There would be a day where the Zhai family dared not give him the cold treatment!

After being slapped by Miao Jing, Ding Jiayi watched as an unconscious Miao Jing was taken away. She dared not even make a sound.

When she came back to her senses and turned to look at Qiao Dongliang, she noticed that Qiao Dongliang looked at her as if she had murdered his father. Ding Jiayi was shocked and felt like hiding from him.

"Are you satisfied now?" Qiao Dongliang could not wait to kill Ding Jiayi. "Do you know what I want to do most right now?"

Qiao Dongliang looked so ferocious as if he wanted to eat her alive. Ding Jiayi had no other choice but to hide behind Zhai Sheng. "Qiao Dongliang, don't be reckless. The People's Liberation Army is here. If you dare to do anything, he will not sit by and do nothing. Besides, murder is illegal!"

"You seem to know that I can't wait to chop you into pieces now!" Qiao Dongliang smiled grimly. "I really feel like killing you and paying a life for a life. In that case, Nan Nan will have an easier life in the future. Ding Jiayi, you are too much!"

"Old Qiao, don't be foolish."

He Yun's and Zheng Lingling's parents approached Qiao Dongliang and pulled at him, trying to stop him. "If anything happens to you, what about Nan Nan?"

Given what Ding Jiayi did just now, nobody wished to side with her. They had never seen anyone who would harm their own daughter.

It was true that they did not allow their children to be in a relationship when they were still in school. They had told their children that even when they could start dating in college, as girls, they had to be mindful and to concentrate on their studies. As for other matters, they would stop being so strict with them.

Speaking of it, Qiao Nan had been doing it all this while. She was aware that she was a student and had to concentrate on her studies. She had fulfilled her duties as a student. This woman did not count her blessings despite having such a well-behaved daughter.

A few of the parents could tell that the Zhai family had a high social status. Qiao Nan's boyfriend was very outstanding. Not only was he a soldier, but he was already a regiment commander at such a young age.

Although they did not understand the operation of the army, they could tell that Qiao Nan's boyfriend was very capable.

Qiao Nan had good results and was pretty. Her boyfriend was outstanding and came from a prominent family. The Qiao family should be happy that lady luck was smiling on them. Why would someone be out to destroy Qiao Nan's relationship with her boyfriend? She must be out of her mind.

In short, everyone felt that Ding Jiayi must be crazy or foolish to have behaved as such.

"Uncle Qiao, do you want to get a divorce?" Zhai Sheng felt that there was really no need for Qiao Dongliang to kill Ding Jiayi and to ruin his life.

The society was ruled by the law. If anyone committed a crime, he would have to pay for it.

It was not worthwhile to ruin Qiao Dongliang's life because of Ding Jiayi. "If you want a divorce, let's do so now."

"Okay!" It was a happy event for Qiao Nan, yet Ding Jiayi had spoiled the mood and turned it into a disaster. They had become the laughingstock of the small quad. All the neighbors also misunderstood Qiao Nan because of Ding Jiayi. Qiao Dongliang felt that there was no need to give Ding Jiayi a second chance. He felt disgusted by staying as husband and wife with her!

"I won't go! I won't agree to a divorce!" Ding Jiayi, who hid behind Zhai Sheng, dashed toward the wall and held tightly to it. She was worried that Qiao Dongliang would pull her by force like what he did just now. "Qiao Dongliang, let me tell you. You can give up on getting a divorce. Do you think that you can get rid of Qiao Zijin and me now that you have the Zhai family on your side? It won't work! Even if you make it rich, we will enjoy the glory with you."

Seeing that Zhai Sheng refused to leave and addressed Qiao Dongliang affectionately as uncle, Ding Jiayi knew that he would not break up with Qiao Nan, that wretched girl.

Since Zhai Sheng was determined to be with Qiao Nan, she could never allow Qiao Dongliang and Qiao Nan to have an easy life. She would stay as Qiao Dongliang's wife and Qiao Nan's mother forever!

Qiao Dongliang rolled up his sleeve, getting ready to catch hold of Ding Jiayi. However, Zhai Sheng stopped him right then. "Uncle Qiao, since she doesn't want to go, let her be. You can file for divorce by litigation. You do not need her consent."

"Can I divorce her even if she doesn't agree to it?" Qiao Dongliang stopped in midway. "You should know the situation. If you really love Nan Nan, don't stop me. I have to divorce her today. Although I will be shamed, it is better than keeping her by my side. She will be a disaster to Nan Nan this entire life. There will definitely be more instances where she will disgrace us."

"I understand and I don't want Nan Nan to go through so much suffering as well." Zhai Sheng would never side with Ding Jiayi. "Without her around, you can still get a divorce. The procedures are simple."

"Do you want to abuse the Zhai family's power for personal gains and go against the law? Let me warn you. There are so many people around. If you abuse your power to file for a divorce, I will definitely sue you!" Ding Jiayi's face turned pale. This was what she feared the most.

If the Zhai family helped Qiao Dongliang get a divorce, she had no choice but to divorce him. By then, she would not even get a penny from him.

"…" The people who crowded around them sucked in their breath, looking uncertain.

As citizens of the country, they were displeased that the government officials abused their authority. They panicked and were worried that they might be the victims of such cases, wherein they did not need to be present, and documents that were against their interests could be signed and approved.

"The Zhai family never goes against the law. We will not take the lead to do that as well. There is a loss of mutual affection between Uncle Qiao and you. The two of you have lived separately for two years. According to the provisions of the marriage law of our country, if there is a loss of mutual affection between a husband and wife and they have lived separately for over two years, either party can file for divorce by litigation and the other party's consent is not required. The court will make the final decision according to the law." Zhai Sheng was a soldier and he knew the law well. "Uncle Qiao, the people at the court has yet to knock off. I will get a lawyer to prepare the documents and we will go to the court directly. We can only go to the Civil Affairs Bureau after a few days."

As a soldier, Zhai Sheng would not abuse his authority. He would go by the law to settle disputes.

The people who crowded around were full of respect for the impartial and just ways that he dealt with the divorce. This left them with a good impression of the soldiers.

"Okay, then I will have to trouble you." Qiao Dongliang had mixed emotions. He felt relieved and poignant. Did it mean that he and Nan Nan could finally be rid of Ding Jiayi?

"Yes, there is indeed such marriage law in our country." Fang Fang's father nodded. "If you don't believe it, you can ask around. If not, you can watch the news. The television mentions it occasionally."

"Divorce. Since the country has this law, it means that the country supports Old Qiao to divorce that woman. He has to divorce her as soon as possible!"

The country had this law for the interest of the majority of its citizens.

"They have to divorce!"

"Yes! Do so as soon as possible."

"She is such a lousy person. You must be rid of her."

Everyone supported Qiao Dongliang to divorce Ding Jiayi. It was no longer a simple matter between Qiao Dongliang and Ding Jiayi.



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