@@In the past, Qiao Zijin was only responsible for cajoling Ding Jiayi with her words. Qiao Nan and Qiao Dongliang were the ones who respectively took on seventy and thirty percent of the actual work.

Today, these two people were not by Ding Jiayi's side. Qiao Zijin could not behave in the same way as she did before—to only pay lip service without any action.

Qiao Zijin, who had shot herself in the foot, was so angry that her liver felt unwell. If she had known earlier that her mother would do this, she should have sweet-talked her mother less in this aspect. "Fine, I'll stay back and keep you company, okay?"

She recalled that her mother could not wait to let Qiao Nan keep vigil for her father every night two years ago. It would do as long as she remained comfortably at home to study.

Looking at the situation now, true enough, her mother loved herself and not her, the elder daughter, most.




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