@@If he knew that Ding Jiayi would create trouble for Nan Nan as soon as she could walk by herself, he should not have put in so much effort to take care of her. At least, he should have made sure that she would not be able to turn up today to ruin the happy atmosphere and create a ruckus.

Qiao Dongliang took a deep breath. "Principal Meng, one should not wash dirty linen in public. But this is not the first time that you have witnessed something like this. Please take care of Nan Nan while I settle the problem outside."

If the teachers and the principal of Ping Cheng High School were not here, Qiao Dongliang would ignore Ding Jiayi's shouts and take it that some mad woman had lost her mind.

By the time Ding Jiayi was tired and thirsty, or perhaps when she suffered from heatstroke, he would make a phone call and send her to the hospital.

The people in the small quad had never seen Ding Jiayi. It was alright for him to pretend not to know Ding Jiayi.




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