"I heard that it's not just the education department in Ping Cheng. Even the education department in the province is anxious and paying great attention to this matter."

Wei De lighted a cigar and took a deep smoke. "This matter is… so serious? For how long are they going to investigate this? And to what extent are they going to mess with this?"

"What do you mean? If the government sectors do not care about this matter, how can they say that they're serving the people? This matter has an adverse impact. Moreover, I believe there will be many repercussions. How long? We'll have to see ten days later." Zhai Hua felt troubled and vexed. In fact, she should feel happy that Qiao Nan encountered this.

If Qiao Nan was too outstanding, Wei De would seem too useless in comparison.

However, everyone had known each other for so long. It was unreasonable for Zhai Hua to hope for Qiao Nan to fare badly in the examination.

There more outstanding Qiao Nan was, the prouder the Zhai family would feel when Zhai Sheng married Qiao Nan, no?

"What do you mean? Why do we have to wait for ten days?" Wei De felt his heart tightened. Could it become worse?

Zhai Hua gave a bitter smile. "Zhai Sheng really has good judgment. Without Zhai Sheng's help, Qiao Nan's future will not be that bad either. I heard from my mom that Qiao Nan has always been the top student of the cohort in the school. All the teachers in the school said that it's very likely that Qiao Nan will be able to compete for the place of the top humanities student of the province this year."

The words that followed next… Wei De understood even without Zhai Hua saying it.

Once Qiao Nan became the top humanities student of the province, all of those who caused her to nearly miss the college entrance examination or robbed her of this honor would immediately become Ping Cheng's enemies!

The top humanities scorer of the province—how could the education departments of Ping Cheng as well as the province not pay great attention to this matter?

There was a top scorer in the province every year, but to Ping Cheng, a top scorer in the college entrance examination was a great fortune that would only happen once in a blue moon!

Clearly, the sun outside was scorching to one's eyes but Wei De's forehead started to break out in cold sweat. "Although she usually did well in her examinations, it doesn't mean that she would necessarily do so in the college entrance examination. She was only the top student of the cohort in Ping Cheng High School. Why are they so certain that she would achieve such good grades and become the top scorer of the province?"

Top humanities student of the province?

To a slacker in studies like Wei De, that was a term that was beyond him.

When he was schooling, Wei De's grades were not good but he was very envious and respectful of his classmates who were good in their studies.

"It's not that I want to curse Qiao Nan. I heard that she entered the examination hall during the last three minutes. How old is Qiao Nan? This is the first time that she encountered such a matter. Even as adults, it's impossible for us not to be affected, let alone youngsters. Her mind would be in a mess. In such a situation, would Qiao Nan be able to do well? If she fares badly in just one of the subjects, it will be difficult for her to adjust her mindset and take the examination for the rest of the subjects properly."

Right, that would certainly be the case.

In a situation filled with fear and panic, how was it possible for Qiao Nan to achieve the grades of the top humanities student of the province?

At this juncture, the badly shaken Wei De was no longer praying that Qiao Nan would fall through the ranks or could not enter a top tier university in the capital. He only wished for one thing—that Qiao Nan did not become the top scorer of the province.

Wei De totally did not expect that such a small and obscure matter of stopping Qiao Nan from successfully taking part in the college entrance examination could kick up such a huge commotion.

He wanted Qiao Nan to fall into the water but definitely did not plan to make his shoes wet in the process.

"It's tough but it doesn't mean that there's no hope of it happening. If Qiao Nan really becomes the top humanities student in the province, Zhai Sheng will be overjoyed." At the thought that the road ahead for her younger brother would be smoother on this matter, Zhai Hua was, in fact, happy for Zhai Sheng.

Furthermore, with this glory, Qiao Nan could reduce the gap between her and the Zhai family, becoming more compatible with the family.

Naturally, Zhai Hua would feel happy to see outcomes that were beneficial to the Zhai family.

Yes, there would be joy. Zhai Sheng would be overjoyed but he would be very miserable!

At the thought that he could not even be compared to a young girl, that he would be under her mercy as he would be the lousiest one in the Zhai family—the lowest one in the food chain—Wei De felt so bad. It was as if a thousand ants were crawling in his heart and biting him from time to time.

Wei De endured the impulse to vomit blood as he looked at Zhai Hua, who was smiling gently. "You're quite happy?"

Zhai Sheng had not been giving Zhai Hua face. He had been objecting to Zhai Hua's relationship with him. Zhai Sheng's girlfriend was going to do well and become the top humanities student of the province. Why was Zhai Hua so happy? Were her brains damaged?

"Of course I'm happy. Qiao Nan could achieve such good grades. Coupled with a master such as Lin Yuankang, this is a great matter for the Zhai family," Zhai Hua said honestly.

Wei De smoked the cigar deeply again. That fishiness and spiciness of the cigar were tossing in his lungs. "If Qiao Nan really becomes the top scorer in the province, your younger brother and Qiao Nan will be happy. But when will it be our turn to be happy?"

They had not even resolved their own issues. How could Zhai Hua still have the mood to feel happy for others?

"Don't be anxious. If Zhai Sheng is happy, perhaps he'll soften his stance and change his attitude toward you. It's not that you're not aware. In the past, Zhai Sheng has always been a very principled man. But there are always exceptions. He's different toward Qiao Nan." If Qiao Nan were to meet with something good, Zhai Sheng would definitely become more easy to talk to and more benevolent.

"Ha." Wei De sneered. He had already heard about this long ago. It was a pity that Qiao Nan was so snobbish. She thought that she had played up to people of power and influence and she could look down on him or ignore him. Her attitude toward him was extremely detestable and arrogant.

She was such an individual. Even if she could influence Zhai Sheng, he could not possibly wish for her to help him.


"Right, after so long, you have not told me why you are unhappy. Even the secretary is afraid of you." Zhai Hua reverted to the topic. The matter that happened during Qiao Nan's college entrance examination did not have anything to do with them. When the results were out, they just had to send their congratulations over.

Wei De helplessly gave a sigh. "Nothing. Perhaps the weather is too hot recently. I'm not in a good mood. I'll be better after a few days."

Having found a partner like Zhai Hua, was it his fortune or misfortune?

Why did Zhai Hua's thoughts never align with his? Why was it that Zhai Hua could not understand him no matter how much he hinted? She had never sung the same tune as him before.

If Zhai Hua were to think alike as him, she would be able to understand his thoughts and he would not have left the army. Moreover, the two of them should be getting married this year.

Wei De left the army but his heart was still with it. He had been keeping in contact with his former comrades.

When he heard from his former comrades that Song Yin had already been promoted to deputy company commander this year, Wei De's mood was as gloomy as the dark clouds.

It was also Song Yin's promotion that ignited Wei De's dissatisfaction with Qiao Nan, which led to the series of events pertaining to the college entrance examination.



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