Chapter 102: To the Top of the World
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"Hu! It's finally done!"

Zhang Xuan had been flipping through the books since afternoon, and it was already around ten at night. Finally done with his work, Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief.

There were all kinds of books on in the basic tier book collection vault, and they were all regarding pill forging. Even though his cultivation realm had risen by leaps and bounds recently, flipping through that huge collection of books still caused him fatigue.

After flipping through all of the books, he confirmed that there were no books regarding unique constitutions in this book collection vault.

Naturally, he was unable to find an answer to his question.

That was to say, he had to become an apothecary to look through the advanced tier book collection vault to achieve his goals.

"This knowledge should be enough for the apothecary examination!"

Even though the Apothecary Guild in Tianxuan Kingdom was only a small branch, it had the powerful headquarters backing it. As such, even if the country were to fall, the guild would not. After a duration of several centuries, perhaps even a millennium, even a basic tier book collection vault would contain a vast amount of knowledge in it.

Even a true apothecary couldn't possibly finish all of the books and assimilate all knowledge in them for his own.

However, Zhang Xuan was able to do so.

With this much knowledge, if he were to claim to be the second most knowledgeable person in pill forging in Tianxuan Kingdom, no one would dare to claim themselves to be the first.

Of course, this was all just theory. If he were to really try it, putting aside pill forging, he might even have difficulty starting the fire.

"I should go and grab a bite!"

Fondling his protesting stomach, Zhang Xuan stretched his back and walked out of the book collection vault with widened strides.

Right after eating breakfast, he went to lessons, underwent the Enlightenment Will Trial and took the apprentice apothecary examination... After busying himself for an entire day, his stomach had already started growling furiously long ago. If not for the rise in his cultivation realm and enhanced physical body, he might’ve found himself unable to persist on for that long.

The basic tier book collection vault was inside the examination hall for apprentice apothecaries. Walking out, he saw Ouyang Cheng and Du Man sitting inside. They were holding brushes in their hands, seemingly scribbling something on a piece of paper, and bewilderment, dilemma, contemplation, and confusion could be seen on their faces...

"What are you all doing?"

Seeing the two apothecaries in such a state, Zhang Xuan walked over curiously.


The both of them were trying to figure out what Zhang Xuan was doing. Upon seeing him walk over, the both of them were taken aback. They hurriedly used their hands to cover the contents of the paper on the table.

Zhang Xuan lowered his head to take a look.

A few words come into his sight.

"Speculation on his motive for flipping through books in the book collection vault. Number 1: Act cool (30 votes); Number 2: Boredom (1 vote); Number 3: Investigating the material of the books (1 vote)..."

After reading the first few lines, black lines streaked across Zhang Xuan's face.

[Is this about me?]

He was the only one flipping through books in the book collection vault previously.

[It is definitely about me, but... What the heck do the votes mean?

Furthermore, why is 'act cool' in the first place, and the number of votes on it…]

"Cough cough, we were just curious of your actions of flipping through the books in the book collection vault. Thus, we couldn't help but discuss it..."

Exposed, Ouyang Cheng suppressed his embarrassment and revealed the truth.

Ouyang Cheng has a reputation for being a strict and stern apothecary. To think that he would be hiding in the room with another apothecary to discuss the motive behind an apprentice apothecary's action of flipping through books, even getting others to vote on it... No one would believe it even if word was to spread out.

"I wanted to look for a book... I wasn't able to find it, so I continued flipping through all of the books in the vault!"

Zhang Xuan casually answered.

He mustn't reveal the truth about the Library of Heaven's Path, but his action of flipping through the books was indeed a little bizarre, so it couldn't be helped that others would hold suspicion toward his actions. Looks like he had to be more careful in the future.

Even so, he was just flipping through books. Others might hold doubt toward the intention behind his actions, but at most, they would just be unable to make heads or tails out of his actions. It was impossible for them to suspect the possibility of an existence of a massive library in his head.

"Such a simple answer..."

Upon hearing the answer, Ouyang Cheng and Du Man looked constipated.

They had been discussing the matter for an entire afternoon, even skipping their meals to do so. They thought that there was some special significance behind his actions. Never would they dream that the answer was so simple.

"What else would it be if not for that?" Zhang Xuan asked.

It would do as long as it didn't involve the revelation of the existence of the Library of Heaven's Path. He could tell a lie without feeling embarrassed over it anyway.

"Err... Alright then!"

Ouyang Cheng shook his head helplessly. After investigating and analyzing the issue for an entire afternoon, he didn't expect the other party's answer to be so simple. Thus, to alleviate the awkwardness of the situation, he could only change the topic. "I have already informed the ten apothecaries about the Pill Debate. They will be here tomorrow, so make preparations for it. It will be conducted here tomorrow afternoon!"

"Great!" Zhang Xuan nodded his head. After asking a few more questions about how the Pill Debate would be conducted, he turned around and took his leave.

After walking out of the room, he heard Du Man's voice ringing behind him.

"You lost, pay up..."

"I lost, but you didn't win either. You wagered most of your money on him acting cool..." Ouyang Cheng said with a displeased tone.

Zhang Xuan staggered.

[You all are respectable apothecaries, alright! To gamble over me...

Furthermore, acting cool? Your head that I am acting cool!]

With a stifled sensation at his chest, Zhang Xuan walked to the entrance of the Apothecary Guild and caught sight of Zhao Ya and the others.

"Why are you here?"

Bewilderment flashed across his eyes.

[This is the Apothecary Guild, not the academy. Why would Zhao Ya be here?]

"Zhang laoshi, thank you!"

Upon seeing him, Zhao Ya could no longer suppress the emotions in her and kneels to the floor. Gratitude reflected in her eyes.

"Stand up, stand up. What are you thanking me for?" Zhang Xuan frowned.

[What happened to this lass?

Kneeling down upon seeing me. Could it be that... her 'illness' is cured?]

At this point, he asked, "Have you eaten the Frigid Sun Mother Grass yet? How are its effects?"

Upon hearing 'Frigid Sun Mother Grass', Yao Han, who considered the possibility of whether Zhang Xuan was ignorant of the value of the herb before gifting it to Zhao Ya, trembled.

[It looks like he knows the herb! If so, he should know the value of it as well!

To give such a valuable herb to his student so casually, and to put himself in peril by taking the apothecary examination for the sake of awakening his student's unique constitution…]

Regardless of how Zhang Xuan's lessons were, just this responsibility of his was sufficient to leave him in awe.

"Zhang laoshi, I apologize for my previous insolent attitude and doubting your kindness. Please forgive me!"

Yao Han stepped forward and bowed in apology.

His previous actions were truly laughable.

[How can such a responsible teacher be inadequate in his teachings? Seems like the rumors outside are untrue after all.]


Upon seeing the both of them behaving like that, Zhang Xuan blinked his eyes.

[Can anyone tell me what is going on?

I had only taken an apprentice apothecary examination, why are they suddenly behaving so bizarrely?]

Soon, he made sense out of the situation.

Actually, his reason for coming here wasn't just to awaken Zhao Ya's unique constitution, it was more for Yuan Tao instead. He didn't expect such a simple action to induce such feelings of gratitude in her.

However, he came to a realization after contemplating over the situation slightly. In the perspective of others, Pill Debate was something that was likely to end in failure. It was a huge risk to take, and yet he chose to proceed ahead even so. In their eyes, he had become a teacher who could give up his all and bash through all obstacles just for his students!

Just this sentiment itself was priceless!

Upon understanding this all, Zhang Xuan was at a loss for words.

His actions had moved Zhao Ya. But similarly, the other party's actions had also moved him.

In the past, he had only treated these students as anchors to prevent him from getting expelled. However, at this moment, he realized the simple fact that all humans have emotions. They would treat you like how you treat them.

The children's desire for knowledge and the gratitude they felt toward him made him understand the responsibilities of a teacher and the heavy burden they shouldered.

"Don't worry. As my students, I will bring you all to greater heights, all the way to the top of the world!"

Clenching his fists tightly together, Zhang Xuan made a solemn vow.

At this moment, he had finally made his metamorphosis from a transcender to a teacher.


The moment such a thought appeared, at the apex of the of the Library of Heaven's Path, an intense peal sounded and a golden book formed. However, Zhang Xuan didn't notice it.



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