"I knew you would react like this!"

Knowing that his three techniques would either be as it is or inverted, Zhu Hong was well-prepared in reacting to both scenarios instantaneously.

As the one who was the fourth in the academy's entrance examination, he had undergone all kinds of major and minor battles. He might have let his guard down toward such a superficial technique, which allowed the enemy to get the better of him. However, now that he was guarded, how could the same trick possibly work again?

Sneering coldly in his mind, he deflected Zheng Yang's finger stab with his right hand, thwarting the enemy's attempt to strike his mingmen. Just at the moment he was about to counterattack, he noticed that Zheng Yang's attack below was actually a feint, and another fist was already right before him, aiming straight at his face.


Before he could even react, he was struck squarely by it.

"The heck, how can you be so despicable..."

Retreating two steps consecutively, Zhu Hong's tears flowed down his face.

Zheng Yang's fist was much more formidable than Yuan Tao's. With a single fist, Zhu Hong was already on the verge of fainting.

"Despicable? There is no such thing as despicable in the middle of a battle!"

Zheng Yang couldn't be bothered to continue speaking with him. After getting him with that single blow, he continued pushing ahead. As the finger on his left hand continued to jab at Zhu Hong's mingmen, his other fist kept smashing down on the other party's face.

The two different attacks came straight onto Zhu Hong consecutively. There was no hesitation behind the attacks, not even the slightest pang of conscience.


Every time Zhu Hong decided to block, he realized that one of them was a feint. After a few went past his guard, his face had swelled up even further and his vision went blurry. He felt so frustrated and at the same time, stifled that he was on the verge of puking blood.

[Too shameless!

Even if you all know where my mingmen is, there should be no need for you all to constantly assault it, right? It is just like continuously checking a king in chess, is there a point to it? Where's your sportsmanship?

My face is already swollen to such an extent, and yet you still smash on it mercilessly...

Didn't you speak about playing fairly in the duel?

Where is the fairness?

Where is the justice?

You still dared to say not to go overboard... Not to wound the camaraderie among fellow students...

Where the hell is your boundary of going overboard…]


Knowing that he might die if he continued on like this, Zhu Hong could only suppress the pain he felt in his heart and hurriedly withdrew from the fight, "I admit defeat..."

There was no other choice for him than to admit defeat. The other party knew where his mingmen was, and the crux of it all was that his opponent had no decency at all. Attacking his weak point over and over again, how could he possibly cope with it?

If he wasn't injured, he could have escaped his attacks by utilizing his movement techniques and seeking for another opportunity to counterattack. However, given how he could barely squint through the slits of his swollen eyes, if this were to go on, he might very well die here.

"It is good that you admitted defeat. Zhao Ya, it's your turn..." Zhang Xuan said.

"Please enlighten me!" Zhao Ya walked over. Without even giving the other party time to react, she immediately attacked him frenziedly.

Her attack routine was no different from Zheng Yang's, striking either at Zhu Hong's mingmen or his face.



Zhu Hong cried.

"Alright, Wang Ying, give it a try as well!"

After admitting defeat once more, even before he had the time to speak, Wang Ying walked over.

After which, Liu Yang...

Very quickly, each of Zhang laoshi's five students had pummeled him once. At this time, Zhu Hong's eyes were truly narrowed to only that of a slit, making him not much different from a blind person.

"Alright, hurry up and pay up. 1000 for each of us here, and taking into account the cost of the door as well, a total of 10000!"

Yuan Tao walked forward.

"10000? There are only five of you here, how can it possibly add up to 10000?" Zhu Hong was about to go insane.

"Our door costs 5000!" Yuan Tao declared.

"5000?" Zhu Hong's tears streamed freely down his face.

[A hundred gold coins can probably be exchanged for five of these broken doors, and yet you are claiming 5000 gold coins from me as reparation fee? Even scammers don't scam others like that!]

"It's fine if you don't want to pay. Zhang laoshi, the few of us would still like to spar with this expert who was placed fourth in the entrance examination, I hope that teacher can grant our request!" Zheng Yang said.

"Alright, but you mustn't go overboard when sparring among fellow students!" Zhang Xuan nodded his head seriously.

"Mustn't go overboard? Forget it... There's no need for it, I will pay for it, is that enough?"

Hearing Zhang laoshi replying with the words he said a moment ago, the edges of Zhu Hong's mouth twitched. How could he possibly dare to retort at a time like this? He quickly retrieved 10000 dollar notes over.

He could feel his heart bleeding as he watched the other party take the notes from his hands.


He might be from a wealthy family, but 10000 gold coins were around what he had saved throughout these years. For him to lose all of his fortunes here because of this war letter...

As though afraid that he might be pummeled to death, Zhu Hong swiftly escaped after paying the sum.

A moment ago, he charged in here arrogantly, acting as though he was superior to everyone else. Yet, never would he have expected that he would be beaten to such a state.


The moment Zhu Hong left, Zheng Yang, Yuan Yao and the others stared at their Zhang laoshi, who was sitting at the center of the room, with eyes filled with reverence!

The main reason why they were able to defeat Zhu Hong was thanks to the three movements that he had imparted them.

To allow them to defeat a stronger adversary with just a few casual pointers, it was as though he knew what kinds of battle techniques the other party would use. How did he manage to achieve such an incredible feat?


"Lu laoshi, do you think that Zhang Xuan will accept your challenge?"

Elder Hong Hao chuckled as he stroked his beard.

[Now that Lu Xun laoshi has made a move, Zhang Xuan is surely in for a ride of misfortune. It is just a matter of time before his students are taken over, leaving him without a student under his tutelage once more.]

"It doesn't matter whether he accepts it or not. If I don't show him the consequences of stealing my students, how can I, Lu Xun, uphold my dignity in Hongtian Academy?" Lu Xun laoshi harrumphed coldly.

"That's right!" Elder Hong Hao nodded his head. Just as he was about to continue speaking, he saw a fellow with a completely swollen face, similar to that of a pig, walking in.

"Lu laoshi, please redress my grievances..."

The moment the person walked in, he started to bawl.

"You are..."

Lu Xun was a little startled by the unfamiliar visitor.

"I am Zhu Hong..." The visitor took another 10000 points of damage.

"Zhu Hong? Didn't I just send you to deliver the war letter? How did you land yourself in such a state?"

Hearing the other party identifying himself, Lu Xun took a closer glance and found certain traces of Zhu Hong on the other party's face. Surprised, he couldn't help but ask.

[How did you get into such a state just by sending a war letter?]

"I was beaten up..."

Zhu Hong's tears gushed down from his eyes.

"Zhang Xuan actually paid no regards to his identity as a teacher and attacked you?" Lu Xun's face suddenly darkened. He abruptly stood up and a powerful aura burst forth within the classroom.

He had already opened dozens of acupoints and was a true-blue Pixue realm expert.

No wonder he was a star teacher, his strength was already befitting for the position of an elder within the academy.

Zhu Hong was the fourth strongest student among the freshmen, as assessed during the entrance examination. Even though this ranking system wasn't completely indicative his fighting prowess, it still reflected his exceptional ability among the freshmen.

There were no veteran students under Zhang Xuan's tutelage. The only one who could have possibly left him in such a state was Zhang laoshi himself!

"It's... the students under his tutelage... Zhang laoshi... didn't have a move!"

Zhu Hong's face blushed crimson in embarrassment.

"Student? You mean Zhao Ya, Zheng Yang and the rest?" Since Lu Xun had already challenged the other party, he sent some students out to look into the students under Zhang Xuan and realized that the students under him in this semester were, surprisingly, not that bad. "They ganged up together against you? That isn't right. Their placings in the entrance examinations weren't too bad, but I have already guided you in your training personally. Your cultivation is just a step from breaking through into the next realm. Even if they were to gang up on you, they shouldn't be a match for you!"

The strength of Zhao Ya and the others weren't too bad, but this Zhu Hong was significantly stronger than them. These two days, Lu Xun had spent quite a bit of effort on him as well. In terms of individual fighting ability, there shouldn't be anyone beneath Fighter 2-dan who should be a match for him. Even if the few of them were to gang up against him, Zhu Hong should still be more than a match for them!

How did he get beaten up to such a state in a short moment's time?



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