@@If it had been somebody else, they would not have been able to focus on the exams.

Undoubtedly, they would need a lot of money as the mother was in a car accident. This only made matters worse for the Qiao family that was already in a dire financial situation. They had yet to pay their debts, and now they had another expense to take care of.

In the future, it would be more difficult for Qiao Nan to concentrate on her studies in college.

Qiao Nan did really well in the exams. Ever since the college entrance examination was resumed in China, she had the best results. It helped Ping Cheng High School win credit in the province.

As a result, all of the relevant departments and officials in Ping Cheng placed great importance on Qiao Nan who had such good potential. They tried to help her apply for some subsidies.

Qiao Dongliang's situation was rare. He had yet to divorce his wife but was already left with no possession or property.




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