A beautiful day had turned into a horrible one. After such an encounter, no one would feel happy.

"What's there to worry about me? That pile of lousy matters in her family is enough for her to worry." At this moment, Miao Jing came out of her bedroom. She wore a stiff expression as she said this in a rather unhappy manner.

When Miao Jing said this, the father and children trio had some doubts. They were unsure of Miao Jing's stance.

When one first heard Miao Jing's words, one would feel that she was quite mean. Qiao Nan was pitiful enough to have encountered such a matter and Miao Jing had to say such things on top of that.

Nevertheless, upon careful thinking, these words of Miao Jing seemed to carry some feelings of concern for Qiao Nan.

Zhai Sheng and Zhai Hua looked at each other as they did not understand their mother's words. "Mom, although it's a little late, I'm reporting a situation to you today. I have loved Nan Nan since she was in her third year of junior high school. I confessed to her but she did not agree. Thereafter, Nan Nan said that she's still too young and her studies are more important. She said that we could discuss the matter between us further after she graduates from senior high school and is eligible to go to college. One month ago, I have already submitted my marriage report and it has been approved by the organization. My initial plan is to make use of the time during this summer vacation to be engaged with Nan Nan first. When Nan Nan reaches the legal age of marriage, Nan Nan and I will then collect the marriage certificate."

Miao Jing was so angry that her lips almost formed a straight line. "Since you have gotten it all planned, then why are you telling me this now? You're just notifying me, right?!"

What kind of lousy child was this? He was not eloquent at all. Wouldn't she become angrier if he said all these?

Did Zhai Sheng still want to be engaged with Nan Nan? Did he still wish to make Nan Nan part of the Zhai family?!

"However, before I came back, Nan Nan instructed me to take your views seriously. If you're unhappy, we can delay our matter. We are still young and are not in a hurry. We can talk about engagement after you accept us. Nan Nan also said that those are just our previous and initial plans. If you are willing to accept her, and as engagement and marriage are not small matters, we have to defer to the views of both respective families' parents." In contrast to his earlier words, Zhai Sheng's words were much more positive-sounding. Miao Jing's expression finally looked more at ease now.

Nevertheless, Miao Jing snorted unhappily. "I believe that those polite words in the second part of your speech were from Nan Nan. I don't believe that Nan Nan and you have discussed getting engaged after her college entrance examination. Nan Nan is not that kind of child. You must have been the one who decided on that. Nan Nan was not even allowed to reject."

She gave birth to her son. Even if she was not the one who brought him up personally, could she not know how domineering her son was toward the people and matters that he cared very much about?

Nan Nan was still young and had just reached eighteen years of age. In addition, she had plans for her studies. How could Nan Nan possibly think of marriage at this juncture? Certainly, Zhai Sheng must have been the one who thought of this!

When she heard that Miao Jing's tone had obviously turned better and she even praised Qiao Nan, Zhai Hua's mouth formed an 'O' shape, expressing that she had widened her horizons.

It was no wonder her parents became increasingly unhappy each time she put in good words for Wei De in front of them. It turned out she had utilized the wrong method.

She had to learn from Zhai Sheng. She had to be the bad guy first, and thereafter, brought out the positive qualities such as the understanding and polite nature of her partner. Yes, she had to do it that way!

If she had known things would turn out this way earlier, she would have sought Zhai Sheng's advice long ago.

But it was strange. She was the elder sister and Zhai Sheng was the younger one. Why was it that she did not know what he did? It was fine that she did not know. However, she still had to go and consult him!

"So, Mom, how do you view this? What are your thoughts on this?" After coaxing his mother successfully, Zhai Sheng had not forgotten the main topic.

Miao Jing took a deep breath. She then looked at Zhai Sheng, seemingly a little helpless. "Zhai Sheng, tell me. Are you serious about Nan Nan?"

"Yes!" He had always very serious in everything that he did, including his relationship matters.

"Guess. When I found out that Nan Nan is that young girlfriend of yours, what was my first reaction?" Miao Jing gave a bitter smile. The three of them—Zhai Yaohui and the children—were all worried that she would object to Zhai Sheng and Nan Nan being together. In fact, it was true that she was a little against it but the reason behind it was different from what they were thinking.

Zhai Yaohui and Zhai Sheng fell silent for a while. At this moment, they were not sure what to infer from Miao Jing's current reaction and what her thoughts were when she first heard about this piece of news.

Zhai Hua was the only one who shook her head honestly as if she was an obedient baby.

It was seldom that Zhai Hua would display such a dimwitted side of hers. Miao Jing smiled with some bitterness. "Then, do you know that I actually have already considered what kind of person Nan Nan should be married to in the future?"

Zhai Hua laughed as she moved closer to Zhai Sheng. "Mom is saying that she has thought of double-crossing you before."

It was a rare occurrence that a biological mother would double-cross her own son. However, it happened in their family.

Zhai Sheng's face turned black. He asked Zhai Hua to shut up and continue to listen to Miao Jing.

When his mother said this, it meant that she had already put away with this initial thought.

"I know that Nan Nan likes soldiers very much. She said that soldiers exude a sense of justice that will make her feel very safe. I have been thinking. Given our family's situation, won't it be easy to help Nan Nan find a soldier to marry? We don't want the lousy ones or those who are not good enough. Anyway, Nan Nan is still young. When she is of marriageable age, Zhai Sheng will no longer just be a regiment commander. At that time, I will get Zhai Sheng to find a better regiment commander and let him interact with Nan Nan. If this person dares to bully Nan Nan, given the capability of the Zhai family, it's not difficult to deal with him and seek justice for Nan Nan. Since ancient times, the perspective is that a woman should marry someone of higher status while a man should marry someone of lower status. However, from my perspective, there's nothing disadvantageous for a woman to marry into a family with lower status. At the very least, the maternal family can subdue the in-law family…"




The faces of Zhai Yaohui and children trio turned black simultaneously. They did not really agree with what Miao Jing said.

Given Qiao Nan's status, was it considered marrying into a family of lower status if she were to marry a regiment commander?!

Zhai Hua was the first one that wanted to jump out and expressed that she was only a deputy battalion commander while Wei De was just a small squad leader when he was in the army.

In that case, if she were to marry Wei De at that time, was she not considered marrying into a family of lower status?

On the other hand, Zhai Yaohui understood that Miao Jing had truly seen Qiao Nan as her own daughter.

If she was the daughter of the Zhai family, it was not considered a big deal to be married to a regiment commander.

Hence, it could be said that his wife had nearly double-crossed their son by introducing a marriage partner to their daughter-in-law?

Zhai Sheng, who had the same thought, undoubtedly looked the most sullen. He even felt a cluster of green clouds above his head, and these green clouds were formed by his biological mother. She was indeed his biological mother!

"Don't look at me in this way. This is the truth. As long as our family is around, I don't need to worry that Nan Nan will be bullied. All this while, to me, Zhai Sheng had been treating Nan Nan as his biological younger sister…" So, even when she and Zhai Yaohui were no longer around one day, she also believed that Zhai Sheng would continue to treat Nan Nan as his biological younger sister and take care of her.

Who would have known that…

Zhai Yaohui smiled. He conceded defeat regarding his own wife's intelligence.



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