Pipa! Pili pala!

Throughout the entire night, the sound of him breaking through in his cultivation could be heard every now and then as his strength soared continuously.

"To think that the night would be over in a flash!"

Finally, Zhang Xuan opened his eyes.

The sun had already risen.

Despite going without sleep the entire night, not only did Zhang Xuan not feel fatigued, he even felt revitalized instead.

With the level of purity of his zhenqi and the uniqueness of his Heaven's Path Divine Art, breaking through his cultivation realm was an extremely easy task. It was just that it took time for him to identify the correct acupoints. Even so, in a single night, he had opened over twenty acupoints!

Going by conventional standards, a fighter could only open 72 acupoints in their entire body. Every 18 acupoints opened was considered a tier.

That was to say if one opened 1-18 acupoints, he was in Pixue realm primary stage, 19-36 acupoints for the intermediate stage, 37-54 for advanced stage and 55-72 for pinnacle!

However, due to the low purity of zhenqi that most people possessed and incorrect sequence they opened their acupoints in, the cultivation of most people stopped progressing after opening thirty to forty acupoints. The only way for them to grow stronger was to try to break through Fighter 7-dan Tongxuan realm.

As a result, the classification above remained in theory. Based on Tianxuan Kingdom's standards, Pixue realm basic stage was classified as opening 1-10 acupoints, intermediate stage 11-20, advanced 21-30 and pinnacle 31 and above.

As long as one opened 31 acupoints and above, regardless of whether it was 31 or 72, they were all considered as Pixue realm pinnacle in Tianxuan Kingdom!

When Zhang Xuan was still at Dingli realm pinnacle, he already possessed 8 ding of strength. After recultivating his first three cultivation realms, his strength was boosted by 12 ding. Adding them up together, he possessed a total of 20 ding of strength before breaking into Pixue realm. After opening 20 acupoints, just taking into account zhenqi itself, he possessed 40 ding of strength. That was equivalent to a Pixue realm pinnacle expert!

Other people had difficulty opening a single acupoint in the course of half a month while he opened 20 of it in a single night. Furthermore, 90% of the time was spent on researching the correct sequence. No one would be able to believe that it was possible for one's cultivation realm to soar that rapidly.

However, if the flawless Heaven's Path Divine Art didn’t have such effects, it wouldn't be worthy of the word 'perfect'.

After grabbing some food to eat, he headed to the classroom.


"You're saying that... In order to find a way to awaken your unique constitution, Zhang laoshi was willing to undergo Pill Debate to become an apothecary?"

In the classroom, Zhao Ya revealed what had happened yesterday to Wang Ying and the rest.

"Zhang laoshi had created cultivation techniques for us, and now he is putting himself at risk for our welfare..."

"No matter what, we must achieve good results in the Freshmen Tournament. Otherwise, we would’ve truly let down Zhang laoshi, and his efforts to groom us would be in vain!"

The eyes of Zheng Yang and the others burned passionately. Even the usually lazy Yuan Tao was agitated.

Warriors died fighting to protect their soulmates. Zhang laoshi had done so much to protect them. If they still knew none of the gratitude at this point, they would truly be ingrates!

"No, I have to start cultivating right now!"

"Me too!"

In an instant, zeal consumed everyone and only a single goal retained in their minds. That was to bring glory to Zhang laoshi by astonishing everyone with their strength in the Freshmen Tournament!

"What is wrong with them all?"

Upon walking into the classroom, he saw that not only were all his students present, every single of them were cultivating seriously and diligently. Zhang Xuan found the situation slightly queer.

Was there something wrong with these fellows?


Just when he was about to start his lessons, he saw Wang Tao, Wang Yan, and Zhao Yanfeng walking over.

Zhang Xuan had already agreed to have Wang Tao and Wang Yan listen to by the side of the class. However, why was Zhao Yanfeng here too?

"I impertinently made my own decision to withdraw from Lu laoshi's tutelage. If my decision had caused you trouble, please punish me!"

As soon as Zhang Xuan walked into the classroom, Zhao Yanfeng immediately confessed.

Hearing these words, Zhang Xuan came to a realization why Lu Xun picked a fight with him out of nowhere.

So this was the reason.

Despite being the most reputable star teacher in the academy, two students of his withdrew from his lessons to listen to the lessons of the worst teacher. No matter who it was, they would definitely find this situation unacceptable.

How could he continue teaching other students in the future if word were to spread out? How could he win his student's trust like this?

"Alright, you can listen to my lessons!"

Since the matter had already happened, if he sent Zhao Yanfeng back, others might think that he was afraid of Lu Xun. As such, he could only pretend to be unaware of the matter.

In any case, he wasn't obliged to offer pointers to students listening in his lesson. They were free to leave if they want to and it wouldn't really waste any time of his.

"Stop for a moment. You all should have already tried to cultivate the cultivation techniques I passed you all yesterday!"

Ignoring the trio, Zhang Xuan turned his attention to Zhao Ya, Wang Ying, and the others.

"We have!"

The eyes of his students glowed in excitement.

The cultivation technique Zhang laoshi had created for them was incredible! With just a single night of training, they felt the energy within their body growing stronger. Just the effort of a single day was comparable to what they achieved in ten previously!

As such, they felt even more impressed with the teacher before them.

"Un, let me see your punching routines. Wang Ying, we'll start from you!"

Zhang Xuan turned his gaze over to her.


Wang Ying stepped forward and swiftly executed a punching routine.

"Not bad!"

After which, Zhang Xuan casually offered some pointers and pointed out a few flaws in her cultivation.

The same occurred for Zhao Ya, Liu Yang, and the others.

All in all, the speed at which his five students were cultivating at were rather fast. In fact, it was an astonishing speed compared to other students.

Even so, if they were to continue at this pace, there would still be a significant gap between his students and Lu Xun's.

Lu Xun was a star teacher of the academy. Those who studied under him were basically the top students of the entire academy.

The entrance examination assessed a student's overall performance and their potential. Zhao Ya, Wang Ying, and the others were only able to squeeze into the top hundred via their potential. If one were to only consider their fighting prowess, only Zhao Ya was better off among the five of them. The other four would probably be ranked below 500.

This was especially true for Yuan Tao. His placing in the entrance examination was reflective of his strength.

It was impossible to have the several hundred of students under Lu Xun fight with the five students of his. That would be unfair. As such, he would pick five of them out to fight with them.

To choose the top five out of several hundred powerful students, it was clear to see how difficult it would be for Zhao Ya and the others to triumph over them.

Putting aside the others, the top three students of the entrance examination had come under his tutelage and all three of them had already broken into Fighter 2-dan!

Given how the five of them were unable to defeat Zhu Hong, who was ranked fourth, despite ganging up against him, how could they possibly deal with the other three individually?

Even though potential, talent, and personality could help to boost a student's ranking in the Freshmen Tournament, what was valued the highest was still strength!

Without strength, everything else was empty talk.

Once they lose on the sparring field, all of the former would be negated by the others.

"Wang Ying's legs has just recovered and her body hasn't adapted to the changes in her body yet. As such, she is unable to utilize her strength properly. With two months of rest, her condition should improve, but half a month... That is too difficult!

"Zheng Yang has just escaped from his trauma, allowing his mastery of the spear to improve rapidly. However, it’s possible for weapons to be banned in the Freshmen Tournament, given the nature of it as a sparring contest. His advantage might very possibly become his downfall. I have to find a way to boost his bare-handed fighting skills within this period!

"Also, it will take at least half a month for the condition of Liu Yang's right arm to improve, and by then... Sigh, time is truly lacking!"

Looking through the conditions of the few via the Library of Heaven's Path, Zhang Xuan rubbed his glabella and his worry reflected on his face.



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