Chapter 68: Paying Respect to Teacher Zhang Xuan
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“Grandfather, I have heard of clan head Wang Hong. He is listed in the potential Zongshi board and he ranks within the top ten most influential figures within the kingdom. His cultivation has already reached Fighter 7-dan pinnacle, just a step off from Zongshi! Why would a person of such standing pay a visit to you?”
Shang Bin’s eyes shine in excitement, although he still finds the situation before him unbelievable.
In Tianxuan Kingdom, those who know of the royal family are aware of the Four Great Clans as well. Clan head Wang Hong, as the strongest individual in the Wang Clan, has already reached Fighter 7-dan pinnacle and his name spreads far and wide. Normally, it is impossible to fawn on such a person even if one intended to. Yet, today, he specially made the journey to pay a visit to his grandfather. If it weren’t for him hearing the news first-hand, it would be hard for him to think of it to be true!
“Haha, it must be Wang Tao!” Elder Shang Chen chuckles.
“Wang Tao shaoye?”
Shaoye -> Young master
“That’s right. Wang Tao is the eldest son of clan head Wang Hong and eventually, he will succeed his position in the Wang clan. Not only did I accept him as my disciple, I even successfully brought his strength up to Fighter 4-dan Pigu realm. Thinking of it now, the clan head might be aware of my efforts to nurture him, thus, he came here specially to express his gratitude!” Elder Shang Chen strokes his beard, indescribable gleefulness can be heard from his words.
“Wang Tao… is his student?”
Listening to their conversation, Zhang Xuan is taken aback.
He is aware that Wang Ying’s brother was accepted as a disciple by an elder. However, never would he have imagined that the elder would be him.
“Yes!” Shen Bi Ru nods her head, although her complexion is still awful. “It would be better for you to expend your energy on thinking of a solution to your problem. Elder Shang Chen is obviously against you, and now, he has the Wang clan behind his back as well. In the future, he will be even more domineering. Even if you were to stay in the academy, you will be in for a difficult time!”
“We’ll talk about it in the future!”
Zhang Xuan doesn’t care about it at all.
Even if the other party were to pick against him, he isn’t someone that can be bullied so easily. At most, he just has to reveal his strength and settle the matter with strength!
After all, with the Library of Heaven’s Path which allows him to see through the flaws of others, it is hard to say which one of them will emerge victorious.
Seeing the fellow behaving so nonchalantly, Shen Bi Ru stomps her feet furiously.
She has been worrying about him, and yet he doesn’t care about it at all. How infuriating!
“Let’s go and welcome them!”
Gleefully, Elder Shang Chen hurriedly leads Shang Bin and the rest to the entrance of the academy.
A personal visit from the clan head of one of the Four Great Clans, it would be worth the effort even if they had to welcome him from outside the academy, needless to say, its entrance.
If he can strike a connection with them, then it is possible that he might even become a candidate for the position of vice-principal for the selection that is going to be held next year!
“Elder Shang!”
Before reaching the entrance, a group of seven to eight people walks over with widened strides. The one leading the group is a middle-aged man. There is an authoritative tone between his brows. It is clear with one look that he has been in an esteemed position for a long time.
The clan head of the Wang clan, Wang Hong!
There are a few elderly following behind him, and every movement of theirs exudes the strength of one that is at minimum Pixue realm. Without guessing, it is clear to see that they are the elders of the Wang clan.
At the very back, there are two youngsters. One of them is Wang Tao while the other one is the grandson of the 2nd Elder, Wang Yan, who was just admitted into the academy this year. It is said that he has been admitted as a student of Lu Xun laoshi. Possessing decent talent, he is favored by him.
“I am flattered by the personal visit of clan head Wang. If there is any matter, you can always just pass a message to me. Coming over like this, I am… very honored!” Elder Shang Chen hurriedly says.
“There is no need to be so formal. To tell the truth, I do have a matter that I require your help on…” Clan head Wang Hong replies with a smile.
“Clan head Wang, feel free to speak!” Elder Shang Chen quickly responds.
If he is able to do him a favor, then surely he would be able to successfully climb on the massive tree known as the Wang clan…
“I’m sure Elder Shang has already heard of my youngest daughter, Wang Ying. I’ve heard that she had acknowledged a teacher named Zhang Xuan…” Clan head Wang Hong speaks slowly.
“Zhang Xuan? Is clan head Wang here to find trouble with him?”
Shang Bin’s eyes twinkle. He almost leaps from the overwhelming elation upon hearing those words.
Previously, he saw Wang Tao shaoye outside Zhang Xuan’s classroom, and he knows that Wang Ying was deceived into becoming Zhang Xuan’s student. It is within his expectations that the Wang clan would not allow such a thing to happen. However, not even in his dreams would he have expected that the other party would make a move so swiftly, even having their clan head to come in person to settle the issue!
Clenching his fists tightly, Shang Bin roars frenziedly in laughter in his mind.
So what if you have won the Enlightenment Will Trial? This is the Wang clan, one of the Four Great Clans of Tianxuan Royal City! Not mentioning how you are the worst teacher of the entire academy, even if a reputable teacher like Wang Chao were to offend them, he will also be in for a ride of misfortune!
Given that Shang Bin is able to think of such a possibility, naturally, Cao Xiong also arrives at the same conclusion. His entire body trembles intensely in excitement, as though he is afflicted with epilepsy.
“Shut up! This isn’t the place for you to speak!” Hearing his grandson interrupt clan head Wang’s words, Elder Shang Chen quickly chastises him.
Even though he is the head of the Education Bureau, he has too much work that requires his attention. All he knows is that Zhang Xuan has recruited five students, but as for who the five are, he is completely oblivious to it.
As such, he didn’t know that Wang Ying is also his student.
“Don’t worry about…” Clan head Wang Hong waves his hand to show that he isn’t bothered by Shang Bin’s interruption. However, halfway through his words, Wang Tao steps forward and shouts, “Father!”
“What’s wrong?” Clan head Wang Hong frowns.
“That person there is Zhang Xuan laoshi!”
Wang Tao points.
Upon walking into the hall of the Enlightenment Will Tower, he spots and recognizes Zhang Xuan.
“He is Zhang laoshi?”
Looking over, clan head Wang Hong’s eyebrows shoot up.
“That’s right, this person over here is our academy’s Zhang Xuan!”
He never thought that Zhang laoshi would be so daring to even deceive Wang Ying. A gleam flashes across Elder Shang Chen’s eyes as he introduces him with a smile.
“Hehe! This time, he is in for a tough time. Clan head Wang is decisive when it comes to killing others. He isn’t as law-abiding as us teachers…”
“He deserves it, to dare to even deceive the precious daughter of clan head Wang. Aren’t his guts a little much too inflated…”
Seeing clan head Wang Hong turning his attention to Zhang Xuan the moment he walks into the hall, Shang Bin and Cao Xiong laugh heartily in their hearts at his misfortune.
Which of those who managed to become a clan head of the Four Great Clans aren’t vicious?
As the academy’s worst teacher, he is courting death for trying to coax the daughter of such a person!
Just when the two thought that Zhang Xuan is doomed this time, an incredulous spectacle suddenly unfolds before them.
They only see clan head Wang Hong taking two step forward to stand before Zhang Xuan. He isn’t as angry as they expected him to be, neither does he assault him as they expected him to. Rather… with an excited expression, he bows deeply and carefully, “Wang Hong pays his respect to Zhang Xuan laoshi!”
His attitude makes it feels as though he is paying respect to some great leader, fearful that his abrupt appearance and words will incur the displeasure of the other party.
“The heck!”
“Surely my eyes are mistaken! This… How can this be?”
Shang Bin and Cao Xiong spasm simultaneously, and the both of them almost lose consciousness on the spot.
What is going on?
This isn’t how the script should go. Shouldn’t clan head Wang Hong roar at Zhang Xuan upon catching sight of him, then pummel him while he’s at it?
Why did he suddenly bow, and even ‘pay respect’…
It might just be a formality, but not even his own grandfather, Elder Shang Chen, has the privilege of being greeted like this just now…
What rights does a fellow with a score of zero in the Teacher Qualification Examination have to be entitled to such a greeting?
“Calm down, clan head Wang Hong. Being angry hurts one’s liver. The worst teacher in the academy isn’t worthy of your wrath… Un? Cough cough…”
Initially, Elder Shang Chen had wanted to play the role of a good person so as to pretend to persuade him otherwise. However, halfway through his words, he sees that sight unfolding before him. In this instant, he feels as though he has eaten a dead rat. His smile freezes on his face and he almost chokes to death on his saliva.
Didn’t you say that Zhang Xuan deceived Wang Ying to become his student?
Didn’t you say that clan head Wang Hong is here to find trouble with him?
Can someone tell me, what the heck is going on here?



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