@@Zhai Yaohui put down the newspapers in his hands. "Cough… Didn't Qiao Nan and you have a promise with each other to be engaged after her college entrance examination and when she enrolls for college? Have you fixed the date? We'll just make adequate arrangements. Before this, invite Qiao Nan's father to our house. When children of two families are getting engaged, the parents of both families have to meet and discuss. It's not appropriate for our family to make all the decisions."

A woman bringing good luck and fortune to her husband—Zhai Yaohui did not know if such a fictitious thing existed.

Zhai Yaohui only knew that since Zhai Sheng had been together with Qiao Nan, Zhai Sheng had performed very well and increasingly so. His opportunities increased and he gained achievements more smoothly.

From a scientific perspective, at the very least, Qiao Nan's aura was compatible with that of Zhai Sheng.




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