@@Qiao Nan was supposed to be dating Zhai Sheng. That day, Qiao Nan had seen for herself that Ding Jiayi had a car accident. She was also trapped in the crowd for half an hour outside of Ping Cheng High School. She should have panicked, becoming anxious, and worried, no?

Qiu Chenxi was baffled. She could not understand why Qiao Nan was able to maintain her usual standard and achieve such good grades! Even if other students had extraordinary performances, they would not be able to achieve results like hers!

At the thought of Qiao Nan's results for the college entrance examination, Qiu Chenxi could not help but feel that she had suffered a crushing defeat. She felt as if she had no hopes of challenging her again.

Qiu Chenxi sat quietly for an hour. She then stood up and went into Qi Minlan's room. "Mom, you have to divorce Dad as soon as possible. You only have one month's time to solve this problem. If not, we will be left with nothing."




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