Qiao Nan was the provincial top humanities scorer. It was such a glorious feat and a golden opportunity for them.

Zhai Yaohui and Zhai Sheng felt that time was ripe and that they could reveal Qiao Nan's identity. However, their plans had been destroyed by Ding Jiayi.

Zhai Sheng had no other choice but to arrange for his family to return home. He could only postpone his original plan.

Zhai Yaohui understood Zhai Sheng's concerns and worries. He also agreed with Zhai Sheng and was about to bring Miao Jing back home.

There was a glitter in Wei De's eyes. He thought of a 'good' idea. "Madam Zhai, don't be in a hurry to leave. Look, that woman seems to be very feisty. What if the man could not hold her down and Teacher Xiao Qiao suffers because of her?"

Seeing that the old chief and Regiment Commander Zhai were in a rush to leave, he knew that things were getting to be interesting.

He wanted to know what would happen if Madam Zhai stayed behind.

The two men in the Zhai family turned grim at Wei De's remarks. However, Wei De was oblivious to them. He felt that what he said was appropriate and at the same time, he could make things difficult for Qiao Nan. It was killing two birds with one stone.

Zhai Hua, who was enraged by his words, stepped on Wei De's foot to shut him up. Usually, he was very good with his words. Why did he fumble the ball at such a critical juncture?

Zhai Hua knew that the Zhai family had been waiting for this day and she could roughly guess what was on Zhai Sheng's mind.

If Zhai Sheng and Qiao Nan would be able to get her mother's approval, she and Wei De would have an easier time to get her family's approval. She never expected that Ding Jiayi would destroy everything.

Instead of helping out, Wei De was more of a hindrance than a help. He must be a fool!

Wei De, who felt a sharp pain in his feet, noticed belatedly that Zhai Yaohui and Zhai Sheng were casting angry stares at him. It was frightening to be stared down by the two important figures in the Zhai family. He shut his mouth quickly.

His only thought was to foil the plan of Regiment Commander Zhai and Qiao Nan. He did not mean to affect his relationship with Zhai Hua.

He wondered how the old chief felt about his remarks. Would he leave a bad impression on him because of that?

This would not do. When he went back home later, he must ask Zhai Hua about the old chief's attitude toward Qiao Nan's relationship with Zhai Sheng. He hoped that the old chief would not give his consent to having Qiao Nan as his daughter-in-law.

Recently, Zhai Hua had been staying at the Zhai family's residence. With Zhai Sheng as her example, she tried not to be in close contact with Wei De. Instead, she would spend more time during her leave to stay at home. She wanted to work hard for her future with Wei De.

Because of this, Zhai Hua did not tell Wei De in time about Zhai Yaohui's attitude toward Qiao Nan. Wei De had no idea that Zhai Yaohui had already approved of Qiao Nan being his daughter-in-law.

What he did right now was tantamount to destroying his future.

Regardless of whether Wei De regretted his remarks or not, Miao Jing had taken in what he said. "You are right. Nan Nan has suffered a lot in this woman's hand. What if Nan Nan is bullied again? She should know that today is an important day. There is no way that surnamed Ding woman could have her ways!"

Qiao Dongliang had wanted to drag Ding Jiayi with him and settle the divorce procedures.

He looked up and was stunned to see that the Zhai family was right in front of him.

Seeing that Qiao Dongliang was distracted, Ding Jiayi gave out a loud shout. "Old Qiao, don't be too much. You must have felt that Qiao Nan has better prospects than Zijin since she is in a relationship with the son of the chief, and that is why you keep siding with her. Do grades equivalent to one's personality? Qiao Nan is clearly going against me and is happy to see me in a miserable state. Moreover, she fawns on such a prominent family! She must have wanted to abandon her poor mother, so she urged you to divorce me. I came here today to beg her to let me off. Is she bent on driving me to a dead end? A mother never looks ugly to her child. Even if she is dating the son of the chief, I am still her mother. How can she shun me and try means and ways to get rid of me?!"

If Qiao Nan was not in a relationship with Zhai Sheng, she would not be emboldened to urge Qiao Dongliang to divorce her.

Qiao Dongliang was not in time to stop Ding Jiayi from sputtering nonsense.

An audacious Ding Jiayi continued with her nonsense. "Qiao Nan, that wretched girl, has yet to graduate from junior high school when she got to know Zhai Sheng. She is so young, yet she goes astray and is already in a relationship. You blame me for not being good to Qiao Nan. However, Qiao Nan is not a good child. She did such shameful things, yet you blamed me for disciplining her? I was not strict enough with her and that is why she is in a relationship when she is still in school. Now that she is successful, she is so heartless to abandon her mother and to come between her parents. This won't do!"

How dare Ding Jiayi spewed nonsense in front of the Zhai family! Qiao Dongliang, who was already feeling unwell, almost fainted out of anger at her outrageous remarks!

"Uncle Qiao!" Zhai Sheng rushed forward to support Qiao Dongliang, a grim expression on his face. "Uncle Qiao, you must calm down. Nan Nan has lost her mother. She cannot do without you. If anything happens to you, there will be no one to protect Nan Nan."

Qiao Dongliang calmed himself down at Zhai Sheng's reminder. "Zhai Sheng, I don't wish to say anything else. I must divorce her today."

If he stayed married to such a woman for another day, he might be angered to death and would not live past tomorrow.

Ding Jiayi looked guilty at the sight of Zhai Sheng. She hurried forward when she saw Miao Jing. "Madam Zhai, I was not strict enough with Qiao Nan. She goes astray at such a young age and Regiment Commander Zhai is also led astray by her. You have seen it for yourself. Old Qiao pampers her and does not care if she does the wrong things. Please accept my apology. I know Qiao Nan is unworthy of Regiment Commander Zhai. Don't worry. I will think of ways to break them up. I will not put you in a difficult position. I did not expect that my younger daughter, Qiao Nan, will have such a bad personality and refuses to listen to us. I did not know that she would do such shameless things…"

Ding Jiayi kept on blabbering. Even though the people who gathered around the house had different reactions, every one of them had the same expression in their eyes: Was she a big fool?

Miao Jing could not help but raise her hand and give Ding Jiayi a tight slap. "I will not slap anyone under normal circumstances. However, today is a special situation and you are out of the ordinary! Hey, you are the person who made a spectacle of yourself and has a bad personality. You are the one who is hard to discipline. You are the one who is shameless!"

Miao Jing raised her voice at Ding Jiayi. She then turned to look at Zhai Sheng. "Are… are you really dating Nan Nan? Is Nan Nan the young girlfriend that you mentioned previously?"

Zhai Sheng wanted to take another time to tell Miao Jing the truth. However, his plan could not keep up with the changes. Zhai Sheng had to admit the truth. "Nan Nan said that she is still young and wants to concentrate on her studies. She does not want to be distracted by this relationship. We planned to wait until she finished her college entrance examination before telling you of our relationship."



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