@@After finishing the meat, Qiao Dongliang put down the lunch box. He then took the one yuan given by Ding Jiayi to buy four buns.

"…" Ding Jiayi was dumbstruck throughout. When Qiao Dongliang was filling his mouth with the meat, she could not wait to jump out of her bed so that she could cover Qiao Dongliang's mouth and stop him from eating.

Qiao Dongliang had finished the food. What was she going to eat?!

After leaving the confused Ding Jiayi behind, Qiao Dongliang left calmly. When he was back, Ding Jiayi was still looking as dumbstruck as before. "Old Qiao, did you do that on purpose? Two years ago, you met with a car accident too and you ate so well. Now that I've become like this, do you have to treat me in this way? Do you still hope that I can recover faster from my injuries?"

After some time, when Ding Jiayi came to her senses, she realized that Old Qiao must have seen through her mind. He thus did this deliberately and refused to let her have a mouthful of meat!




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