@@Zhai Sheng set a trap for Zhai Hua. She was oblivious to it as she was thrilled by what Zhai Sheng said.

Zhai Hua could only marry Wei De if he was true to Zhai Hua and was a good man like what Zhai Hua had said. He had to meet these conditions in order to be a good son-in-law.

However, from his choice of words, Zhai Sheng did not agree with Zhai Hua that Wei De was the kind of person as she had described.

"Rest assured. I understand that these are required of him. You are a good judge of character to have chosen Qiao Nan as your girlfriend. I am just as good as you. I admit that Wei De did not do as well in the army. But he is good at running business. Every trade has its master. I believe Wei De will be able to succeed in running a business and his efforts will be recognized by all of you and you will agree that he is a good person."

Zhai Hua was full of confidence and downright naive when she made these remarks.




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