Which man would look at his biological sister in that way?

Furthermore, which man would visit his biological sister every day and ignore the woman who could possibly become his fiancée or future spouse?

Miao Miao did not even think about the fact that Zhai Sheng had insisted on rejecting the wedding arrangement between Qiu Chenxi and him only after Qiao Nan appeared.

If Zhai Sheng had not met the right person, how could he possibly confirm that Qiu Chenxi was definitely the wrong one and could say with certainty that it was impossible between Qiu Chenxi and him?

All of a sudden, Zhai Yaohui did not know whether to say that Qiao Nan had a good mother-in-law or a 'good mother'.

Miao Jing gave a long sigh. "If Nan Nan is really together with you, and if you bully Nan Nan, how are we going to help Nan Nan?"

In the past, Miao Jing's stand had never wavered. If Qiao Nan suffered in her marriage, she would only stand on Qiao Nan's side. However, the person that was going to marry Qiao Nan had now become her son. What should she do? Was she going to be a good mother-in-law or a good mother?

Putting aside being a good mother-in-law or a good mother, Miao Jing could not help Qiao Nan even if she was willing to do so as she could not subdue Zhai Sheng, this son of hers!

"Mom, you fainted just because of this?" Zhai Hua looked at Miao Jing in disbelief. She had thought that her mother had been furious. Instead, it was because she was too anxious—anxious that she could not help Qiao Nan stand up for herself when facing her husband's family!

"Mom, I think Dad and you picked Zhai Sheng and me up from streets, didn't you?" Otherwise, why would her mother first consider the problem that Qiao Nan would face and not whether it was appropriate for Zhai Sheng to marry Qiao Nan? The focus was completely different.

"You must have been picked up from the streets. Otherwise, why are all of you angering me!" Miao Jing's face turned red as she gave Zhai Hua a glare.

If they were not her biological children, would she be so angry at them?

Zhai Hua shrank her neck. Alright, she spoke some nonsense that provoked her mother's anger again.

Zhai Sheng tried hard to chase away that cluster of green clouds above his head and asked in a forthright manner, "Mom, in that case, you agree to the matter between Nan Nan and me?"

"Is Nan Nan a willing party in this?" Miao Jing asked with some doubt. "You're quite outstanding but you're much older than Nan Nan. I heard from others that there will be a generation gap for every three-year difference in age. Nan Nan and you already have two generation gaps, no?"

In other words, could Zhai Sheng and Qiao Nan communicate when they were together?

Could it be that Qiao Nan was too young and did not know Zhai Sheng's intentions? Or could it be that Zhai Sheng took advantage of Qiao Nan's age and *** Qiao Nan to agree to this?

Marriage was between two individuals and involved two families. Both individuals had to be willing parties.

Upon hearing such heart-piercing words from Miao Jing, Zhai Sheng threw a look at Zhai Yaohui as if to say, 'This is your wife. Settle her.' He then stood up and returned to his bedroom.

Of course, Zhai Sheng was certainly happy that Miao Jing could agree to the matter between Nan Nan and him so swiftly. It was just that Miao Jing did not seem to be clear whose mother she was. This attitude was a little intolerable.

Now, even Zhai Sheng wanted to question if he was her biological son and was not picked up from who knows where.

Why was it that her mother had to continuously double-cross him and yearn that it would not be successful between Nan Nan and him?

"Spoiled." Zhai Hua was not pleased. Her mother's attitude was a little strange. Nevertheless, after all, she did not intend to object to it.

At the thought that Zhai Sheng and Qiao Nan's matter was proceeding so smoothly, and that even Miao Jing's fainting episode earlier was just a false alarm, Zhai Hua felt sad for Wei De and herself.

Then, as she thought of Wei De's performance today, Zhai Hua was very dissatisfied.

There were not many opportunities for Wei De to perform in front of her parents. There was such a rare chance today and Wei De actually let it slip.

If her parents had not long received news that Qiao Nan had become the provincial top humanities student and everyone was in a good mood to congratulate Qiao Nan together, Wei De would not even have the chance to make the trip together with her family.

It was not easy for her to finally have such a good opportunity for Wei De appear so that he could leave a good impression on the Zhai family. In the end, he caused much revulsion to the Zhai family instead.

Given the current situation whereby Wei De seemed so incompetent that everything he touched would turn to dust, Zhai Hua felt disheartened too. "Dad, I'm going back to my bedroom to rest."


Once Zhai Hua left, Miao Jing exploded. "What rest? She must be giving a call to Wei De. Hua Hua was not pleased that I don't like Wei De. She insisted that Wei De is good. After so many encounters, why is it that I couldn't see anything good about that person? Today, he didn't even look at the situation. He looked down on Nan Nan and deliberately hoodwinked me so that I would look down on Nan Nan, right!"

Miao Jing was sensitive. Many years ago, she had been treated in the same way by Qi Minlan. Therefore, she was able to see through this cheap trick of Wei De at once.

It was precisely because of this that Miao Jing was furious.

Her daughter was so smitten with such an individual. Until now, she was not willing to listen to their advice to let go of him. All of Miao Jing's frustration was now directed at Wei De.

An individual like Wei De, who, instead of helping, added salt to the injury when his family members were in trouble, Miao Jing expressed that if she really could not stop Zhai Hua from getting married to Wei De, after her death, she did not want Wei De to kowtow to her at her grave, and neither would she accept the money that Wei De burn for her!

To Miao Jing, even Zhai Sheng, this biological son, had to stand aside, let alone Wei De, an outsider.

Wei De was only concerned about boycotting Qiao Nan but he had forgotten Miao Jing's usual attitude toward Qiao Nan. At this juncture, he had tried to gain an advantage only to end up worse off. He had increased Miao Miao's annoyance and despise toward him.

"This person definitely cannot make it." Zhai Yaohui very much agreed to Miao Jing's views on this. "The good thing is that Zhai Sheng has a way and managed to persuade Zhai Hua. Hence, she didn't continue to be so stubborn with us. It's just that we have to spend more time and effort in this matter."

Zhai Yaohui could not understand as well. His daughter was not extremely intelligent but was also not someone that could be misled so easily.

Why was it that Wei De had so many demerits and poor qualities, but his daughter seemed to be blind and oblivious to all his shortcomings? She did not mind or speak about it and was so devoted to Wei De.

"Nan Nan said that no one is perfect. Zhai Hua's expectation of Wei De is not high and it's enough as long as Wei De is good to her. She found all the care and doting that she did not enjoy from the both of us previously from Wei De," Miao Jing said angrily. "I want to care and dote on Hua Hua. But now, Hua Hua favors her partner more than her family. She doesn't want my love and doting. She only wants Wei De to be good to her!!!"

"Qiao Nan really said that?" He did not know that Zhai Hua possessed such psychology when she was with Wei De.

It was no wonder Qiao Nan always told Miao Miao that debts would always have to be repaid one day.

As for what they had owed Zhai Sheng, Zhai Yaohui was aware that regardless of the magnitude of the debt, they would certainly be able to repay him as long as they could let him marry Qiao Nan.

"Isn't that so?"

"Don't need to worry. After Qiao Nan is engaged to Zhai Sheng, you can not only go to the house of the Qiao family but also let Qiao Nan stay at our house when she has spare time. At that time, you can then have a good talk with Qiao Nan on this. Qiao Nan is knowledgeable in this area."



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