Everyone present had overheard Ding Jiayi's shocking description of Qiao Nan. Zhai Sheng said those words so as to tell them that Qiao Nan had a good personality. She was unlike the person that Ding Jiayi made her to be. She did not start a relationship when she was young or did anything that was shameless.

All of those did not happen.

Ding Jiayi was the only mother in the world who would speak ill of her own daughter without getting the facts right.

In fact, if Ding Jiayi had spilled the beans about Qiao Nan's relationship with Zhai Sheng earlier, the outcome might be slightly different. Right now, Qiao Nan's neighbors were not taken aback by her words.

They had heard of many cases where the children from other families did badly in their exams because of being in a relationship.

They had never seen someone who would be so self-disciplined when in a relationship. She did so well in the exams and was the provincial top scorer.

She was indeed the provincial top scorer. She was disciplined despite being in a relationship and remained focused on her studies. Other children would not have such awareness and ability.

Furthermore, Qiao Nan was the top humanities scorer in the province. As her parents, there was nothing more to ask for. There was no need to berate her for what happened in the past.

To put things bluntly, if being in a relationship would aid their children in doing well in their studies and help them become the top scorer, they would not stop them from dating.

"…" Ding Jiayi felt that her teeth had come loose after being slapped by Qiao Dongliang and Miao Jing. She was especially in a daze by Miao Jing's words. Did it mean that Madam Zhai was not angry at Qiao Nan for being in a relationship with Regiment Commander Zhai?

Could it be that Madam Zhai had already accepted Qiao Nan? It could not be!

If she had a high social status like Madam Zhai and had an outstanding son like Regiment Commander Zhai, she would not allow her son to marry Qiao Nan who came from a poor family.

After getting a positive answer from Zhai Sheng, Miao Jing looked toward Zhai Yaohui.

It suddenly dawned on her why Zhai Yaohui would compare Qiao Nan with Zhai Sheng's girlfriend and asked her whether she would accept it if the girlfriend was like Qiao Nan. "Did you know about it long ago?"

"…" Zhai Yaohui did not make any move to deny.

Miao Jing turned to look at Zhai Hua, who did not seem to be taken aback. "Hua Hua, did you know about it as well?"

Wei De felt that there was something going on, and he hurried to say, "Madam Zhai, in fact, everyone in the family knows about it except for you. Hua Hua kept it from you for the sake of Zhai Sheng. Although Hua Hua knew about it from the start, she had her reasons for keeping it from you."

The whole family knew about it but they kept it from Madam Zhai. If Madam Zhai knew that she was being kept in the dark, she would be furious and dislike Qiao Nan because of that.

Since the whole family kept it from her, it showed that the Zhai family placed importance on Qiao Nan.

It was impossible for Madam Zhai to be pleased that her family kept it from her so as to help an outsider.

Miao Jing was all the more furious that Wei De knew about it as well. She could not catch her breath and fainted.

"Miao Miao!" Zhai Yaohui rushed forward to catch hold of Miao Jing who had passed out.

"Old Chief, let's send Madam Zhai to the hospital!" Look, Madam Zhai was so angry that she had fainted. She was the only person who was clear-minded in the Zhai family. She knew that Qiao Nan, who was of humble background, had no right to be the daughter-in-law of the Zhai family.

"Scram." Zhai Yaohui looked at Wei De in disgust. "As a man, you are such a big mouth. You should fight for the job with the matchmaker. It has been a waste of your time to stay in the army for so many years."

"Shut up!" Zhai Hua was angry as well. Wei De was adding fuel to the flames. Did he intend to anger her mother to death?

Wei De made countless blunders today. Whatever that he said only made matters worse.

If she had known that he would behave in such a manner, she would not have brought him with her.

They were here to congratulate Qiao Nan for being the top humanities scorer of the province. They had yet to congratulate her and Wei De was in a hurry to badmouth her. Zhai Hua was boiling with anger.

Wei De must be crazy. Did he know that besides ruining the plans of Zhai Sheng and Qiao Nan, he had also ruined his future with Zhai Hua?

"Dad, Mom…" Zhai Hua looked worriedly at Miao Jing, who had yet to wake up. She was too angry to spare another glance at Wei De.

"There is no need to go to the hospital. Your mom only fainted in a rush of anger. It is too crowded here. It is not suitable for her to take a rest here. Let's go home first. As for other things, we will talk about it later." Zhai Yaohui carried Miao Jing by the waist and put her into the car.

"I will drive you back." The Zhai family came without a chauffeur. There were a total of five of them, including Wei De.

Zhai Hua arranged for Wei De to drive the car on the way here so that he could have the chance to please her family. But now, it was impossible for him to drive them back. "Aren't you busy in the office and have a lot of things to attend to? Alright, you should tend to your business. My family is fine now." She had to consider whether to allow Wei De to join them on other occasions. Judging from his behavior today, he was being too meddlesome. He was plain annoying.

"Hua Hua…" Was Zhai Hua going to leave him here? Did she want him to walk all the way back to the company?

On what grounds?!

Wei De could understand that the old chief and Regiment Commander Zhai were annoyed at him for making honest remarks. However, Zhai Hua had no right to treat him in this manner!

She must have been used to being coaxed by him. She no longer took him seriously and dared to treat him in such a manner now.

"Alright. If you don't want my dad to blow his top, it is better that you leave now. What you have done today…" She had no idea how Wei De conducted his business with that attitude of his.

If this was how he had behaved all this while, she wondered how he had managed to clinch those business deals. He did not know how to behave according to occasions and to make appropriate comments.

Since the old chief was brought up, Wei De had no other choice but to suppress his anger. "You cannot blame it all on me that Madam Zhai fainted." He did not encourage Regiment Commander Zhai to date Qiao Nan. That was the main reason why Madam Zhai fainted.

If the old chief was really furious, he should direct his anger toward Regiment Commander Zhai and Qiao Nan. He was innocent.

"You… Forget it. I will talk to you later." Wei De still did not realize his mistake. Zhai Hua was too angry to speak.

"Zhai Hua! Is an outsider more important than your mom?!" Zhai Yaohui blew his top, seeing how Zhai Hua wasted her time to talk with Wei De.

Zhai Hua glared at Wei De and got into the driver's seat. She slammed the door shut and drove the car away.

Aside from Wei De, who was left behind, Zhai Sheng did not leave as well. He had to help the Qiao family settle Ding Jiayi's problem.

Wei De pulled a long face as the Zhai family's car that bore a special license plate number left.



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