If he were to train them conventionally, he was confident that he could induce a massive improvement in his five students, grasping the entire school by surprise.

However, it was too daunting a task to achieve it within half a month to make it in time for the Freshmen Tournament.

Regardless of whether it was Wang Ying, Zhao Ya, Zheng Yang, Liu Yang or Wang Tao, each of them had problems with their bodies. Even though he knew the remedy to treating each of them, it was hard for him to resolve their problems entirely within this short period of time.

The Library of Heaven's Path could see through flaws, but it didn't show him the correct way to resolving them.

The methods he came up with to solve the problems that his students encountered were the conclusions he came up with after researching innumerable books, so the effectiveness of them all could only be considered average.

That short amount of time he had wasn't sufficient to solve their problems entirely, needless to say, induce a rapid growth in their cultivation.

Of course, if he were to impart the Heaven's Path Divine Art to them, their cultivation would surely soar immediately. However, Zhang Xuan knew that he mustn't impart the cultivation technique to anyone else.

Possessing a treasure beyond his ability to guard was a crime. It was possible that it might bring him calamity if news of his cultivation technique were to spread out.

Even if the Library of Heaven's Path was able to identify the locations of the mingmen of his opponents, it wasn't of much use if he was battling against enemies far above his cultivation realm.

Putting aside the fact that true experts did not have such weakness and even if they had, if he was unable to match up to them in terms of speed and strength, he might not be able to damage the latter even if he were to hit them squarely at their vitals!

"Zheng Yang's situation is slightly easier to resolve. I can try to find a battle technique for him. Within half a month, he should be able to achieve some level of accomplishment in it. This should be sufficient for him to deal with most opponents!

"I have helped Wang Ying to open up the blocked acupoints on her legs. However, two years of injury has caused severe damage to her fundamentals. Her meridians and muscles require a long period of recovery. Conventional methods can't possibly allow her legs to recover completely in half a month, needless to say, attain a higher level! Unless... her legs are nourished with a specialized medicinal solution!

"On the other hand, Liu Yang needs some pills to clear his obstructed meridians!

"As for Zhao Ya and Yuan Tao, just as what I have analyzed before, it should be sufficient as long as I find a way to awaken their unique constitution!"

All these sounded easy, but carrying them out would prove to be difficult.

Putting aside the others, even Zheng Yang's problem, which seemed easy to solve, was tricky. He had learned the way of the spear for many years and he might find it difficult to grasp bare-handed techniques. If he was unable to assimilate the battle technique to his own, it might potentially become his downfall instead, causing his fighting prowess to regress instead!

Learning powerful battle techniques took time and learning weak ones were pointless. To assimilate a technique to his own in half a month... The difficulty to do so was clear for all to see.

"Putting aside the matter of Zheng Yang's battle technique, Wang Ying's medicinal solution should be able to be found in the Apothecary Guild. That is to say, the problems of the four of them can be settled at the Apothecary Guild!"

Determination reflected in Zhang Xuan's eyes, "Looks like I have to pass today's Pill Debate by hook or by crook!"

Actually, after the threat of his expulsion had passed, he could’ve taken it easy and taught his students leisurely. However, since Lu Xun came running over to undermine his dignity, as a transcender with a cheat code, how could he possibly allow him to climb over his head?

Sayings such as 'The river reverses its flow after 30 years' were all nonsense. One didn't simply wait for revenge to come by itself. Since the other party is willing to send his face over, naturally, Zhang Xuan wouldn't go easy on him.

Furthermore, even though it seemed as though he had settled the Education Bureau and wouldn't be fired in the short term, but there were still a lot of people waiting for him to make a fool out of himself. After all, he stepped over the dignity of a school leader as a teacher and caused a scandal in the school. People were already gossiping about how the school didn't know how to choose its personnel. There wasn’t a single organization that would allow the existence of a ticking time bomb in their ranks.

If he was unable to make his stand in the Freshmen Tournament, all kind of pressure would come stacking upon him, making his life difficult.

Thus, he had to win, regardless of the price he had to pay.

As for why he didn't choose to simply leave the academy when there's a massive world out there... As a teacher, if he were to lose upon being challenged, it was no different from a guilty criminal escaping pursuit. It would leave a stain in his records in the Teacher Guild and by then, he would probably be unable to even be promoted to a high-level teacher, much less say, master teacher.

However, this wasn't the main reason. The main reason was that these five students of him already held absolute trust in him. He had already become an important person in their lives, and as a teacher, he could not let them down!

"Alright, I'll start the lessons now!"

Upon arriving at a conclusion, Zhang Xuan didn't panic and started teaching his students calmly.

His lectures were based on the numerous correct theories he had gathered from all the books in the teachers’ Compendium Pavilion.

They were profound albeit boring, giving the listeners an epiphany.

Not only did his five students benefit greatly from his lecture, even Wang Tao, Wang Yan, and Zhao Yanfeng, who were listening in by the side, flushed red in agitation. They felt as though they had just eaten a ginseng fruit.

At this moment, they realized that just by listening in, even without Zhang laoshi's personal guidance, they had struck the jackpot.

As long as they continued listening to his lessons seriously, their cultivation would surely rise by leaps and bounds.

What Zhang laoshi was explaining was a new type of training system, an entirely new perspective, something that would revolutionize the entire world of cultivation.

"I'll end the lesson here! Cultivate properly when you all return, I will check your cultivation tomorrow!"

Looking at the time, it was already nearing noon. Zhang Xuan gestured for them to leave.


Zhao Ya and the others rose and bade Zhang Xuan farewell.

"The Pill Debate is about to start, I should head over now!"

Time didn't wait for anyone. Since he applied for the Pill Debate, he naturally would not give up on it. Zhang Xuan walked out of the classroom toward the Apothecary Guild.

Soon, upon reaching the guild, Wen Xue came welcoming him.

The contemptuous gaze yesterday had been replaced with that of respect.

Even though the person in front was younger than her, he was already a certified apprentice apothecary. She dared not to offend him.

"Apothecary Ouyang Cheng asked me to wait here for you. He says that the ten apothecaries are here and the Pill Debate can start at any time now. Of course, if you wish to go back on your words, you can also choose to cancel this Pill Debate!"

Wen Xue said.

"There's no need to cancel it!"

Zhang Xuan shook his head.

It would take too much time for him to become a 1-star apothecary through Pill Forging. Since he was able to do it today, there was no reason for him to back off.

"This way!"

As though seeing through his intentions, Wen Xue shook her head and brought him in.

It was the building where the apprentice apothecary examination was held. However, they proceeded deeper within and soon, they arrived at a vast hall.

Several hundred square meters large, ten chairs were placed in a circle at the center. There was a giant cauldron placed behind the circle of chairs and a flame burned majestically beneath it, bringing one a stifling sensation.

Pill Debate, in order to ascertain whether a theory was true or not, had to be verified on the field. The cauldron was here for such use.

"Zhang Xuan, you’re here. It isn't too late to regret now. Rest assured, with your talents, if you were to become my apprentice, I will make sure that you will be able to forge pills within half a year to pass the apothecary examinations!"

Jiya! The door opened and Ouyang Cheng walked out. His words carried a tone of persuasion to it.

He still didn't think that it was likely for this young man to pass the Pill Debate.

"Half a year is too long!" Zhang Xuan shook his head.

[What a joke! If I had half a year of time, I wouldn't have to go through the trouble to come knocking at the Apothecary Guild in search of books.]


Knowing that there was no way to persuade him otherwise, Ouyang Cheng shook his head in disappointment.

In his perspective, Zhang Xuan was still young and thus, it couldn't be helped that he would be complacent. Once he blew it up, he would know the difficulty of Pill Debate.

"Esteemed guests, please enter!"

Upon his shout, numerous human figures entered the room. There were exactly ten of them, and some of them were middle-aged while others are elderly. Even the youngest of them was probably at minimum 40 years old.

The apothecary from yesterday, Du Man, was also within the group.

These people were wearing a robe specially made for apothecaries. There was a unique emblem hanging on their chest, and the single star on it was exceptionally conspicuous.

1-star apothecaries!



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