The Qiu family built their wealth from scratch. Basically, they did not have any inheritance from their previous generations. Hence, it was impossible for the Qiu family to be so wealthy all of a sudden and even so generous to Qiu Chenxi by giving her tens of thousands of yuan.

The source of income of the Qiu family was clearly illegal.

With this clue, it was much easier for Zhai Sheng to continue with the investigation.

Hence, none of the wrongs that Qiu Qin had committed could be covered up at all. All of them had been resolved by Zhai Sheng in the shortest time possible. He retrieved all the cultural relics and safeguarded the ancient tomb.

This matter had not been completely resolved. Hence, Zhai Sheng had to be a little evasive when he spoke to Qiao Nan about this.

"I'm just afraid that when something happens to the Qiu family, Director Shi will become the scapegoat when he clearly did not do anything." Qiao Nan sighed. Her family wanted to favor the male over the female but did not manage to do so, whereas the Shi family successfully favored the female over the male.

"It won't," Shi Qing said confidently. "The Qiu family is going downhill. If news of your engagement with Brother Zhai spreads to outsiders and my grandpa still sides with my auntie and Qiu Chenxi wholeheartedly, I will be more willing to become closer to my grandpa. At the very least, it proves that my grandpa is true to them previously, that it was purely out of kinship that he was good to them." However, Shi Qing was very sure that her biological grandfather was good to Qi Minlan and Qiu Chenxi because of other reasons.

Zhai Sheng had now become someone else's fiancé. Unless Old Master Shi wished to let his own granddaughter commit the crime of breaking up a military marriage, he had to move aside.

A marriage report that had been approved by the army was considered a military marriage albeit it was only an engagement. It was protected by the laws of the country. Breaking up a military marriage was a crime!

Old Master Shi wanted to benefit from this, but he, this elderly man, certainly did not have the guts to do such a thing that was against the law and regulations.

"Brother Zhai belongs to someone else now. Without this glory, Qiu Chenxi won't be so carefree wherever she goes now." Shi Qing was very sure about this. "Fine, let's not talk about this anymore. I already know the situation now and will tell my dad about it so that he can pay more attention. It's already eight o'clock. You should sleep in an hour's time. We have to go to school tomorrow to take the application form for college enrollment. I'm feeling tired too."

Shi Qing did not expect that the announcement of the college entrance examination results would make one feel so exhausted. Of course, the most tiring things were the appearance of Ding Jiayi and the fainting of Miao Jing.

Shi Qing yawned and stretched herself before returning to her own house to sleep.

"…" It was already so late and Director Shi had not returned home. Shi Qing did not know how to show her concern and urge Director Shi to come back quickly.

Seeing that Shi Qing did not make a phone call, Qiao Nan did.

"Oh, okay. Thanks. I know." When Shi Peng received Qiao Nan's phone call, he was quite obedient. He left the office for home after packing up. It was fine that he worked overtime by himself but he could not always drag Secretary Feng to work overtime with him, right?

When Shi Peng arrived home, Shi Qing was already sleeping like a log.

However, Shi Qing had pasted a slip of paper on the door of Shi Peng's bedroom. She wrote all of what Qiao Nan had told her on the paper.

It was the second time that he heard about this. Hence, Shi Peng smiled and removed the paper. He stored it away instead of discarding it.

His daughter had shown some progress. She knew that she could not wait for him to return home and knew how to leave a message for him on his bedroom door lest she forgot or he did not see the message.

In fact, Shi Peng already knew a little about Qiu Qin's case. Zhai Sheng was the one who let this out to Shi Peng.

After all, Shi Peng was Zhai Sheng's master. In addition, this matter did not have anything to do with Shi Peng. Zhai Sheng had to tell Shi Peng this on account of their master-disciple relationship, in case his master, Shi Peng, was ambushed by others.

Shi Peng bathed before he went to bed. While thinking of the Qiu family's matter, he fell asleep very soon.

Whoever wanted to make use of the Qiu family's matter to deal with him—he wanted to see who would be in for a good show in the end.

Qiao Dongliang had divorced Ding Jiayi and the latter did not have any grounds of objection. Her past behavior had already shut all her way out. Qiu Qin was the other one who had a similar situation to Ding Jiayi.

When Qi Minlan threw the divorce agreement at Qiu Qin, he did not manage to react in time. "What do you mean by this?"

"What do I mean?" Qi Minlan questioned him back. "What can I mean? All this while, hasn't it always been 'what do you mean'? You have a woman outside. This proves that our relationship is already broken. We can't be together anymore. Your heart is not with me and I'm not bothered about making you stay physically with me either. We'll get a divorce. The marital estate will be allocated based on earlier arrangements. Quickly sign this. After signing this, I will bring Chenxi along when I leave. You can then openly fetch that woman back and get married officially. She can give birth to a fair and chubby grandson for your parents. Isn't this the life that you all have been yearning for? Can't I grant you your wish?"

"Will you be so kindhearted?" Qiu Qin did not believe it. If Qi Minlan was someone that was so easy to talk to, she would have divorced him long ago when she found out that he had a mistress. She would not wait until today. "Did you hear any news or did Chenxi find out anything?! Where is Chenxi? Ask her to come here. I have something to ask her!"

Qiu Chenxi had always been closer to Qi Minlan. She was not close to him, the father, at all.

Qiu Chenxi must have been keeping something from him after she met Zhai Sheng the last time. Could it be that Zhai Sheng did not intend to let him off about the matter regarding the cultural relics?

Besides this explanation, Qiu Qin could not think of any other possibility.

"No need to call Chenxi. She met up with Zhai Sheng last time. Therefore, she knows that Zhai Sheng will be getting engaged with another woman. She's still feeling sad over this. I have thus asked her to go overseas to heal her heart. After you sign the agreement, I will move out immediately and leave a space for that mistress of yours. Maybe your son will come then. If you don't sign today, it's fine too. I have many photos and other evidence of you being together with that woman. When the time comes, I will hand them to the court. The outcome will be the same."

After saying her piece, Qi Minlan simply returned to her bedroom. She carried the luggage that she had already packed and went down the stairs. "Consider carefully whether you want to break up with me on a good note. Your parents have been yearning for a grandson for so many years. I've had enough of my life these past two years. You don't love Chenxi but I'm her mother and I love and want her! What's with a son? Damn, I love daughters!"

Qi Minlan said some equivocal words and slammed the door hard before she left.

After being transferred to this place, the elderly couple of the Qiu family had more interactions with that woman outside, wanting to know if that woman was pregnant. If she was, she could then quickly do a scan so that they could see if their grandson was coming.

The elderly couple knew that it was not easy for this woman to be pregnant, let alone a second pregnancy.

Hence, either she did not get pregnant or she had to be pregnant with a grandson for the Qiu family.



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