@@But she was not that shameless and blatant.

"Alright, let's not think about this. Let's think about something else." Qiao Zijin was impatient. Her mood went from bad to worse. "Since Dad won't borrow the money from the Zhai family, he will definitely not be able to come up with the money. He has no money to divorce you. In the end, you will reach your goal. Therefore, there is no need to be anxious. Dad is the one who should be anxious. If he comes up with the money, you will agree to the divorce and have the money; if not, the two of you will still remain as husband and wife. No matter what, you won't stand to lose."

Ding Jiayi nodded in agreement, but she seemed to be upset. "Zijin, do you feel that this sounds very familiar?"

"…" Qiao Zijin pursed her lips.


Of course it sounded familiar.




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