Regarding Zhai Hua's psychological state, Zhai Yaohui did not have a single idea of what was going on in her mind.

Nevertheless, after hearing these words from Qiao Nan, Zhai Yaohui thought about it carefully and felt that there was such a possibility.

"That's right! Nan Nan is going to be engaged to Zhai Sheng and will become part of our family soon. I can ask Nan Nan to stay over at our house." In the past, Zhai Yaohui would never allow her to stay over at the house of the Qiao family unless she had a conflict with their family members.

There was no choice as Qiao Nan was not the only one staying at the house of the Qiao family. There was also Qiao Dongliang.

Even if Qiao Dongliang was not divorced, it was the truth that Ding Jiayi was not around. It was also the truth that Qiao Dongliang's relationship with Ding Jiayi was broken.

At the thought that his wife would be staying in a house with the presence of another man, Zhai Yaohui would feel uneasy all over. He would never agree to it.

Now, the situation was different. If Qiao Nan could stay over at the Zhai family, Zhai Yaohui did not have a reason to stop her anymore.

It seemed that Zhai Sheng was not the only one who would benefit from his engagement with Qiao Nan.

No one would have expected that Miao Jing, who should be the one that was the most difficult to tackle, was, in fact, not a problem at all. Zhai Sheng did not even need to persuade Miao Jing. On the other hand, Miao Miao nearly sold out her own son and double-crossed him by introducing the lady that he loved to another man as a potential wife.

Of course, Zhai Sheng further did not expect that, in fact, Miao Jing already had someone in mind: Zhou Jun.

Zhou Jun was certainly much older but Miao Jing had checked the situation of Zhou Jun's family. Zhou Jun and Qiao Nan knew each other and Zhou Jun also had positive feelings toward Qiao Nan.

The timing was just right. While Qiao Nan was studying, Zhou Jun could work hard to rise in the ranks under the leadership of Zhai Sheng.

When Zhou Jun was promoted to regiment commander, Qiao Nan would have graduated from college and become compatible with Zhou Jun. Was this not killing two birds with one stone?

Fortunately, Zhai Sheng was not aware of this. Otherwise, he would really vomit three liters of blood due to anger.

Zhai Yaohui and Zhai Sheng had been prepping Miao Jing mentally for this and it was not entirely futile. Miao Jing spent a slightly longer time thinking about this in her bedroom but she accepted this reality in the end.

Everyone in the family but her knew about this. From the situation, Miao Jing knew that her objection would be useless as Zhai Yaohui was the true decision-maker in the family.

Thereafter, Miao Jing thought about it again. She had always felt that Qiao Nan was a good lady, one that made people's heart ache for her. Why didn't she think of the saying 'one does not allow benefits created by one's own work to accrue to others' before and let Qiao Nan be married to her own son?

She did not know other young ladies well but she was extremely familiar with Qiao Nan.

If Qiao Nan were to be with Zhai Sheng, she no longer needed to worry about finding the right man that would be most suitable for Qiao Nan. She also did not need to worry whether that young girlfriend of Zhai Sheng was suitable for him and that they would be suffering in pain if they were to force themselves to be together.

It could be said that the reunion of Zhai Sheng and Qiao Nan had, at once, resolved the two major problems that Miao Jing always had on her mind.

As such, Miao Jing felt that she also did not seem to have a reason to object to this.

Just as Miao Jing sorted out her thoughts, coincidentally, Zhai Sheng arrived home. Miao Jing then came out of her bedroom and expressed her thoughts in case Qiao Nan could not let down her worries.

"Brother Zhai, you're not lying to me, right? Auntie Miao agreed without hesitation? Impossible! Didn't Auntie Miao faint from anger?" Upon hearing this piece of good news, Qiao Nan did not know whether to laugh or cry. She felt more emotional and had more difficulty controlling her feelings than when she heard that she had become the top scorer in the college entrance examination.

Initially, when she heard that Miao Jing had fainted, Qiao Nan thought that her matter with Zhai Sheng was going to be unsuccessful. She was already mentally prepared for it.

Unexpectedly, such a huge and pleasant surprise dropped from the sky and hit Qiao Nan. She almost fainted. "Auntie Miao really agreed to it? Then, why did she faint from anger?"

"I feel that my mom fainting did not have anything to do with us. She fainted as she was too angry with Wei De." Zhai Sheng had no reservation about pushing all the blame to Wei De.

Even if the news of their relationship had affected Miao Jing greatly and Wei De was just part of the reason for the fainting episode, Zhai Sheng did not hesitate to let Wei De be the scapegoat. He would coax Qiao Nan to make her happy first.

"What's with him?" Qiao Nan wiped her eyes. She had finally let down the worries that were with her for the whole afternoon.

"Anyway, there's nothing good to say. You should have already guessed it. We don't need to talk in detail lest we feel unhappy. I believe that Zhai Hua is calling Wei De now to scold him." Zhai Sheng was not willing to bring up those few words of Wei De in case of affecting their mood. "Don't worry. Mom said that she will arrange a meet up with Uncle Qiao within these few days. Even if we plan to be engaged, the two families need to have a proper discussion on whether to have a small banquet or something. Most likely, my dad will give a call to my grandfather and ask him to make a trip home. The old master is going to have a granddaughter-in-law soon. He has to get to know her."

"Brother Zhai, are you saying this just to coax me?" Qiao Nan sniffed. Why did she feel that her happiness had arrived too sudden and was a little unreal?

"You will know within these two days whether I'm just coaxing you. It's better that you inform Uncle Qiao first, lest Uncle Qiao is totally unprepared like you."

"We're really going to tell him about this?" If she were to inform her father, it would mean that the two families would meet formally. It was fine for Brother Zhai to console her with this, but it would be overboard to console her father in the same way.

"You can go ahead to tell him that. Don't need to worry."


After hanging up the phone, Qiao Nan smiled with relief.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, look at your smile. It's sweeter than when you're eating sweets. There's no issue with Madam Zhai's side? Brother Zhai is so capable to have resolved it so quickly!" Shi Qing dared not believe it. This good news came too quickly and there was no conflict at all.

She had thought that Zhai Sheng and Qiao Nan had to go through a fight to get Miao Jing's approval.

"I'm not very sure too. Brother Zhai didn't give too many details. He just told me that Auntie Miao did not object and even wants to meet my dad to discuss." Qiao Nan was still in a daze at the moment. She could only repeat what Zhai Sheng had said.

"Really?" Qiao Dongliang, who had just stepped out of his bedroom, was very surprised to hear this. "The old chief's family has all… all agreed?!" Was this possible?

"Hmm, actually, Chief Zhai knew about the matter between Brother Zhai and me long ago. He has known about it for about two years. Auntie Miao was the only one who found out about it today. Nevertheless, just as Brother Zhai said, Auntie Miao has agreed." At the mention of this, Qiao Nan felt quite shy.

In her previous life, she was a forty-year-old woman. She did not even have a boyfriend, let alone talks about marriage.

In this life, she was going to have a fiancé as soon as she reached the age of an adult. The difference between the two lifetimes was so extreme.

Qiao Dongliang heaved a sigh of relief. The old chief had known about this matter for so long but he had never expressed anything. This clearly showed that he had agreed. However…



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