@@Ding Jiayi gave a sheepish smile. In that case, Zijin was no longer around when Old Qiao came. She was not chased away by Old Qiao.

If Old Qiao was aware that Zijin had come, he would not have reacted in this way. "Old Qiao, what time did you arrive?"

"Around half past six." Yesterday, Qiao Dongliang reached home at five o'clock in the afternoon and immediately hit the bed. He did not wake up to have dinner at all.

It was only until five o'clock this morning that Qiao Dongliang woke up. He felt extremely energized and hungry after sleeping for twelve full hours. He then warmed up the leftover rice and dishes in the fridge and ate them before he made his way to the hospital so that Qiao Nan did not need to prepare food for him when she woke up.

"Half past six?" Zijin left before half past six. So early?

When Zijin left, why didn't she call her? She did not even know when Zijin left.




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