"Madam Zhai fainted today." Similarly, Qiao Dongliang cared very much about the fact that Miao Jing had fainted. This reaction did not seem like she would agree to the relationship between Qiao Nan and Zhai Sheng. "That meal… Don't you think it will be a meal in disguise of some plot?"

"No, it can't be." Before Qiao Nan could reply, Qiao Dongliang rejected this notion. "Soldiers are always true to their words. They won't come up with such things. Then, Nan Nan, you have truly been accepted by the old chief's family? This won't do. Why do I feel so dizzy? I… I'll go back to my room to lie down for a while."

At the sight of Qiao Dongliang returning to his bedroom feeling heavy-minded and light-footed, both Qiao Nan and Shi Qing were amused. "Qiao Nan, your father is so funny. But that's for sure. Anyone who hears this piece of news will be so happy that they can't differentiate between reality and false imagination. Qiao Nan, congratulations. You've finally succeeded after going through so many hardships."

She was all set to get into a top tier university and was going to get such an outstanding fiancé soon on top of that.

Perhaps Ding Jiayi had created too many troubles and difficulties for Qiao Nan. Hence, Qiao Nan was rewarded after enduring all the hardships and was now on the momentum to become a big winner in life.

Qiao Nan laughed but she did not agree with Shi Qing's words.

A woman was considered to have become successful after finding and marrying a good man?

No, Qiao Nan felt that a woman's lifetime should not only amount to that.

When she received Brother Zhai's phone call, she was truly overjoyed. She was happy not because she succeeded. She was happy because there was an opportunity that her relationship with Brother Zhai would 'bloom' soon. "Shi Qing, you have to remember that a woman's life is not all about a man. What I'm happy about is that my relationship can have a good ending."

She was not that kind of woman and did not hope that Shi Qing would become like that.

Shi Qing was stunned. "Have you thought about what you want to do in the future?"

"No, but I will definitely not become a housewife." She would not remain at home. Although Qiao Zijin and Chen Jun's example in her previous life was a little special, however, if Qiao Zijin had not been idling too much at home, why would she think of having an extramarital affair?

Since Qiao Zijin had been thoroughly dependent on Chen Jun for her living expenses, why would she leave the marriage without any maintenance or marital compensation after divorcing Chen Jun? She could not even fork out any money for her own medical and hospitalization fees. Qiao Nan was the one who coughed out every cent.

It was all because Qiao Zijin felt that she had married well and could be the 'rich young lady" who was free of worries for her entire life.

"Oh," Shi Qing replied. "I think I won't either. I can't stay at home."

"Right, Qiao Nan, I have to tell you something. It's not any good news. Initially, I wanted to tell you a few days later in case you feel unhappy about it. Nevertheless, given what happened today, I think nothing else can deal you a blow. That matter which happened during the college entrance examination is a little bizarre. They won't be able to find out more even if they proceed with the investigation."

It was a man who paid the money for the arrangements. Almost all of those people at the 'frontline' pointed their fingers to the same man.

The problem was that this man did not seem to be from Ping Cheng. He was someone from another place and did not seem to be in Ping Cheng now.

Without this middleman, it was impossible to find both proof and witness.

Government officials had to act according to the law. They could not convict someone of guilt based on a groundless guess.

As such, they could not find out much regarding the matter pertaining to Qiao Nan's college entrance examination despite having fined and imprisoned a few ordinary citizens for twenty-four hours.

In other words, they most likely could not seek justice for Qiao Nan for the suffering that she had gone through.

"So it's about this matter." Qiao Nan's expression did not change, but the corners of her lips, which were curled into a slight smile, remained. "I've already guessed the outcome of this matter. Even Qiao Zijin did not appear. The one who collaborated with Qiao Zijin, no, I should say that the one who made use of Qiao Zijin won't possibly appear so easily. Brother Zhai told me that he will deal with these people."

At most, he would not deal with these people with this matter. He would deal with them using other means. As long as it was not illegal, nothing was impossible.

"Brother Zhai knew who did it?"

"He knows."

"Who?!" Her father had not even found out and Brother Zhai already knew about it. That was quick.

"That cousin of yours is one of them. My biological sister is another one. There's another one—Chen Jun. As for…" Wei De that did not dirty his hands but was the cause of all the problems, Qiao Nan did not really wish to mention him at this point in time.

"What? Qiu Chenxi really has something to do with this! It's not right. The Qiu family is not poor but they are not that generous. Where did she get so much money? Regardless of how much my auntie dotes on her, it's good enough that she has a few hundred yuan in her hands. It's not possible for her to give out tens of thousands of yuan."

The situation of the Qiu family was not that good. Unless Qiu Qin took bribes or did something illegal…

"This issue… Brother Zhai said it's related to a highly confidential matter of our country and it's not convenient to let me know about it. Hence, I'm not very clear about the actual situation. Nevertheless, it seems that something major is going to happen to the Qiu family in the near future. It won't be as simple as a change in designation like before." Qiao Nan told Shi Qing because she wanted to alert Shi Qing and Shi Peng, lest Shi Peng became implicated negatively if anything were to happen to the Qiu family.

Unfortunately, Qi Minlan was Shi Peng's biological sister and Qiu Qin was his brother-in-law.

If the Qiu family committed wrongdoings and something happened to them, perhaps some scheming individuals would drag Shi Peng into this and said that Shi Peng was in cahoots with the Qiu family, that Shi Peng was involved in all the wrongdoings that were done by the Qiu family

One did not necessarily need to be overly anxious about this kind of matter but should be prepared in advance just in case.

"I understand what you mean. Don't worry. Our family does not have much connection or interaction with the Qiu family. If something really happens to the Qiu family, it has got nothing to do with my family and my father at all." During the Lunar New Year for the past few years, she and her father had always gone back to her maternal grandfather's house in the capital. She would go to her paternal grandfather's house on the first day of the Lunar New Year and leave on the third day.

Not to mention the Qiu family, even their interaction with Old Master Shi's family had also dwindled.

However, if someone truly wanted to put the blame of the Qiu family's matter on her father, it would be better if her father had some plan in mind.

Back to the topic, what major issue was going to happen to the Qiu family this time that required Qiao Nan to alert her father?

Could it be that the money that Qiu Chenxi used did not come from legal sources?

If that was truly the case, Qiu Chenxi was really too audacious. The Qiu family was daring enough to take such money and Qiu Chenxi even dared to spend them to attract attention. She was not fearful of dying!

Shi Qing did not understand why Qiu Chenxi was so full of herself. Previously, she did not believe that Qiao Nan was that vixen hidden by Zhai Sheng. Naturally, she felt that no one would suspect her for what she did this time. Well, did she really not know that Qiao Nan was the vixen that she had been looking for?

Unfortunately, the first person that Zhai Sheng targeted was her.

Everyone was in the same social circle. Zhai Sheng would not know for sure how wealthy the Qiu family was but he could estimate it.



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