"Zhang laoshi, I don't have sufficient money to pay for the Frigid Sun Mother Grass now, so I will pay you a portion first. Treat it as our Baiyu City buying it from you. After all, we can't expect you to go bankrupt while teaching xiaojie…"

Xiaojie -> Young mistress

Oblivious to the changes that had occurred in Zhang Xuan, Yao Han stepped forward to pass over banknotes worth twenty thousand in total.

"There's no need for it. It’s just a medicinal herb, it's just a small affair!" Zhang Xuan shook his head.

The responsibility of a teacher had just dawned on him, so how could he accept money from a student at this moment?

Furthermore, it was just a stalk of Frigid Sun Mother Grass. Frigid Sun Grass was only worth hundred gold coins per stalk, so a Frigid Sun Mother Grass shouldn't be worth much either. His fortune counted in the millions, so why would he bother about that petty sum?

Furthermore, he obtained this stalk by acting cool, not even spending the least bit of money on it. His heart didn't ache giving it away like this.

"This..." Upon seeing his resolute determination, Yao Han could only keep his money. Feeling impressed, he commented, "Zhang laoshi, I’m really impressed by your generosity. To give a herb worth a hundred thousand gold coins just like that, it’s laughable that I’ve thought that you were trying to scam our xiaojie..."

"What? Worth a hundred thousand gold coins?" Zhang Xuan's lips quivered.

[This Frigid Sun Mother Grass is worth a hundred thousand gold coins?

Are you for real?

If I knew that it was worth a hundred thousand gold coin, I should have accepted your money!]

Other people gave presents to their teachers in a show of filial piety, so why was it that when it came to him, he was paying them instead...

"Yes!" Yao Han looked over with a peculiar expression, "Could it be that Zhang laoshi doesn't know of its price?"

"I..." Even though his heart was bleeding, he knew that he couldn't retract his words at this point. As such, he assumed a stern face once more. With an arrogant aura that treated all worldly objects contemptuously, he said, "Of course not, money means nothing to me at all. Zhao Ya is my student, and a herb worth a hundred thousand gold coins is but a small matter. If it’s beneficial to her, there’s no need to hesitate over mere money!"

Since what's done is done, he could only go ahead and sell her the favor.

"Xiaojie has truly found a good teacher!"

Seeing his attitude, Yao Han was truly in awe of him.

[No wonder xiaojie kept praising him. Just his morals itself is sufficient to send others in awe like me.]

Standing by the side, Wen Xue looked on the situation in embarrassment. If only there was a burrow here, she would’ve dived in immediately.

The other party was such an upstanding and noble teacher, yet she mistook him as a pursuer of hers, treating him disdainfully... Her actions were truly laughable!

Thankfully, he had a generous heart and was indifferent to her rudeness. Otherwise, his identity as an apprentice apothecary was more than sufficient to have her permanently expelled!

"Let's return. I have to prepare for the Pill Debate tomorrow as well!"

A single act had cost him a hundred thousand gold coins... Besides, the money wasn't anything much. After all, Baiyu City was paying for it, not Zhao Ya...

Suppressing the urge to cry, Zhang Xuan walked out to the streets.

By the time he returned to the academy after having dinner, it was already nearing midnight.

"Since I'm not tired yet, I should look into how I can break into Pixue realm!"

In his previous life, he was a nocturnal owl. Furthermore, given his level of cultivation, his physical condition was much better than how it was back then. Even though it was already late at night, he wasn't tired in the least.

After exposing the might of a Pixue realm expert in the Enlightenment Will Tower today, the academy should be making a move soon to confer him the title of an elder.

Upon becoming an elder, he would be granted entry into the elders’ Compendium Pavilion.

By then, he would be able to obtain sufficient Fighter 6-dan secret manuals to perfect his Heaven's Path Divine Art.

Of course, before then, studying it was okay as well.

After all, he had duplicated quite a few secret manuals from Master Lu Chen's residence. Even though only a partial of the words were true and as such, unable to be linked together to form a complete version, it was still worth studying.

With a jolt of his mind, a dozen books or so which he saw in Master Lu Chen's residence appeared in his consciousness.

"Actually, Pixue realm cultivation isn't very difficult. The only difficulty one will face is the sequence of breaking through the acupoints!"

After scanning through the numerous manuals, Zhang Xuan came to a realization.

[It is said that there are 108 acupoints on a human body. However, only 72 of which can be opened. Furthermore, there is a specific sequence to opening these acupoints. Everyone's physical body is different and as such, there is a different sequence for everyone to follow to achieve optimal results. If one didn't find the correct route, it’s likely that they might only be able to open thirty to forty acupoints and be stuck there for the rest of their lives.

It’s just like cleansing the silt and mud off a river. Only by cleansing from the upper stream can the river be cleansed entirely. If one were to start from the center, not only will the river not be cleaned thoroughly, it may even cause a blockade!

This is precisely the reason why the first acupoint to open is important. If one were to get it wrong, it will have disastrous repercussions.]

"This book 《Golden Flame Technique》 says that the first acupoint to open should be the Shenli acupoint, only with strength can one break through the other more important acupoints. On the other hand, this 《Art of Sun Adaptation》 says that one should start from the Zhongshu acupoint because it is in the direct center of the human body..."

The acupoint one should start with was different in every single book and each of their reasoning seemed logical.

Others might end up becoming confused upon reading through all these, but Zhang Xuan possessed the Library of Heaven's Path. With but a single glance, he knew that all of it... were false!

"Being unable to find the correct acupoint is equivalent to being unable to find the source of a river. If an error was to occur from the very start, it would be difficult to push on afterward. Forget it!"

After studying for a moment longer, Zhang Xuan realized that none of the manuals held the correct answer to the first acupoint he should break through. Just when he was about to give up, an idea popped up in his mind.

"If what is recorded in all these books are false and given that a human only has 108 acupoints in total, if I were to try them one by one, wouldn't I be able to figure out the sequence of which I should open up my acupoints?"

The method to break through acupoints was simple, one just had to use their zhenqi to surge through it. The main problem was the sequence to doing so. Since these were all wrong, of the 108 acupoints in his body, there had to be a correct one!

Other people might be unable to try them one by one, but such a problem didn't exist for him!

As he possessed the Library of Heaven's Path, after eliminating all mistakes, what was left should be naturally correct!

"Give it a try!"

At this point, Zhang Xuan didn't hesitate any further. Picking up a brush and paper, he wrote out the 108 acupoints on a human body out and canceled away the incorrect first acupoints from the various secret manuals from it, followed by the other acupoints that were proven to be in the correct positions for him in the sequence listed in the books.

After which, only twenty acupoints were left of the 108.

However, there was no need to worry. Zhang Xuan hand copied a manual and alternated the twenty acupoints in the first acupoint within the sequence one by one.


A new secret manual appeared in the Library of Heaven's Path, displaying the errors and flaws of it.

At his thirteenth try, his mind jolted and the secret manual reflected the first acupoint that had no flaws.

"Haha, I've succeeded! To think that it would be the Xinqiao acupoint. Since the Library of Heaven's Path has not pointed out any errors in it, it means that this is the first acupoint I should break through to enter Pixue realm!

"Xinqiao acupoint is a hidden acupoint in a human body. Without pure zhenqi, it’s impossible for a Fighter 5-dan pinnacle to open it. No wonder it isn't written in any of these manuals..."

After verifying the first acupoint he had to open, Zhang Xuan was filled with excitement.

Xinqiao acupoint was located in the depths of one's heart. It was reputed as one of the 36 Locked Acupoints. Without sufficiently pure zhenqi, not only would one be unable to open it, one's cultivation might even go berserk while attempting to open it.

If not for the verification by the Library of Heaven's Path, he would’ve never believed that this would be the first acupoint he needed to open.

It was no wonder that he was unable to find the correct sequence in the manuals he duplicated. To think that the correct acupoint for him to start with was one of the Locked Acupoints.

From the looks of it now, even though it was termed as 'Locked Acupoint’, but with the correct sequence, one would be able to break it open!



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