Chapter 96: I Will Give It a Try
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"It's Dragon Scale Grass. We have made a mistake!"

After a long moment, Ouyang Cheng said with a bitter smile on his face.

As a famous apothecary in Tianxuan Kingdom, he had been the one to teach others all along. He didn't expect to be the one taught today!

"Since it is Dragon Scale Grass, you are the only one who passed the second round, Medicinal Herb Discernment Time Trial. As long as your cultivation realm is Zhenqi realm pinnacle and above, you are officially an apprentice apothecary!"

Upon hearing these words, Sun Tao was on the verge of bursting into tears.

He was probably one of the most tragic candidates ever. His qualification as an apprentice apothecary was canceled in less than ten minutes after its announcement, and it was passed on to someone else...

[Does reality have to be so damned? Does reality have to slap on my face so forcefully?]

However, even though he still felt discontented with the final verdict, having witnessed Zhang Xuan's fearsome memorization ability, he could only swallow his tears back in.

To take the examination with this kind of freak, he had to concede to him even if he didn't want to!

"Later, when the examination ends, I will look for a secluded location and find an opportunity to beat him up. After all, I am nearing thirty, ten years older than the other party. My cultivation realm should be higher than his. Fighter 4-dan Pigu realm pinnacle, it should be more than enough to teach him a lesson!"

As such a vile thought appeared in his mind, he immediately heard the voice of the other party.

"My current cultivation realm is Fighter 5-dan Dingli realm pinnacle!" After which, Zhang Xuan revealed his level of cultivation.

Guang dang!

Sun Tao fell to the floor.

[Do you need to be so terrifying? Not only is your memory so frightening, your fighting prowess just has to be the same as well. To think that I wanted to teach you a lesson, it is lucky that you revealed your cultivation realm now. Otherwise, I would surely be reduced to the state of a snake melon…]

"Alright, alright! Congratulations on joining the ranks of apprentice apothecaries!"

Seeing that his cultivation realm fitted the regulations as well, Ouyang Cheng went straight to the point and drew out an emblem from his embrace. "This is the emblem of an apprentice apothecary. With this, you can enter the guild's basic tier book collection vault freely. You will also enjoy special privileges and priority when purchasing pills from the guild!"

The Apothecary Guild usually sold pills to the outsiders at an exorbitant price. On the other hand, those among their ranks would receive a huge discount when purchasing pills.

Even though he was just an apprentice apothecary, he could be considered as a member of the guild.


Zhang Xuan grabbed the emblem from Ouyang Cheng's hands joyfully.

The reason why he exerted so much effort to gain the identity of an apprentice was so that he could enter the book collection vault. Finally, he had achieved his aim.

"Also, upon becoming an apprentice, you can choose to follow an apothecary so as to better come into contact with pills and study them. Given your talent, I believe that you will be able to become a true Apothecary in a few years time!"

Ouyang Cheng stared expectantly at Zhang Xuan as he said these words.

It was very clear that he hoped to admit Zhang Xuan as his apprentice.

This young man had astounding memorization ability, not to mention his incredible talents. As long as he was guided carefully, he should be able to achieve high heights soon. Having such an apprentice would help boost his fame.

Du Man, who was standing by the side, had the same intentions as well and he stared at him with glowing eyes.

Looking at the gazes of the two, Zhang Xuan shook his head and replied, "I'm sorry, but I do not have any intention of becoming the apprentice of any apothecary for the time being!"

No matter what, he was a teacher of Hongtian Academy, as well as a transcender. How could he become an errand runner and apprentice of someone else?

It would be a joke if he were to!

After becoming an apprentice, one had the choice to choose whether he wanted to come under an apothecary or not.

"Looks like I was too anxious. You have just become an apprentice, so there's no need to think too much into it. You can make a choice after contemplating over the matter properly!"

Upon Zhang Xuan's rejection, Ouyang Cheng realized that he was a little too hasty and he flashed an embarrassed smile.

"Indeed, you should consider it carefully. It is easier to learn under an apothecary, and you would be able to become a true apothecary faster through so!" Du Man nodded his head in agreement.


Knowing the intentions of the other party, Zhang Xuan nodded his head in response. Suddenly, he recalled something and asked, "Is there any pills in our Apothecary Guild that can awaken special constitutions?"

He had asked a receptionist previously and she didn't seem to know. However, these two over here were true apothecaries of the guild, people of respectable standing. They should at least know a little more than her.

"Pills that awaken unique constitutions?"

Ouyang Cheng and Du Man stared at one another for a moment before the former replied, "There is, but different constitutions require different pills to awaken. If one were to erroneously consume a wrong pill, not only will be constitution not be awakened, it might even result be severe side effects!"

Having browsed through related books, Zhang Xuan understood this fact and continued, "Then... Are there any books relating to unique constitutions and the pills required to awaken them? Can you allow me to take a look at them?"

Yuan Tao possessed the Emperor Bloodline, and before his unique constitution awakened, it was safer for him for fewer people to know of it.

These two apothecaries seemed kind on the surface, but a human's heart was unfathomable. It was hard to say whether revealing the fact to them would bring about a series of trouble.

Thus, it was best for fewer people to know of his Emperor Bloodline. Therefore, he phrased it as a unique constitution and did not reveal any other details about the matter. At most, they would only surmise that he was the one consuming the pill.

"There are quite a books on them, but they are all in the advanced tier book collection vault. According to the rules, only certified apothecaries are allowed to enter and look through them. Not even I have the qualifications to loan them to you!"

Ouyang Cheng shook his head.

"What he said is true. Pills and unique constitutions are something that only qualified apothecaries will research. As such, it is placed in the advanced tier book collection vault. If you really want to take a look at it, you should choose to become the apprentice of one of us. With your talent, you should be able to attempt the examination for a 1-star apothecary within a year's time. Once you succeed, is there still anything that isn't for your browsing?"

Apothecary Du Man made use of this opportunity to help him analyze the situation. "Furthermore, a true apothecary is granted with generous privileges in all Apothecary Guild. Regardless of whether it is the purchasing of pills or scavenging for herbs, your needs will be prioritized over outsiders... You should consider it carefully. It will be slower if you try to fumble your way through to become an apothecary. Even with your superior talent, it is hard for you to succeed even in a few years time!"

"They cannot be loaned?"

Bitterness cloaked Zhang Xuan's face.

Didn't this mean that his hard work has been in vain?

He had wasted quite a bit of time and effort to pass the examination to become an apprentice apothecary.

If Sun Tao, Wen Xue, Uncle Li and the rest were to know his thoughts, blood would definitely spurt forth from their mouth.

[We spend a minimum of six to seven years memorizing the content in those books, and we haven't even passed the examinations yet. All in all, you have only spent four hours... Do you know that four hours ago, you don't even know what an apprentice apothecary is...

You call this hard work?

You dare to call this hard work? Then what is ours called?]

"Indeed. If you wish to look at the books of the advanced tier book collection vault, you have to become an apothecary. This is a rule by the headquarters. If you truly wish to find out how you can utilize pills to awaken unique constitutions, you should first think of a way how you can become an official apothecary!"

Ouyang Cheng said.

In his opinion, the only way one could become an apothecary quickly was to learn behind a true apothecary. He was the best apothecary in the entire Tianxuan Kingdom, who else could Zhang Xuan choose if not him?

Just when he was about to offer an apprenticeship to Zhang Xuan, he heard the other party speaking up.

"Since... only an apothecary can read books from the advanced tier book collection vault, then... how does the examination an apothecary work?" Zhang Xuan pondered for a moment. "Let me give it a try!"

"Un, that decision is a wise one. As long as you follow me, I will expend all my effort in grooming you... What?"

Halfway through his words, Ouyang Cheng realized what Zhang Xuan had just said. His voice choked in his throat and his eyes, which were fixated on the young man before him, widened as though they were about to pop out from their sockets. "What... What did you just say?"



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