Chapter 109: Tranquil Heart Pill
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"Not bad!"

"Meng Yan is getting more and more adept in his pill forging technique!"

"Indeed! If he is able to identify a flaw in his pill forging method, I will twist my head off!"

Zhang Xuan noticed that the gazes of the other apothecaries were fixated on Meng Yan and they nodded their head in approval in response to the display of his skills.

They were able to tell what the other party's pill forging method before and they had once used it as well, so they weren't too unfamiliar with it.

This was also precisely the reason why it was harder to find flaws in it. Even they were unable to see the slightest mistake in the other party's forging. Every movement of his strictly adhered to the forging method without a single error in it.

"Guild Leader Ouyang, do you think that he will be able to see through the forging method and the flaws in it?"

After bringing Zhang Xuan over, Wen Xue didn't leave immediately. At this instance, she was standing behind Ouyang Cheng and she couldn't help but ask him the question.

She wasn't even an apprentice and thus, she was unable to see through the various intricacies of pill forging. So, she could only place her expectation on this guild leader before her to explain the situation to her.

"Flaws?" Ouyang Cheng shook his head, "To tell you the truth, Meng Yan's pill forging method had been passed down for more than 300 years. It went through the hands of countless individuals and even if there is an error in it, it would have long been corrected. Anyway, given my level of standard, I am unable to see any errors in it!"

"Not even you are able to discern any flaws?"

Wen Xue covered her mouth in shock.

Ouyang Cheng was the most capable apothecary in Tianxuan Kingdom, reaching the astounding level of the 1-star intermediate stage. If he was unable to discern anything, how could Zhang Xuan, who had just become an apothecary apprentice, possibly tell anything from it?


After a moment, the flames weakened. Meng Yan opened the lid and the fragrance of medicine gushed out from the cauldron.

The pill had been formed!

Meng Yan pinched lightly and grabbed three pills from the cauldron. Each of them was round with a smooth surface. They were roughly the size of a longan and radiated a unique glow.

"Alright, as expected of Apothecary Meng Yan. Not only was the pill formed, it even reached the level of Satiation. Incredible!"

Looking at the pill in his palm, everyone couldn't help but be impressed.

Upon being forged successfully, the pills would assume different appearances depending on the efficacy of its medicinal property. It could be classified into four tiers, namely Formation, Satiation, Perfection, and Inscribed Pill.

It was already incredible for typical 1-star primary stage apothecaries to reach the level of Formation when forging grade-1 pills. To reach the level of Satiation was already something beyond what those of his level was capable of.

"Hmph, lad, I am already done forging my pills. So, what method did I just use and what flaws are there in it!"

Meng Yan returned to his seat and looked at Zhang Xuan coldly.

Upon hearing his words, the gaze of the others focused on Zhang Xuan. They wanted to see what kind of shocking words this arrogant lad would speak of.

Initially, they thought this lad would speak immediately. However, his eyes simply stared forty-five degrees upward with a sorrowful expression on his face. He shook his head slowly and sighed.

"Hurry up if you have something to say!"

Seeing this fellow still persisting on keeping up the act, Meng Yan clenched his fist and smashed it on the table.


Given his formidable strength and the current fury he had accumulated, a crack appeared on the table, putting it in a state of near collapse.

"Since you aren't embarrassed by it, then I will begin speaking!"

Seeing that the atmosphere was sufficiently heated up, Zhang Xuan looked over calmly with a lowered head and said, "If I'm not wrong, the pill you forged should be the Tranquil Heart Pill which fighters often consume!"

"That's right!"

Meng Yan nodded his head.

It was easy for an apothecary to see what a kind of pill it was, so it couldn't be considered a formidable feat.

"The method you used is Ten Formulas of Tranquil Water!" Zhang Xuan continued.

"That's right! This is Ten Formulas of Tranquil Water. This is the most suitable method to forging Tranquil Heart Pill. It doesn't mean much for you to see through this!"

Not expecting for the other party to be able to able to discern it, Meng Yan was slightly shocked. However, he didn't pay the matter much heed.

Ten Formulas of Tranquil Water was a unique method to forge Tranquil Heart Pills. It was said that an apothecary created this method while looking at the surface of the water of a mountainous stream. The entire technique emphasized greatly on delicacy and quietness. There weren't too many intense movements in it, as though it was a quiet stream, flowing slowly and steadily down the mountains. As it fulfilled the concept of Tranquil Heart Pill, it was easy for a pill to form using this method to forge it.

Given that he was able to tell that the pill forged was Tranquil Heart Pill, it wasn't that difficult to infer that the method used was Ten Formulas of Tranquil Water.

"True, it doesn't mean much. However, it is a pity that you have warped the Ten Formulas of Tranquil Water beyond recognition, causing it to lose the fundamental meaning behind it!" Zhang Xuan flung his hand and said with a stern voice.

"Warped beyond recognition? Nonsense! If it is truly warped beyond recognition, how can I possibly successfully forge the Tranquil Heart Pill, even reaching the level of Satiation at that?"

Meng Yan retorted furiously.

"Since you don’t believe my words, then I shall point it out clearly to you!" Zhang Xuan stepped forward and pinched the pill lightly to place it on his palm. His gaze swept through the room as he asked, "Who can tell me what effects should this pill possess?"

"Tranquil Heart Pill is a grade-1 pill. It helps cultivators to calm their mind so that their thoughts will not wander. This kind of pill is effective even on Fighter 8-dan Zongshi realm experts and as such, it is one of the best sellers of the Apothecary Guild!"

Wen Xue said.

As a receptionist, she had sold all kinds of pills. It was natural that she would have a deep understanding of the effects of this Tranquil Heart Pill.

"Indeed, this pill can help cultivators to calm their minds!" Zhang Xuan nodded his head in satisfaction. "However, it’s a pity that this pill which Apothecary Meng Yan doesn't have such effects! On the contrary, it might even cause a person's cultivation to go berserk if consumed!"


Meng Yan's expression darkened.

The other party's action of doubting the efficacy of his pill in public was equivalent to humiliating him.

"You need not be so quick to refute my words. Let me finish my words first!" Ignoring the other party's burst of outrage, Zhang Xuan chuckled and continued, "If this pill was created by Apothecary Meng Yan yesterday, I wouldn't say such words. However, it is a pity that it isn't yesterday now and this pill is destined to be a failure!"


"Is there any difference to it?"

"Lad, clarify your words! Don't try to mystify us!"

Upon hearing Zhang Xuan's words, the crowd had no idea what Zhang Xuan was driving at. As such, they couldn't help but raise their doubts.

"I will explain to you all right now! Forging pills aren't just about technique and skills, one's mental state plays a huge part in it as well! Only by infusing one's mental state into the pill will the efficacy of the medicine be heightened! Tranquil Heart Pill requires the mental state of the apothecary forging it to be serene and only through such can the pill be forged perfectly! I believe all of you should have seen the bad temper of Apothecary Meng Yan. He can be set off easily with a single word. With rage in his heart, how can he possibly forge the Tranquil Heart Pill which calms others?"

At which, Zhang Xuan slightly knocked on the table before Meng Yan.

A crack had appeared in the table after the latter's previous punch. At this moment, unable to take the pressure any longer, it fell apart.

Upon the sight, everyone came to a realization.

His words were true. Pill forging was intricately linked to one's state of mind. It was inappropriate and unsuitable for one to forge a Tranquil Heart Pill when under such rampaging emotions.

"Of course, his fiery temper isn't sufficient to ruin the pill. The crux of the problem is that there is killing intent within Apothecary Meng Yan right now. If I'm not wrong, you probably killed someone this morning and you still bear resentment toward the person. Most probably, you were betrayed by someone you trust. This resentment and killing intent have been infused into the Tranquil Heart Pill when you were forging it. Even though only a sliver of it had slipped in, to the cultivators who consume it, it could have disastrous aftereffects. It increases the possibility of their cultivation going berserk exponentially. If so, it will result in fatal damage onto their fundamentals!"

Zhang Xuan said.

"You... You..."

Meng Yan's body swayed. He looked at Zhang Xuan as though he was looking at a ghost and his face immediately turned ghastly white.



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