He could only make use of Qiao Zijin to plot against Qiao Nan. Otherwise, he would even deal with Shi Qing, who was always by Qiao Nan's side, let alone Zhai Sheng.

"I… I know." Qiao Zijin could continue with her studies due to Chen Jun and not Ding Jiayi.

At the mention of money, Qiao Zijin could not lift up her head in front of Chen Jun. This was because she did not have any source of income at all. That hard-earned money of Ding Jiayi was only sufficient for Qiao Zijin's living expenses.

She watched on as Qiao Nan's life turned increasingly better. Her mother had created a fuss today but Qiao Nan was still the provincial top scorer in the college entrance examination. Qiao Nan could choose to go to any top tier university of her choice.

On the contrary, she was just a student undergoing her diploma studies. If she could not even graduate from the diploma studies, she could no longer visualize the gap between Qiao Nan and her.

With Qiao Nan being the top scorer in the college entrance examination, Qiao Zijin was not even willing to mention to others that she was going through diploma studies.

"Since you know, you can leave now. You should understand. After your parents are divorced, your mom is still Qiao Nan's mother. Be a little smarter on this. Don't disappoint me."

"I know. I'm leaving then." When Chen Jun requested her to leave, Qiao Zijin dared not remain behind.

When she left, Qiao Zijin took a glance at Chen Jun's back. She initially had some thoughts in mind but she now felt very lost about her future.

However, even Qiao Nan could find someone like Zhai Sheng. No matter what, she had to find someone that could not be too worse off than Zhai Sheng. Regardless of what happened, she would grab all the opportunities available to realize this goal.

"Brother Zhai, thank you so much for today. If you are not around, most probably, my dad couldn't handle it alone." When Zhai Sheng sent Qiao Dongliang home, most of the crowd at the house of the Qiao family had dispersed. However, Qiao Nan did not look any better.

No one would have expected that, of all times, Ding Jiayi had to pick such a moment to embarrass herself and also conveniently embarrass everyone around her.

A muddleheaded person would do muddleheaded things. She did not know when Ding Jiayi would come to her senses in this lifetime. At the very least, she should not always drag others down.

"No problem. There will be an outcome of your parents' matter very soon." Zhai Sheng certainly did not need to use his own power to influence the decision of the court. However, he had never said that he would definitely not use his family's connections to speed up the development of the matter and let this divorce lawsuit come to a closure earlier.

"Brother Zhai, Auntie Miao, she…" At the thought that Miao Jing fainted from anger today, Qiao Nan was both sad and unhappy. "Auntie Miao still can't accept me?"

"No, it has nothing to do with this. It should be that my mom did not find out about this at the right time, and it was under such circumstances. Zhai Hua called me and told me that Mom is now awake. Don't worry. There won't be any issue." Zhai Sheng consoled Qiao Nan and asked her not to overthink. The situation was not as horrible as it seemed.

"Why don't you go back home and take a look at Auntie Miao? If you don't go home, I am certain that Auntie Miao's impression of me will worsen." The main reason that the mother-in-law could not get along with the daughter-in-law was that the former felt that the appearance of the latter had taken away the existence of the son.

"That's good too." Zhai Sheng had also wanted to return to the house of the Zhai family. "Watch after Uncle Qiao more. I'll make a trip home and call you later. Don't worry. I'll be here no matter what happens."

"Okay." At this moment, Qiao Nan could only say 'okay'. "Brother Zhai, if Auntie Miao really can't accept me at this point and ask you to break up with me, don't be too harsh or go against her when you speak to her. At most, you can postpone the day of our engagement."

"It won't be postponed." After giving Qiao Nan a hug, Zhai Sheng then went home. Even if his mother did not agree, he would also think of ways to let his mother nod so that he and Nan Nan could be engaged.

After Zhai Sheng left, Shi Qing appeared. "See, I already told you that you don't need to be so worried. Brother Zhai is around. He will definitely settle it for you."

"This is ultimately a matter that concerns the two of us. He has been settling the problems for me but I can't seem to help him in any way. I'm just worried that there will be too much burden on Brother Zhai." At the same time, she was also worried whether her relationship with Zhai Sheng could continue should she depend on Zhai Sheng in everything.

"That's true too." Shi Qing had to admit. "If Brother Zhai was not here today, your mother would still be fearless. She thought that the divorce could not proceed as long as she did not agree. Your father was not clear about it either. It was only when a high-status figure such as Brother Zhai stepped out to say something that your mother finally felt frightened and believed his words. Fortunately, Brother Zhai came today and gave you support. Otherwise, even if this matter was forcibly resolved today, it would most likely look quite bad in the end."

Ding Jiayi had to come and make a fuss on the joyous day that Qiao Nan was announced as the provincial top humanities student in the college entrance examination. Even a happy occasion could become a funeral.

That being said, Ding Jiayi was prepared to be at odds with Qiao Nan during the period before and after her college entrance examination?

Ding Jiayi came here to create a scene today and she would listen to no one. Zhai Sheng was an exception. After all, given Zhai Sheng's status, Ding Jiayi was deemed as someone who bullied the weak and feared the strong.

If the person who spoke out was not powerful enough, she would totally ignore them.

"I hope that everything will be smooth sailing." Shi Qing was also worried. "I think you have some hope in this matter as Auntie Miao slapped your mother for you. Auntie Miao likes you so much usually. Why would she reject you just because you have become Brother Zhai's girlfriend?"

"I hope so." Qiao Nan felt very unsettled and worried at heart. Given the 'comedy' today, she had to prepare herself for the worst.

When Zhai Sheng arrived home, fortunately, there were only the Zhai family members at home. He did not see Wei De, who was an eyesore to him. "How's Mom?"

Zhai Hua said helplessly, "Once Mom woke up, she chased Dad and me out. Mom has been staying in the bedroom and has not come out until now."

In the past, her mother would look for Qiao Nan whenever she encountered any matter that bothered her. It was an awkward situation. Her mother could not even look for Qiao Nan now.

"How's the situation at Qiao Dongliang's side?" Zhai Yaohui enquired about the situation at the Qiao family first. "Your mom's temper is like that. She will be fine after a while. Tell me about the situation of the Qiao family first. Since Ding Jiayi had left the Qiao family for two years, according to the laws in our country, it's not difficult if Qiao Dongliang wants to get a divorce."

"Not difficult. The divorce will be successful. Furthermore, there will most likely be an outcome within these few days." Zhai Sheng drank two cups of water before he could quench his thirst.

Zhai Yaohui nodded. "Did Qiao Nan have a fright?" Zhai Yaohui truly felt his heart ache for Qiao Nan.

"Nan Nan is already used to that kind of behavior from Ding Jiayi. She is more worried about Mom's condition."



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