@@That ancient tomb was discovered in the territory under Qiu Qin's management. Qiu Qin had also reported this to his superiors at the time of the discovery.

In the face of these priceless cultural relics that were unearthed, Qiu Qin actually stole what was entrusted in his care, ignored national interests, and sold them for profits to fatten up his own wallet.

"!" Qiu Chenxi's face turned both red and crimson. She was shaking all over.

Who would have imagined that everything happened so coincidentally?

It was the truth that Qiu Qin had discovered the ancient tomb within the territory under his care. However, initially, Qiu Qin did not think of reporting this matter or telling the government.

Qiu Qin was well aware of what an ancient tomb excavation would translate to.




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