Chapter 92: Just Give Up!
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"Describe the different classification of Green Leafed Grass and the unique traits of Gray Earth Flower..."

"How many medicinal herbs can the Swineheart Leaf be complemented with..."


Questions filled the examination papers densely. Just like the receptionist Wen Xue said, they were all related to medicinal herbs.


Upon seeing these questions, Zhang Xuan's mind jolted. Different books came flying over from the shelves and stopped right before him before flipping open.

"The Green Leafed Grasses have different stems and can be classified as purple stems, yellow stems and black stems. The unique traits of the Gray Earth Flower are..."

As he looked at the contents of the books in his mind, Zhang Xuan's hands moved quickly as he swiftly answered those questions.

He was used to using mechanical pens in his previous life and as such, brush was a difficult tool for him to use. However, as his previous self had specially learned how to use it before, his handwriting was still legible.


As he was filling in the blanks and reading through the questions too quickly, the sound of pages flipping echoed through the air.

Other people depended solely on their memories to answer questions and as such, they had to struggle hard to jot the respective knowledge in their minds. On the other hand, with the Library of Heaven's Path in his hands, he was able to obtain the answer to the questions instantaneously without even thinking. It was no different from copying from the answer key. The speed he was going through his paper at left others with gaping mouths.


Upon scanning the surroundings to see how the examinees were faring in the examination, Ouyang Cheng caught sight of Zhang Xuan and frowned. His face darkened.

"Looks like it is another scion trying his luck!"

In every apprentice apothecary examination, there were quite a few people who joined the examination to try their luck despite knowing that it was impossible for them to pass. These people tended to be from wealthy families and cared not for the two thousand gold coins entrance fee. They just hoped to analyze the type of questions so that they could memorize contents specifically against those questions.

Ouyang Cheng despised such people.

[These people hope to make it big without putting in effort.

How can one possibly become an apprentice apothecary without memorizing the hundred thousand types of medicinal herbs, relying on sheer luck instead?]

"Hmph, the type of questions and the question itself changes in every single examination, there hasn't ever been a reused question before, so it doesn't matter how many times you come. Looks like it is about time to clamp down on those who are coming for the examination with this kind of mindset. Otherwise, if they were to come for the examinations every time just because they have the money to do so, we will become the laughingstock of the other occupations!"

Flinging his sleeve, he harrumphed in his mind.

Although it was impossible to test the unique properties and traits of the hundred thousand medicinal herbs in the test paper, the questions in the paper were varied and the scope was wide. If one didn't have a deep understanding of medicinal herbs and their properties, it was impossible to score 90% and above.

Given Zhang Xuan's young age and his random flipping and answering of the question without contemplating deeply into them, he was immediately labeled as an opportunistic and indolent scion.

The greatest taboo of an apothecary was to pretend to be knowledgeable despite being ignorant. If one were to be negligent and make an error, even if it was just a seemingly slight one, it could cause person's death!

That was precisely the reason why the examinee’s personality, attitude and meticulousness were being assessed on top of the three rounds of tests of the apprentice apothecary examination. A fellow like the one before him who flipped through the papers and filled them in casually without reading the question properly was surely one who has an attitude problem.

Without even marking the papers, he had already given Zhang Xuan a failing grade in the depths of his heart.

This wasn't because he was being too assuming.

[Have you ever seen a person who answers a question without even reading through it properly? Have you ever seen a person whose brush goes flying about the paper without even requiring to muse over the problem?

An answer without contemplation is surely nonsense!

No one else would have the confidence to have answered all the questions accurately.]

In less than an hour, Zhang Xuan had finished filling in the several dozens of paper.


Sighing a breath of relief, Zhang Xuan looked through the paper once more and upon confirming that there was no problem in it, he submitted it.

"Submitting the paper? So quickly?"

"Perhaps, he knows that it is impossible to pass, so he decided to simply give up!"

"Sigh, to tell the truth, the examination is too difficult. It is normal to give up..."

"Giving up the examination is nothing much, but the problem is that the examiner is Senior Ouyang. I think this lad is in for a ride of misfortune..."


Upon seeing Zhang Xuan handing the papers over, a commotion broke out among the examinees.

For a two-hour paper to be submitted in less than an hour, this was something unprecedented in the apprentice apothecary examination.

Everyone thought that it wasn't that he was finished with the paper, but rather, he was incapable of answering it and did not have the confidence to continue on with it.

"When will be next round of examinations begin?"

Ignoring the commotion of the crowd behind him, Zhang Xuan passed the papers over to Ouyang Cheng and asked.

Time would be required in the marking of the papers after the papers were collected. If he knew what time the next examination would be held, he could wait at the predetermined location beforehand.

It was one thing if he didn't ask, but upon hearing these words, Ouyang Cheng felt rage flurrying within him, threatening to burst from his body.

[Given how ignorant you are, filling in everything so arbitrarily, even if there is a next round of examinations, it should have nothing to do with you!

Only those who pass the first round of the apprentice apothecary examination can carry on into the second round. Given your standards, you still dare to inquire about the next round of examinations...

Are you daydreaming?]

However, no matter what, he was a formal apothecary. Even though he was angry, he wouldn't stoop down to the level of venting his anger on a small figure who had yet to even reach the level of an apprentice. Gesturing outwards, he said, "Wait outside. If you were notified, it would mean that you have passed the examination. If not, you can return home!"


Zhang Xuan nodded his head and walked out of the room.


After his departure, Ouyang Cheng crushed his paper into a ball and threw it into the corner.

There was no need to read the papers of such people, it would just add to his wrath.


Zhang Xuan walked out of the room.

Possessing the Library of Heaven's Path, those questions in the exam that tested one's knowledge could not be any easier for him.

"You have submitted your papers? Isn't the test a two-hour one? Why are you out in a single hour?"

Upon seeing him walk out of the examination hall, the middle-aged man Uncle Li was astonished.

The number of questions in the apprentice apothecary examination was massive. He could only barely finish the papers every time within the allocated time for two hours. In fact, he didn't even manage to read a few questions, resulting in inaccurate answers and his failure in the examinations. Wasn't it too fast for him to walk out in just a single hour?

"Do you even have to ask about it? He must have found the paper too difficult and gave up on it!"

Wen Xue scoffed.

[Aren't you good at acting?

Despite not knowing anything at all, you insisted on wanting to take the apprentice apothecary examination. You should know how tough the exam is now!]


Despite hearing her contemptuous words, Zhang Xuan couldn't be bothered to explain.

Besides, even if he were to explain, the other party wouldn't believe it. Rather than wasting his effort to explain it to them, he might as well wait for the results. By then, everything would be clear.

"Why? Conscience-stricken? If you don't have the capabilities, you shouldn't be feigning so. See, now you can't continue on with the act any longer!"

In Wen Xue eyes, that expression on Zhang Xuan's face was one who is embarrassed.

"If there is something wrong with your head, you should hurry and get it checked out instead of nagging here." Zhang Xuan was a little speechless. From the moment they met, this woman seemed to be all out against him, as though he had done something unbecoming to her.

[She must really be sick!]

No matter how hard Zhang Xuan tried to jog his memory, his previous self didn't seem to be acquainted with her either?

Since they were unacquainted, why was she looking for trouble with him?

Zhang Xuan was stumped.


Initially, she thought that this fellow would find the nearest hole to hide out of shame upon being exposed. Yet, this fellow still brazenly dared to say that there was something wrong with her head!

[You are the one who is sick! Your entire body is full of sickness!]

Wen Xue's breathing quickened due to her anger. Her proud chests undulated up and down and she looked as though she was on the verge of erupting.

"Oh, I know!"

A thought flashed through Zhang Xuan's mind. He finally understood why the other party kept provoking him. With a bemoaning look in his eyes, he shook his head and with a sincere voice, he said.

"Your provocations won't attract my attention and win my fancy! Such thinking is childish. Let me tell you straight on, this will only incur my ire!"

At this point, he sighed. "I only like gentle and elegant ladies. It is impossible for me to like you, so just give up!"



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