@@The doctor told Ding Jiayi that there was no hurry for her walk by herself. The priority now was for her wounds to heal and recover.

"Old Qiao, you haven't been home for a long time. I am feeling much better now. Why don't you take a rest at home and come back tomorrow?"

It had been half a month. Qiao Dongliang was the only person who stayed by Ding Jiayi's side.

Although Qiao Nan would bring clothes for Qiao Dongliang to change during this half a month's time, it was, after all, the hospital. He had to live and eat simply and could not sleep comfortably like when he was at home. Qiao Dongliang looked haggard and had lost a lot of weight.

Qiao Dongliang's eyes grew dark and he looked at Ding Jiayi intently. "How can you be so kind-hearted?"

A few days ago, he had only been away for a while and Ding Jiayi made a fuss about it, saying that he felt it was a hassle that she was hospitalized and that he had to spend a lot of money on her.




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