@@At the sight of her most beloved daughter, all the suffering, fear, and pain that Ding Jiayi had accumulated over the past two weeks gushed out immediately. She hugged Qiao Zijin and started to cry. "Do you know that Mom nearly died in a car accident in order to support you in your studies by selling the house? Mom nearly couldn't see you anymore!"

Qiao Zijin, who had been hugged by Ding Jiayi, felt stiff all over. She was compelled to reach out and pat Ding Jiayi's back. "Mom, aren't I'm here now? Previously, I… I was tied up with some matters and I couldn't come over. I found out about this after I read the news of Ping Cheng. I also know that you wouldn't have a car accident if not for the selling of the house. Mom, I have let you down. I didn't dare to come and visit you. I'm even more afraid of facing Dad. If Dad knows that I'm going to sell the house, I'm afraid he will look down on me and treat only Qiao Nan as his daughter. Mom, I still wish to have this father."




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