@@Ding Jiayi seemed to have lapses in her memory. She could only remember that Qiao Dongliang was into an accident and was hospitalized two years ago. She did not remember what happened after he was discharged and the incidents within those two years.

"Old Qiao, w-what's wrong with me? This is wrong. You should be the one resting on the hospital bed. Old Qiao, since you were hit by a car, it is more important for you to rest. I am merely taking care of you. It is not an issue that I tire myself out for one or two days. Why do you insist that I sleep on the bed while you sit by the side? It is unsuitable. Come on. Lie down on the bed. I will take a seat over there." When Ding Jiayi woke up, gone was her temper, she was very nice to Qiao Dongliang.

However, when Ding Jiayi tried to sit up from the bed all at once, she exerted herself and felt pain in her ribs. She turned pale in pain. "W-what is wrong with me? Why do I feel pain in my abdomen? It is as if I broke the rib bones."




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