Ding Jiayi had not been discharged from the hospital. If she were to leave the hospital at this time, it would not be beneficial for the recovery of her injuries.

The hospital had also neglected their duties by allowing a patient to leave in such a way.

Of course, at this point in time, Qiao Nan would not pursue the matter with the hospital. After all, if Ding Jiayi wished to leave the hospital, would they be able to send someone to keep a watch on her twenty-four hours a day?

It would do as long as the hospital quickly took Ding Jiayi away. Qiao Nan did expect anything else.

When the hospital received Qiao Nan's phone call, they went to check the ward as soon as possible. True enough, Ding Jiayi, who had gone for a stroll, had not come back after an hour. They could not find her in all the gardens situated in the hospital.

On the contrary, the hospital's security guard recalled seeing Ding Jiayi and said that she had left the hospital. When Ding Jiayi left, she was not wearing the patient's robe. As such, he had thought that she was a visiting family member of one of the patients in the hospital.

After confirming that the information provided via the phone call was real, the hospital could only try to find ways to bring Ding Jiayi back. Ding Jiayi's health was just getting better. If she wanted to be discharged, she would need to wait for at least another half a month.

At this moment, if anything were to happen to Ding Jiayi, the hospital also had to bear part of the responsibility.

"I'm not going back. I still have something on. Don't stand in my way!" At the sight of the people from the hospital, Ding Jiayi wanted to run away. She was going to have a divorce soon. She would not have a family soon. So what if she were to break a limb?

After leaving the hospital for such a long time, her clothes were now drenched. She had not even seen Qiao Nan, let alone to pose her requests to Qiao Nan and make the latter fulfill them.

"The patient is a little emotional. If she continues to resist in this way, her injuries will worsen. Let's inject some sedative into her." The doctor observed that Ding Jiayi seemed emotionally unstable. Her eyes were red and strings of red blood vessels could be seen on her yellowish eyeballs. No matter how he looked at it, Ding Jiayi was not in the right state of mind.

As a precautionary measure, the doctor instructed the nurse to inject Ding Jiayi with a small amount of sedative to let her quiet down.

After one injection, not to mention a tigress like Ding Jiayi, even a real tiger could only quiet down and let the people from the hospital bring it back.

It was only when Ding Jiayi and Qiao Dongliang finally got a divorce that this 'comedy' of the Qiao family came to an end.

Qiao Zijin had been covering her mouth and holding the equipment provided by Chen Jun in her hands. She filmed the entire process of Ding Jiayi making a ruckus right from the start.

As soon as Ding Jiayi was lifted into the hospital's vehicle and left, Qiao Zijin walked to a dark spot. With trembling hands, she switched off the equipment and took out her phone to call Chen Jun. "I, I listened to you and took a video of everything. You… What exactly do you intend to do? My dad is really going to divorce my mom. My mom can't even object to it."

Earlier, Qiao Zijin was very shocked as well when she heard the marriage law mentioned by Zhai Sheng. She did not expect that there was such a law that coincidentally matched the situation of the Qiao family.

She had refused to let her mother look for her father all this while as she wanted to take the chance to let her father know her mother's attitude. She wanted to make known clearly to her father that he should not always think that he could be fearless.

He was not afraid of her mother and had been using divorce as a threat. It was not true that her mother might not be able to live on after the divorce.

This plan was not successful. A woman's independence had not been well established. Qiao Dongliang did not feel the charm and beauty of a woman's independence from Ding Jiayi. On the contrary, the two older ones in the family were really going to go through a divorce.

Did it mean that she would have to follow her mother and lead a life without a father from today onward?

"You can't bear to do so now?" Chen Jun sneered. "Whenever I heard you talked about your father, you seemed to hate him and expected better from him. You talked as if you looked down on him and didn't care whether you have this father. Now that your parents are getting a divorce, you can't bear to see it happen?"

"This… It's better to have something than nothing," Qiao Zijin said resentfully. Her parents were getting a divorce. No matter what, she did not feel that this was right.

"Alright, the divorce has already been finalized. There's no use even if you think too much about it. Since you have filmed it, send it over to me." Chen Jun could not be bothered about these messy matters in the Qiao family. Whether it was Qiao Dongliang or Ding Jiayi, they were secondary. He only wanted to deal with one person—Qiao Nan.

Qiao Zijin had always obeyed Chen Jun. "Oh, but Brother Chen Jun, will my mom be fine?" Her mother already had a car accident and could not go through another round of torture.

"Don't worry. She can be discharged from the hospital after half a month. I guarantee you that your mom will be in very good spirits in half a month's time," Chen Jun said, trying to smoke his way through.

After Qiao Zijin sent over the video, Chen Jun watched it from the start until the end carefully. Upon confirming that there was nothing wrong with the content, he then stored it away as if it was a treasure.

"Brother Chen Jun, what is the use of this thing?" Qiao Zijin did not understand. Qiao Nan was really becoming increasingly powerful. She now had Zhai Sheng backing her. What did Qiao Nan need to be afraid of in the future?

At the thought that Chen Jun had not succeeded at all despite his previous attempts to deal with Qiao Nan, now that the relationship between Qiao Nan and Zhai Sheng was going to be out in the open, Qiao Zijin doubted whether she and Chen Jun would still have the chance.

"Right, didn't you say that the Zhai family is already aware of the relationship between Qiao Nan and Zhai Sheng? What's the attitude of the Zhai family's old chief and his spouse about this?" He did not believe that the old chief and his wife would be able to accept a daughter-in-law like Qiao Nan.

The Zhai family was not the Chen family. Their requirements were not going to be as low as that of the Chen family.

"This… It's hard to tell…" Qiao Zijin seemed to be in a tight spot. "Madam Zhai fainted from anger. But before she fainted, she gave my mom a slap and even lashed out at my mom with all the words that my mom had used to scold Qiao Nan. Judging from this, even after she found out that Qiao Nan is with Regiment Commander Zhai, she did not seem to hate Qiao Nan very much. As for the old chief, I can't tell."

"Fine, I am aware of this now. Go back to the hospital and take care of your mother. There are fifty yuan here. Take it." Chen Jun casually threw fifty yuan to Qiao Zijin. Before Qiao Zijin could reach out for the money, it had already dropped to the ground.

Qiao Zijin tugged the corners of her lips but she still bent down and picked up the money.

It was not the first time that this had happened. Qiao Zijin was not sure if Chen Jun did it on purpose. However, she felt uneasy each time it happened. "Brother Chen Jun, you have been dealing against Qiao Nan all this while. What are your thoughts exactly?"

The reason she did not wish that Qiao Nan would lead a good life was that she wanted to be better than Qiao Nan. Then, was Chen Jun's reason also purely because he did not want to see Qiao Nan lead a good life?

After a period of interaction with Chen Jun, Qiao Zijin felt that his motive was definitely not that simple. He spent so much time and effort to arrange all these. He must have wanted to gain something much more than what she had imagined. It was just that she could not guess Chen Jun's thoughts.

Chen Jun raised his brows. "This has got nothing to do with you, so you don't need to bother. Don't forget that you still have to go to school in over a month's time. Do you think that I'm giving you money for no reason? No household will have extra money to raise and support outsiders or idlers, understand?"

Qiao Zijin did not seem to be a very useful person either. It was just that she was Qiao Nan's biological sister. Qiao Zijin was then able to 'get rich' with this layer of connection.



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