Chapter 122: Pill Debate Ends
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Not just Zhang Xuan, even Ouyang Cheng and the others were dumbfounded by their actions.
'The hell, can anyone tell me what is going on?
'Weren't they still behaving apprehensively a moment ago? Why are they vying to go first, as though seeing a beautiful lady and charging towards her?'
"You all…"
Wen Xue was also completely baffled.
"I get it, this bunch of fellows, they really…" Du Man shook his head with a wry smile on his face.
"Get what?" Ouyang Cheng looked over.
"Previously, Zhang Xuan was able to point out their flaws through pill forging. It gave a feeling akin to being stripped naked in public. Under such circumstances, no one would be willing to pose questions!" Apothecary Du Man said. "But now, not only did he solve Apothecary Lin Mu's problem, he even pointed out a hidden threat for him. It is clear that this is an opportunity for them. Given that, who wouldn't get excited?"
"That's true…." Comprehending the situation now, Ouyang Cheng nodded his head.
It is easier to know someone else than to know yourself!
It was difficult to notice one's own flaws. With a single word from Zhang Xuan, they might be able to correct their flaws and induce a giant improvement in their pill forging skills!
"It's a pity. I was truly foolish then. I shouldn't have admitted defeat so early on. Otherwise, I could have brought up some doubts I have been harboring inside me for a long time…."
With a pained heart, Apothecary Du Man shook his head.
How did he miss such a good opportunity just like that?
"Just let it go since you've already passed it by. You're at fault for not treasuring the opportunity anyway. On the other hand, I have been dedicated to my responsibilities, making my best to ensure this Pill Debate is impartial. As such, I didn't even get a chance to pose a question. Say… when this Pill Debate ends, will he give me a chance to ask a question or two? I also have quite a few questions…."
At this point, Ouyang Cheng's eyes shone brightly and excitement filled him.
Apothecary Du Man had no words.
Wen Xue didn't know what to say either.
'The hell? You are a 1-star intermediate stage apothecary, as well as the head of the Apothecary Guild. For you to brazenly say that you want to consult an apprentice… Dedicated to your responsibilities you say? Why do I not see a single hint of what you just said? You've just been sitting idly by…'
"Alright, one at a time!"
Soon, Zhang Xuan understood what was going. Shaking his head helplessly, he casually pointed to an apothecary among them. "You!"
"Me? Great!"
Upon being chosen, he hurriedly stood up. "I have a question that I would really like to ask. Recently, I've had insomnia and wake up seven or eight times every night. I also often get nightmares. Can you help me check if I have any illness, or if someone is scheming against me, or… if there is a problem with my concubine?"
Zhang Xuan was speechless.
So were the others.
"Cough cough. Apothecary Liu, we are in a Pill Debate, not a fortune-telling or patient treatment session. Pay attention to what you are saying…."
Ouyang Cheng couldn't help but intervene.
"Ah? But… that's my question! This is what I want to ask…." Apothecary Liu said with a resolute expression.
"Alright. How about this: you try forging a pill and I will try to see what I can through that!" Zhang Xuan felt a splitting headache consuming him as he waved him away.
"Alright!" Apothecary Liu nodded his head in excitement before rushing over to start forging.
"How about you? What problems do you have?"
After settling the first fellow, Zhang Xuan's attention turned to another apothecary.
"My question is actually quite simple. It isn't as shameless as Apothecary Liu's!" The apothecary spoke with a righteous tone. "My daughter is getting married within these two days, and the one she is marrying is a man called Zhou Xuan. He hails from foreign lands and even though I have investigated his background for quite a while, I have not been able to get any useful information on him. Can you help me check if that lad is reliable or not? If he isn't, I will reject this marriage…."
At this point, he hesitated for a moment as he looked at Zhang Xuan questioningly. "So… do I have to forge pills as well?"
Zhang Xuan almost threw up blood.
'Forge pills? Forge your head!
'What does your daughter getting married have to do with me or forging pills?
'I am just a person who is undergoing Pill Debate to become an apothecary, I am not here to divine your fate….
'Besides, even if I can divine fate, if you don't tell me the situation with your daughter, what can you forging pills do?
'Are you sure you aren't pulling my leg?'
"Apothecary Qin, what the heck does your daughter getting married have to do with pill forging? Why are you asking Brother Zhang for that? What a joke!" The final apothecary flung his hands and harrumphed.
"But… this is the question I want to ask right now…."
Apothecary Qin was conflicted.
"You should at least ask something related to pill forging! You continue to think on that matter, I will go first!" The last apothecary stepped forward toward Zhang Xuan before saying, "Brother Zhang Xuan, seeing how young you are, you probably aren't married yet. I have a beautiful daughter who can serve as your concubine. Look… if not, my niece is also willing. Ah? If you think that I am taking advantage of you, I still have an elder sister and a younger sister…."
Zhang Xuan was lost for words.
'The hell! You are already sixty years old with half your foot in the grave. Your younger and elder sister… how unusual and hardcore a taste do I need for that….'
It took a long while before the chaos settled down and everyone got back to the main topic at hand.
"My question is this. The main ingredient of an Antidote Pill, Poison Neutralizing Grass, is too weak and it often burns to ashes before it can reach the bottom of the cauldron to mix with the other medicinal herbs. Where did I go wrong?"
"Poison Neutralizing Grass isn't resistant to high heat. This is something commonly agreed upon by everyone else. If you throw it directly it into the cauldron, it is inevitable that it would burn up. However, you can soak it in Purple Sun Water for three days before using it in your forging. Not only will it not burn up, its medicinal property will also be unleashed to the maximum…."
"I would like to ask why is it that I often find my breath getting irregular when I am forging pills…."
"That is easy to answer…."

After getting back on track, the remaining part was simple. Most of the questions could be solved using the knowledge Zhang Xuan had gained from the basic tier book collection vault. If he really found himself at a loss, he would then proceed to get the other party to forge pills and utilize the Library of Heaven's Path to analyze the mistakes in his process.
An hour later, he finally finished answering the questions of the three remaining apothecaries.
"Alright, now that all ten apothecaries have admitted defeat, I hereby declare the winner of this Pill Debate as Zhang Xuan! From today onwards, he will be a new 1-star apothecary of the Apothecary Guild!"
When the Pill Debate came to an end, Ouyang Cheng announced the results and handed a 1-star badge and a robe over.
"This is the emblem of an apothecary. With this, no matter which Apothecary Guild you go to, you will enjoy special privileges when purchasing pills…"
Taking the two items from Ouyang Cheng's hands, he casually placed them into his storage ring.
Everyone had guessed that there was some incredible figure guiding him from behind, so they weren't really surprised by that storage ring in his possession.
Besides, being an apothecary was a lucrative occupation. The storage ring which could cost millions might be exorbitant, but it was nothing much to them.
"Guild Leader Ouyang, where is the advanced tier book collection vault? I would like to take a look…." Zhang Xuan asked.
His main reason for undergoing the apothecary examination was to go to the book collection vault. Thus, the first thing he decided to do upon becoming an official apothecary was to head there to take a look.
"I'll take you there!"
After which, Ouyang Cheng first walked out of the room and Zhang Xuan followed closely behind him. Before he could travel far, the voice of the previous apothecary rang out behind him.
"Apothecary Zhang Xuan, do consider it for a bit. If my elder and younger sister won't do, I have an aunt too. She isn't married yet…."
Zhang Xuan staggered and tears streamed down his cheeks.
'Your aunt...
'Is old enough to be my great-grandmother….'



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