Chapter 71: The Arrogant Young Bai Wangye
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“Bai Xun xiao wang ye?”
Xiao -> Young
Everyone in the room is taken aback.
This Bai Xun may be young, but he is a martial arts genius. At just seventeen years old, he has already reached Fighter 5-dan pinnacle, causing his name to spread far and wide in the entire Tianxuan City.
Emperor Shen Zhui once commented that it is very possible for him to become the youngest Pixue realm expert in the kingdom.
Zhennan Wang is preoccupied with guarding the southern borders and thus, he doesn’t reside in the capital. As a result, this young wangye doesn’t attend classes at Hongtian Academy. However, due to his outstanding results, he managed to be admitted into the even more incredible Beiwu Academy!
Beiwu Academy is a school with a 1-star Master Teacher in it!
All those who are able to pass the examination to join its ranks are all famous geniuses.
These few days, Zhennan Wang returned to Tianxuan City to report on his duty. As such, Bai Xun followed him to the capital as well. Just that… What is he doing here, looking for Zhang Xuan laoshi…
One is the worst teacher in the academy while the other one is a supreme genius, son of an influential and powerful official… There is no way to compare the two at all!
Is it possible for the two of them to know each other? But their social positions are way too different!
“Hurry, invite him in!”
Elder Shang Chen may not know what is going on, but he dares not to be discourteous to him. As such, he quickly gestures for the teacher on duty to escort him in.
After a moment, a white-clothed young man walks in with large strides. There are a few retainers following behind him. They are all equipped with metal armor and their eyes are cold.
The young man may not be advanced in age, but he exudes a powerful aura. The might of his entire body radiates as though the sun, exerting an intense pressure upon others.
Despite being Fighter 5-dan pinnacle experts as well, just by the aura itself, it is clear that he is much stronger than Shang Bin and Shen Bi Ru.
“Paying respect to xiao wangye…”
Shang Chen, clan head Wang Hong and the others stand up from their seats at the same moment.
The Wang clan may be titled as one of the Four Great Clans, but compared to the powerful official who is tasked with the duty of guarding the kingdom’s south, they are still lacking.
Regardless of when and where, those who are in command of military might are always the ones who have the loudest words.
“Ah! Master Zhang, you are here indeed…”
Casually waving them away, he ignores the respectful Shang Chen and the others and scans the surroundings. He suddenly catches sight of a familiar figure and excitedly rushes forward to Zhang Xuan.
“Why are you here?”
Zhang Xuan frowns.
Master Lu Chen has asked you to learn from me, but… You don’t have to be so obedient to really come knocking!
“My dad will be leaving after he is done reporting on his duty, so I can’t remain in the capital for long. Thus, I have to make use of every second to learn from master so that I can pass the test!” Bai Xun explains.
“How did Bai Xun xiao wangye get acquainted with him? Furthermore, they seem to have a close relationship? Isn’t his title a teacher? Why did he call him a master instead?”
Upon seeing that Bai Xun is indeed here to seek Zhang Xuan and that the both of them seem to be in a close relationship, everyone is dumbfounded once more.
What is going on?
They actually know each other…
Isn’t Zhang Xuan a teacher?
Master… What does this title mean?
Furthermore… Zhang Xuan, what’s with your attitude? Didn’t you see that even Elder Shang and clan head Wang bow upon seeing the young wangye? Not only did you not bow, you even frowned. Frown your head… Who gave you such guts?
“Audacious!” Elder Shang Chen can’t hold it in anymore. He walks forward with an intimidating aura, “Zhang Xuan, how can you speak to the young wangye like this? Hurry up, bow and pay your respects to him! To think that you would be oblivious to basic etiquette despite being a teacher. Such a lack of propriety, you are truly a disgrace!”
After which, with a face full of smiles, he turns to Bai Xun, “Bai xiao wangye, don’t get angry. This Zhang Xuan possesses weak strength, not to mention that he is clumsy and ignorant of etiquette…”
Before he can finish his words, he sees Bai xiao wangye‘s eyebrows knit tightly together. A frosty aura appears in his eyes and he seems as though a lion whose hair is standing on ends, ready to strike.
“Who the heck are you? Scram to the side! Going by seniority, Master Zhang Xuan belongs to my grandfather’s generation, yet you dare to speak of such words! Are you trying to court death?”
Everyone falls to the floor once more.
What the heck is with this method of addressing?
Bai xiao wangye‘s father is Zhennan Wang, who is a peer of Emperor Shen Zhui… Yet, you say that his seniority is equal to that of your grandfather. Doesn’t that mean that he is of even higher standing than Emperor Shen Zhui?
Elder Shang Chen, who was incomparably arrogant a moment ago, trembles uncontrollably, nearly passing out from shock.
What the heck is going on?
What in the world happened…
Especially for Shang Bin and Cao Xiong, the both of them feel as though they are going psychotic. Grabbing bunch after bunch of their hair out, their eyes seem as though they are about to leave their sockets at any moment now.
Even Elder Mo, who has been watching the situation with composure all along, feels an ache on his chin. Unknowingly, he has torn his beard out.
“That’s right! Grandpa Zhang is a master painter of an era, and his prowess is incredible to the point that even three of me are incapable of matching up to him. Yet, you dare to say that he is audacious and weak? The heck, you must be tired of living! Or perhaps, you are trying to look for a sparring partner? Bai Yang!”
Bai Xun gestures his subordinate forward.
“Your humble subordinate is here!” Immediately, a middle-aged man steps forward from his back.
“Slap him!” Bai Xun commands.
The middle-aged man wasn’t conspicuous in any way when he walked in. However, at this moment, when he lifts his eyelids, a bloodthirsty aura gushes out instantaneously, as though a demon that stepped over a million corpses to climb out of hell.
He might be the same cultivation realm as Elder Shang Chen, the both of them being of Pixue realm, but his aura is much stronger compared to the latter.
“Supreme soldier!”
The hearts of the crowd skip a beat.
Such bloodthirsty aura can only be tempered from countless life and death situations. Soldiers possessing such an aura are termed as supreme soldiers. Every single one of them possesses unwavering will and incredible prowess, capable of dueling with those who are of higher cultivation realm than them.
After leaving everyone flabbergasted by his bloodthirsty aura, the middle-aged man, Bai Yang, dashes forward. In an instant, he appears before Elder Shang Chen and sends a slap to him.
A crisp sound echo throughout the hall. Before Elder Shang Chen can even react, he rotates like a top, turning a complete round before falling to the ground. Fresh blood spurts out of his mouth and a dozen of his teeth can be found in a puddle of blood.
Steadying his figure, Elder Shang Chen is on the verge of erupting.
As an elder of Hongtian Academy, a Pixue realm expert, to think he would be slapped publicly…
However… He can’t do anything about it despite being so angry! After all, the other party is the sole son of Zhennan Wang, Bai xiao wangye. If he really dares to do anything to him, Zhennan Wang will probably come killing in and flip the entire academy upside down!
It is not like he has never done such a thing before.
Back then, a person who had backing comparable to the Wang clan went looking for trouble with Bai xiao wangye and wounded him. This infuriated Zhennan Wang and he led his army into their residence and purged their entire household. In the end, not only did Emperor Shen Zhui not chastise him over the incident, he even conferred his son the title of xiao wangye to appease him.
Otherwise, even though he is the sole successor to the family, he doesn’t have the qualifications of being called xiao wangye.
“This is all Zhang Xuan’s fault…” The more he thinks about it, the angrier he gets. He can only direct the rage he dares not vent on Bai Xun towards Zhang Xuan.
If not for this fellow, how could he possibly be embarrassed like this today?
“Why, are you unhappy with my actions?”
Seeing his awful complexion, Bai Xun raises his eyebrows and asks haughtily.
“I dare not to!” Elder Shang Chen’s heart is bleeding, but he still squeezes out these words through gritted teeth.
“It is best if you dare not to. Let me tell you the truth, I am actually saving you. If my Grandpa Zhang were to make a move personally and if he were to fail to control his strength properly, you would be dead by now!” Upon this, Bai Xun recalls the spar he had that night and his body shudders subconsciously.
What he speaks of is true. This Master Zhang, just by his physical body itself, has a strength of more than 40 ding. What’s worse is that he is unable to control his strength. He might not feel anything when he sends a slap over, but you will be gone by then…



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