“Leaving tonight? Master, why don’t you stay for a few more days?”

“Why are you leaving so soon?”

Hearing that the master was about to depart from the city, looks of anxiety appeared on the faces of the crowd.

[It is rare for an appraiser to appear in Tianxuan Royal City, and yet he is leaving just after a few days?]

“I still have matters to attend to!” Master Mo Yang’s eyebrows shot upwards. He carried with him a demeanor unique to experts, and his disposition was reminiscent of a flowing river, unable to be grasped with certainty. “How about this, I will increase the number of treasures I will appraise today from five to ten! You all also know that appraising isn’t an easy task, it drains one’s strength and energy. Ten is already my limit…”

“Master, rest assured! As long as you help me pick out an artifact for me, I am willing to compensate you…” A middle-aged man shouted from the crowd.

“Yeah, we are willing to compensate you!”

“As long as master chooses something out for me, regardless of the cost of the item is, I am willing to pay master the same amount of money!”

There were quite a few people who started yelling in response to his words.

Based on the ‘battle records’ of the master, those who had received his pointers had each earned several folds of the amount they had invested initially. As long as they were able to obtain a true treasure, paying a little bit of money in compensation was nothing in comparison.


Master Mo Yang flung his arm and interrupted the discussions of the crowd. Frowning, he declared with an aura of superiority, “I, Mo Yang, didn’t learn appraisal for money. The reason why I am appraising for you all is not to make a wealth! If I really desired money, there is no need for me to help you all. I just have to appraise an artifact and sell it myself, then won’t I earn a bigger fortune that way?”


The crowd was stumped for words.

His words weren’t wrong. With his eye of discernment, he could just buy those artifacts that he had appraised to become treasures for himself, and he would be able to easily earn a big sum out of it.

“The reason why I promised to appraise for you all is because your warmth has moved me! Money is fleeting to me, similar to the clouds! Money is easy to earn, but friendship is priceless!”

With both his hands behind his back, Master Mo Yang exuded an aura of an unworldly saint that mortals could only look up to. He continued, “The reason why I promised to appraise artifacts for you all is because of our relationship, not for money. If anyone were to continue talking about money, then don’t bother asking me to appraise for you!”

“Master, your words are wise! We were too impertinent!”

“We can never hope to match up the master in terms of morals!”

“I have never conceded to anyone in my entire life. Today, you are the first one I will concede to, master!”

Hearing the words of the master, those who were shouting about paying him previously felt ashamed of themselves.

[Look at how he carries himself, then look at ourselves…

Is there even a basis for comparison?

No wonder he is a master while we are just small fries.]

“However, before I start appraising for you all, I would like to say something. An appraiser can only heighten the possibility of attaining a treasure. I cannot promise you all that you all will get a treasure with 100% probability!”

Master Mo Yang continued.

“Master, we all are aware that treasure speculation brings about risk. Your ability to discern treasure from trash is far superior to us and we trust in you!”

“We believe in master’s judgment!”

“We know the rules, how can one possibly lay their hands on treasures all the time? However, we believe that master would definitely be able to help us profit!”

Everyone started shouting simultaneously.

“Since everyone believes in me, then I will go ahead and embarrass myself. May I know which friend here would like me to choose an artifact for him?” Master Mo Yang surveyed the surrounding.



In an instant, innumerable people raised their hands and leapt about in excitement.

The appeal of an appraiser was clear to see. Every action of theirs could make people go into frenzy.

“Alright, you!”

Master Mo Yang pointed, and a pot-bellied middle-aged man walked out from the crowd, still unable to believe the fact that he had been chosen. “Me… Is it really me?”

“It’s you!” Master Mo Yang nodded his head with a smile on his face, the aura of a master clearly exuding through his actions.

“Thank you, master!”

The middle-aged man leapt in excitement as he stared at the elder before him with a desirous gaze. “Master, may I ask which one of them I should buy?”

“Let me take a look!”

Flinging his sleeves, he walked forward. He calmly gazed upon the numerous artifacts placed on the platform.

The crowd turned silent along with his actions, not daring to speak out loud for fear of distracting him.

Soon, he stopped and placed his palm on one of the artifacts. After feeling the exterior of the artifact gently, he seemed to use some kind of special technique that resulted in the shuddering of his entire body. A moment later, his face paled slightly.

“Alright, you can buy this one. I have just taken a look at it with my special technique and it is worth quite a sum!”

Master Mo Yang turned around and informed the middle-aged man.

“This one?”

The eyes of the middle-aged man lit up and he rushed forward to take a look.

It was a gigantic treasure that had been enveloped by a thick layer of rock, to the point that the entire artifact simply looked like a giant boulder.

This kind of treasure was the hardest to clean. Furthermore, given its massive size, being around the height of a human, it would take at least a day or two to chip the stone off of it carefully.

“Un!” Master Mo Yang nodded his head.

“Since it is a recommendation by the master, I will buy it!” The middle-aged man nodded his head and looked towards the dealer. “How much does it cost?”

“50000 gold coins!” The dealer of the treasure speculation hall stepped forward.

“50000?” The middle-aged man was taken aback.

This wasn’t a small sum. Even despite the great wealth he possessed, it was about the limit of what he can come up with.

Even a popular high-level teacher like Shen Bi Ru only earned around 1000 gold coins every month. She would take several years just to reach 50000.

“Buy it! This is a recommendation by the master. If you don’t want it, I will take it…” Upon seeing his hesitation, someone in the crowd shouted.

“Indeed, the master’s recommendation can’t possibly go wrong. It might cost 50000 now, but if it is worth 1000000 after it has been cleaned up, then you would have landed on a gold mine…”

“The previous few times, the treasures that the master appraised were of smaller scale. This time, he seems to have decided to go all out. You really struck it big this time…”

Quite a few people shouted out.

“Alright, I will buy it!”

After hesitating for a moment, the middle-aged man nodded his head and footed the bill.

“Alright, the second one!”

After the middle-aged man bought the artifact, Master Mo Yang seemed to have also recovered from his exertion and surveyed the surroundings once more.



The rest of the crowd raised their hands hurriedly. Glancing over, Zhang Xuan noticed the vendor from before whom he had helped solve his problem in the crowd. His hand was raised up high and he waved it with an enthusiastic expression, his strong desire to be chosen by the master clear to see.


Master Mo Yang chose another person. This time, it was an elderly who was dressed extravagantly. With just a single look, it is apparent that he owned great wealth.

Similar to the first time, the master walked past the pile of treasures and soon set his sights upon one of it.

“80000 gold coins!”

This treasure was even more expensive than the one from before. However, this elderly didn’t even hesitate and immediately paid the bill.

“This… Isn’t this the Ornamental Vase crafted by a 1-mo craftsman from the Southern Kiln? 80000 gold coins?”

After taking a good look at the treasure Master Mo Yang chose for the elder, Zhang Xuan blinked his eyes in disbelief.

He might be unable to ascertain the value of the other treasures, given that he had yet to take a look at them, but he had already peered into the one Master Mo Yang just chose. It might be big, but only a decorative vase was contained inside. It wasn’t even worth a single gold coin and yet… 80000 gold coins?

“Could he be off the mark…”

Just as puzzlement filled his mind, Zhang Xuan couldn’t help but stare at the righteous-looking face of the master when his mind suddenly jolted and a book appeared in the library.

The words ‘Mo Yang’ was written on it.

“Could he be using a battle technique at the moment?”

Based on the unique properties of the Library of Heaven’s Path, a book could only be compiled when one showcases his battle technique. Could it be that the fellow was using one at the current moment?

Filled with bewilderment, he flipped open the book.

“This… This…”

Taking a look at it, Zhang Xuan’s lip twitched and a bizarre expression appeared on his face.



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