Wei De always felt that Song Yin progressed so quickly and achieved what he had once set for himself not because he was mentored by Qiao Nan. It was purely because he was in Zhai Sheng's team and thus had higher chances and probability to gain credit. That was the reason that he was promoted so quickly.

Hence, if he was the one who followed by Zhai Sheng's side, he, and not that lousy Song Yin, would be the one becoming the deputy company commander today!

Having said so much, Qiao Nan was a troublemaker, and Zhai Hua was not true enough to him. She did not love him that much.

As the only daughter of the Zhai family, if Zhai Hua had deployed all tricks and means such as crying, kicking up a fuss, and even threatening to commit suicide, he could become the company commander too!

Wei De, who was dissatisfied at heart, could not see eye to eye with Zhai Hua at this point in time. "Alright, I have to handle some work. You're seldom back, so you should go home. It's not good for you to always come over to my side. If your parents know about this, their impression of me may worsen. It'll be more difficult for them to accept the matter regarding us."

"…" Zhai Hua was confused. Wasn't Wei De the one who had asked her to look for him more often here whenever she had the spare time? Why did he change his mind today?

What did he mean by 'his side'? The house that they bought and the company that they set up—had they not always been jointly owned by the two of them?

There was now a distinction between him and her?

Zhai Hua felt that Wei De's words were a little unexpected but she consoled herself soon after. She felt that she must have been paranoid. Wei De was in a bad mood and he probably did not choose his words properly.

As lovers who would have to live with each other for the rest of their lives, naturally, there had to be situations of give and take. "Alright, then I'll go home. If you feel warm…" She would think of a way to get her childhood friend to install two units of good air-conditioners.

She heard that centrally controlled air conditioners were quite good.

"Alright, you should go back." Wei De interrupted Zhai Hua's words and repeatedly asked Zhai Hua to leave.

If there were a third party at the scene, he would definitely be able to tell that Wei De was not asking but chasing Zhai Hua to leave.

Of course, Zhai Hua, who was totally blinded by love, could not tell. She even stood up patiently and prepared to leave. It was as if she was on Wei De's beck and call.

"Oh, it's a rare visitor." When Miao Jing saw Zhai Hua coming home, she was both happy and angry.

Her daughter had not gotten married but she seemed to belong to another family. Since the last din, this was the first time that Zhai Hua came back to the Zhai family since the Lunar New Year.

"What's wrong? You're not pleased to see me? Why don't I leave then?" Zhai Hua gave a cheeky smile and pretended to be a rogue.

"You're really…" Miao Jing was so angry that she could not say a word. She sat on the sofa with all her might and was unwilling to look at Zhai Hua any longer. Zhai Hua had to anger her biological parents in such a way for the sake of a man. That was so capable of her.

Zhai Hua was amused as she moved to sit beside her mother. "Mom, don't be angry. Women tend to age faster when they are angry. Wasn't I just joking with you? Earlier, there were many newbies in the army and I didn't have time to come back. I finally have some spare time now, so how can I leave home?"

Previously, Zhai Hua was unhappy that Miao Jing and Zhai Sheng did not give Wei De any face.

Nevertheless, they were family members. How long would Zhai Hua feel angry at Miao Jing and Zhai Sheng?

In fact, last year, Zhai Hua was no longer angry within a month. After all, Zhai Yaohui had said a lot to her.

Besides not giving Wei De any face, the Zhai family had not done anything extreme.

Compared to other families, the Zhai family was truly considered gentle.

Without Wei De holding her back, the number of times that Zhai Hua was home would be at least twice or three times more.

The corners of Miao Jing's lips curled up into a smile. She was not speaking from her heart. "How would I know if you are telling the truth? You can come back if you want. If you don't like to come back, it's up to you wherever you want to go."

"Didn't I wish to come back to Mom's side and am sitting by your side obediently now?" Zhai Hua leaned her head against Miao Jing's shoulders and pouted.

At that moment, Miao Jing felt extremely perplexed.

Zhai Hua was a lady and she was almost thirty years old. This was the first time Miao Jing experienced her daughter's coquettish behavior on her.

Zhai Hua knew how to bicker with Zhai Yaohui and Miao Jing but she never behaved in this manner before.

Undoubtedly, Wei De was the one who caused Zhai Hua to have this habit.

All of a sudden, the happiness of seeing her daughter went away as Miao Jing clutched her forehead in pain due to a headache. She was having mixed feelings in her heart.

"The weather is so hot. Why are you sitting so near your mom? Even if you don't mind the heat, your mom does." Zhai Yaohui knew best what Miao Jing's thoughts were. He ordered Zhai Hua to sit further away from Miao Jing so that Miao Jing would have some time and space to calm down.

"Humph." Zhai Hua snorted proudly. It was summer and her mother shunned her for making her feel warm. Nevertheless, in this world, there was someone who would not shun her at all times!

Zhai Hua was neither sad nor angry because of the existence of this person. "Mom, the weather is so hot. I'm perspiring all over. I'll go and wash up. Chat with you later."

At the sight of Zhai Hua having the coquettish manner of a daughter and hopping like a girl instead of walking straight like a soldier, Miao Jing felt even more worried. Zhai Yaohui's face also turned darker.

Miao Jing took out a bottle of medicated oil and applied some of it onto her temple. Zhai Yaohui sat over and helped Miao Jing massage them.

Miao Jing let out a sigh and said worriedly, "Zhai Yaohui, this is our only daughter. Are you really not going to think of a way? She's a woman. Even if she's of an older age, she's also a woman. She keeps staying at someone else's home and that place belongs to a man… Our Zhai family does not accept this kind of new trend. Tell me, if Hua Hua…"

Her daughter was not a child and Wei De was a man. A man and woman together alone. Even if Hua Hua did not wish to, could Wei De control himself?

If something really happened, Hua Hua would be the one losing it big time!!!

At the thought of such a possibility, Miao Jing felt so painful in her heart as if a piece of her flesh had been taken away from her.

For the sake of Zhai Hua, this daughter, Miao Jing and Zhai Yaohui had been so worried. Miao Jing could not even be bothered about Zhai Sheng's matter because of this.

Miao Jing had never approved of the relationship between Zhai Sheng and that 'young lady'. Nevertheless, Zhai Sheng and that young lady had not behaved strangely or gone overboard in their actions.

Zhai Sheng was always in the army. When he was back, he would sleep in the house of the Zhai family every night. Miao Jing had never seen Zhai Sheng's career impeded by that lady for any matter. Clearly, his son was not that young anymore but the two of them did not even seem to be in a romantic relationship.

With this point alone, Miao Jing had some positive feelings towards that 'young lady' whom she 'had not met before'. The lady was not the clingy type and she was very supportive of Zhai Sheng's career.

If not for this, the young lady could have easily threatened to break up with her son with the reason that her son did not have time to keep her company or something. Her son would not have been behaving so normally.

In addition, logically, this 'young lady' that Zhai Sheng fancied was younger and should not be that sensible. Nevertheless, she never caused any trouble.

On the contrary, the one that Hua Hua found was already over thirty years old, an age where he could stand on his own feet and be independent on all matters. However, after Hua Hua was together with him, Miao Jing had never worried less about her.



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