army. Never did he expect that he would have some achievements in business.

Smart Wei De was clearly aware of this point. All that he had today was not reliant on his own effort alone. If he did not ride on Zhai Hua's connections and the identity as the future son-in-law of the Zhai family, given his situation, he could, at most, carry bricks at the construction site. He would not be a boss.

Hence, power and influence were so important. With power and influence, getting money was as simple as just talking.

"Wei De, what's wrong with you recently?" Zhai Hua, who just came back from the army, simply entered Wei De's office without knocking on the door. "I heard from the secretary that you're in a bad mood. Did you encounter any difficulties in your business?" Logically, it should not be. She clearly heard from her few childhood friends that business had been quite smooth recently.

"No, it has nothing to do with the business." Wei De's heart leaped. "Why did you come?" Shouldn't you be in the army?

"You should have heard about the matter that happened during Qiao Nan's college entrance examination. I came back to take a look at the situation." Zhai Hua frowned. "Ping Cheng has always been quite a safe place. I'm quite surprised that this happened."



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