Although she was not pleased with both of her children's partners, Hua Hua's boyfriend was being too much!

She remembered that not too long ago, one of the youngsters from the quad got his girlfriend pregnant. In the end, he had to marry her in a hurry.

The quad laughed about it for a while.

Miao Jing was worried that Zhai Hua might be pregnant. By then, what should she do?

"Zhai Yaohui, I… I feel uneasy. I am worried that Hua Hua…" Miao Jing pointed to her stomach and hammered her chest. She felt gloomy and had difficulty breathing.

Zhai Yaohui did not feel that Miao Jing had groundless worries. "I believe Hua Hua would not do such things given our family upbringing. But if it really happens, we can only say that we have failed in educating her. At the same time, it is time for Hua Hua to be responsible for every decision that she makes in her life."

Although Wei De had caused a huge change in Zhai Hua, Zhai Yaohui did not feel that Zhai Hua and Wei De would last for long.

If two people were not suitable for each other, their relationship might last for one to two years, or even seven to eight years under the constant giving in and compromises made by one party. However, it would not last forever.

When they finally broke up, Zhai Hua would have to pay the price for making the wrong decision.

Zhai Yaohui could tell that Miao Jing was deeply perturbed by her daughter's problems. He frowned and there was a stern look in his eyes. Something had to be done. "We will let nature takes its own course. There will definitely be a solution to it."

"When would it be?" Miao Jing needed to have a clear answer.

Zhai Yaohui smiled. "Being anxious won't help. You will only worry yourself sick. Will Wei De break up with Hua Hua just because you are worried? Perhaps if you stop nagging at Hua Hua, she may not do the things that you dread."

Miao Jing slammed her palm on the sofa. "This won't do!"

Qiao Nan was right. She did not discipline Hua Hua and Zhai Sheng when they were young. Now, she was worried sick for her children. She indeed had to pay for all her debts!

"What do you mean by 'this won't do'?" Zhai Hua changed her clothes and walked out of her room. She wrapped her dripping hair in a dry towel.

She had a sullen expression on her face. She must have heard Miao Jing's words.

Were her father and mother talking about her relationship with Wei De? Was her mother saying that she would never allow them to be together?

Zhai Yaohui said in a low but angry voice, "I can tolerate you seldom coming home as you have your own commitments. When Zhai Sheng and you were at a tender age, we seldom stayed at home as well. However, one must have principles and abide by a code of conduct. What is with your behavior now?!"

Zhai Hua looked around herself. Her dripping hair had left drops of water on the floor. She realized belatedly that this was the Zhai family's residence. It was not the house that she had been staying with Wei De in.

Back at that house, whenever Zhai Hua came out of the shower, Wei De would dry her hair with a towel.

Zhai Hua had been used to it that she forgot that she was at the Zhai family's residence. It was no wonder that Zhai Yaohui was angry at her.

"The old master has spent so much effort to make sure that Zhai Sheng and you would develop good habits, yet you change so easily under other people's influence?" Zhai Yaohui was enraged. "Come back only if you want to. Don't force yourself to come back and display such an attitude in front of us. It's fine if you are not back at home. Your heart is not with us. It is useless even if you are here. Zhai Hua, I can't be bothered to tell you that I am disappointed with you. Given your performance, do you still want me to agree to your relationship with Wei De? Don't you think that it's ridiculous?"

Zhai Hua used to be someone who had discipline and good habits. She was a good daughter of the Zhai family, yet she was led astray by Wei De.

Regardless of whether Wei De was a good person or not, this alone made it impossible for him to accept Wei De as his son-in-law!

One's behavior was a reflection of one's personality.

Sometimes, a man might dote on a woman excessively. This might not be due to love. It could be overindulgence and would cause her to fail due to excessive praise!

Zhai Hua had lost reasons this year. If not, Zhai Yaohui felt like giving her a round of beating to knock some sense into her.

To put it bluntly, if Zhai Hua was not without reason, Zhai Yaohui would be willing to beat some sense out of her as she would feel ashamed and realize her mistakes.

On the contrary, Zhai Hua had lost all reasons. Even if he beat her, scold her, or punish her to kneel down, she would not listen to what he said. He would only be wasting his efforts.

"Zhai Sheng is back." Zhai Hua felt wronged. Why was it wrong of her to come back home?

She had merely forgotten that she had not dried her hair. It was nothing serious. Why did he make it sound as if she had committed a serious crime and implicated Wei De? She felt wronged for Wei De as well.

If it was Miao Jing who reprimanded her, Zhai Hua would definitely rebut her.

But it was Zhai Yaohui who scolded her. She was fearful of him and dared not rebut him. Instead, she diverted everyone's attention to Zhai Sheng, who just came back.

It proved that Zhai Yaohui was the master in the house. Whenever there was any conflict in the house, he was the one who had the final say.

"Isn't it normal for me to be back at home?" Zhai Sheng changed into another pair of shoes while making a double-edged remark.

It was normal for him to come back to the Zhai family's residence. Instead, it was strange that Zhai Hua was at home today.

Zhai Hua was angry. Why was it that everyone at home was targeting her?

Wei De told her that since she seldom went home, her family would treat her nicely. However, the situation was the opposite. Why was that?

Miao Jing, who felt much better, looked at Zhai Sheng. "How is it over at Nan Nan's? I hope you did not ask her how she did for the exams. Since the exams are over, if her performance was affected, she can study for another year and retake the exam next year."

Miao Jing felt her anger rising at the thought that Qiao Nan could have been the top student, but her performance could have been affected by the accident.

Nothing seemed to be going well for the Zhai family this year. Could they have run into some bad luck?

Miao Jing had, in fact, treated Qiao Nan as part of the Zhai family.

There was a look of pride on Zhai Sheng's face at the mention of Qiao Nan. However, Miao Jing, who was concerned about Qiao Nan, did not notice it. "Mom, don't worry. Nan Nan said that she cannot say for sure if she did better than usual. However, she maintained her usual standard."

"…" Zhai Yaohui turned his head at the prideful gleam in his son's eyes. But then again, he was pleased to hear that.

It was not easy for Qiao Nan to keep her cool and maintain her standard. She had extraordinary courage and she composed herself well in difficult situations. She was impressive!



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