@@Recalling how Ding Jiayi kept lamenting that plain porridge was tasteless and requested him to buy this and that but did not mention anything about money for the past few days, Qiao Dongliang fumed with anger.

Ding Jiayi's hospitalization expenses were huge. It was good to have an additional yuan. Ding Jiayi had hidden more than twenty yuan in her pocket but she did not even mention it. This was the so-called being one family? And they wished to lead a good life together?

Money was truly the best item to test someone's heart!

As a mother, she had more than twenty yuan but refused to take them out. She continuously spent money from other people's pockets.

The daughter would rather pay outsiders two yuan than to buy one dinner for her mother. Truly, this mother-daughter pair was extinct and one of a kind.

It was right for this pair to lead a life together. Whoever lived with them was superfluous.

The ridiculous thing was that he actually took twenty years to understand this!




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