@@Unexpectedly, Wei De's actions had helped Qi Minlan and her win one more month for themselves.

It was obvious from the cassette tape that Wei De was full of admiration for Qiu Chenxi. He seemed to be pleasing her. Zhai Sheng's face darkened when he heard the recording.

It seemed that the reason why Wei De only attended Qiu Chenxi's classes during summer break two years ago was not that she had some relations with the Zhai family. Instead, it was because he liked dainty girls who dolled themselves up like Qiu Chenxi.

Zhai Sheng grew even more furious when he thought of the marked change in Zhai Hua. Not only was Wei De influencing Zhai Hua, but he was also changing Zhai Hua to become the type of girl that Qiu Chenxi was!

Zhai Sheng had the urge to shatter things in his room to let off steam.

Zhai Sheng took a few deep breaths to calm down. He felt sorrowful at Zhai Hua's misery, but at the same time, her disappointing behavior made him more furious!




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