Chapter 123: Solution Found
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The Apothecary Guild's advanced tier book collection vault wasn't too far away from where they conducted the Pill Debate. It barely took a few steps before they arrived there.
"There are a total of ten official apothecaries in the Tianxuan Kingdom Apothecary Guild. Most of them only head here to pore through these books upon encountering truly difficult questions. As such, this place tends to be quite deserted. Anyways, feel free to pick out any book that you would like to read!" Ouyang Cheng introduced, pushing open the doors.
Zhang Xuan voiced his acknowledgment before heading into the room.
Even though there weren't too many official apothecaries in Tianxuan Kingdom's Apothecary Guild, the books inside were more than a few. It might be unable to compare to the hundreds of thousand of books in the basic tier book collection vault, but there was still more than ten thousand books inside.
They were densely packed in a dozen or so bookshelves.
"Feel free to take a look. If there's anything you are unable to comprehend, you can ask me. I will be in that room!"
Ouyang Cheng casually pointed.
"Looks like I have troubled Guild Leader Ouyang!" Zhang Xuan nodded his head with a smile.
"There is nothing troublesome about this. You are an official apothecary now, and I will likely have quite a few questions I will need to consult you on in the future!" Ouyang Cheng chuckled and walked out of the vault.
He knew that the other party had his own goals and secrets for coming to this book collection vault, so it inappropriate for him to linger around here.
"I should start looking around!"
Upon his departure, Zhang Xuan cracked a grin. Walking over to the first rack, he started to flip through the books.
He would have to spend a significant amount of time to find that specific book. Since he was bound to be delayed in any case, he might as well copy all of these books into the Library of Heaven's Path. It would be more convenient to look through them in the future and he could learn more on pill forging as well.
Hualala! Hualala!
The flipping of pages echoed in the advanced tier book collection vault.
After a period of time, Zhang Xuan stopped and his eyes gleamed.
"Indeed, the book I wanted to browse through is here…."
Diligence paid off. Eventually, he found the book regarding unique constitutions and the pills required to awaken them.
"Tianxuan Year 373, Emperor Shen Ling's daughter, Princess Shen Qiu, had Pure Yin Body. She managed to awaken it upon consuming a grade-3 pill…."
"Unravel Yin Pill?"
Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up.
He continued to browse through it.
"Tianxuan Year 126, there was an individual who had Emperor Bloodline. He was unable to awaken it using pills. He eventually awakened it by smearing the blood of the Colossal Rhinoceros Beast on his body…. However, the probability of success is extremely low!"
In another book, he found the method to awaken the Emperor Bloodline.
"I need to see whether it's right or wrong!"
He copied the two lines onto a piece of paper and with a jolt of his mind, the contents and flaws of the paper he just copied appeared in the Library of Heaven's Path.
"Pure Yin Body can be awakened using the Unravel Yin Pill. Flaws: It can only awaken around ten percent of the constitution, thus it is incapable of unleashing the full strength of the constitution….
"Emperor Bloodline can be awakened using the blood of the Colossal Rhinoceros Beast. Flaws: It can only awaken around ten percent of the constitution, thus it is incapable…."
Upon seeing the flaws written in the library, Zhang Xuan was taken aback.
"Only ten percent?"
Previously, he thought that he would be able to fully awaken their constitution through the use of pills. He didn't think that it could only awaken ten percent.
"However, ten percent is sufficient!" Zhang Xuan smiled.
Unique constitutions were extremely powerful. Even if it was just awakened by ten percent, it was enough to increase one's cultivation by leaps and bounds. It was more than sufficient for a mere Freshmen Tournament!
"Now, I have to look for a grade-3 Unravel Yin Pill and the blood of the Colossal Rhinoceros Beast!"
Upon confirming what he needed, Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief. He finished flipping through all the books before walking over to Ouyang Cheng's room.
He was the head of the Apothecary Guild. Most probably, he was the only one who could obtain these two items for him.
After flipping through the books in the Apothecary Guild's advanced tier book collection vault, Zhang Xuan had a rough idea on what Wang Ying and Liu Yang required, and he could buy it along with the other things.
"Apothecary Zhang Xuan!"
Upon seeing Zhang Xuan walk over, Ouyang Cheng hurriedly stood up.
"Guild Leader Ouyang, there is something I need to trouble you for!"
Zhang Xuan cut to the chase and spoke of his purpose here, "I would like to purchase a few items and I may require your assistance!"
"Oh? What do you need? It shouldn't be a problem as long as it is something the guild has!"
Ouyang Cheng nodded his head.
"I need an Unravel Yin Pill, a Meridian Rejuvenation Pill, a portion of Colossal Rhinoceros Blood, and a portion of Body Nourishment Medicinal Solution!" Zhang Xuan said.
Meridian Rejuvenation Pill was for Liu Yang's consumption. After practicing a battle technique beyond his cultivation realm, the meridians in his right arm had withered and required the Meridian Rejuvenation Pill to heal it.
On the other hand, the Body Nourishment Medicinal Solution was for Wang Ying. Her legs had yet to fully recover top form and she was still unable to fight like a normal cultivator. As such, she required the nourishment of this kind of medicinal solution to hasten her recovery.
"It should be easy to obtain Meridian Rejuvenation Pill and Body Nourishment Medicinal Solution, and I can help you look for it. However, the Unravel Yin Pill and the blood of the Colossal Rhinoceros Beast… This is slightly trickier!"
Ouyang Cheng didn't expect that he would require so many things and a deep frown appeared on his face.
"Trickier? Is it possible to obtain it?" Zhang Xuan looked at him.
After going through so much trouble to look for the solution to unlocking his students' constitution, he would truly be infuriated if he was unable to obtain the items required for them at this point.
"We don't have these items in our guild. However, if I send in an application to headquarters, it should be possible to obtain them!" Ouyang Cheng said.
"That's great…."
Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief.
"However…" Ouyang Cheng frowned once more. "The headquarters are simply too far away. Even if they got another branch from the other, closer kingdoms to send it, it would still take a minimum of ten days!"
"Ten days?"
Zhang Xuan was surprised for a moment. Then, he recovered and continued, "That's fine by me too. If it has to take ten days, then so be it!"
There were still fourteen days until the Freshmen Tournament. Things might get a little pressing if it arrived ten days later, but he should still be able to finish his preparations in time.
"Alright, I will send in the application to headquarters now then. You can obtain it within ten days. As for the Meridian Rejuvenation Pill and Body Nourishment Medicinal Solution, I can get them for you right now!"
Guild Leader Ouyang smiled.
"OK, I will be inconveniencing you then!" Zhang Xuan nodded his head. "How much do the four of them cost? Do I pay for all of them now or do I pay when they are all here?"
After inheriting Yang Mo's fortune, he had more than a million gold coins in his possession. He could be considered a wealthy man in the capital now.
Purchasing a few medicinal herbs to raise his students' fighting prowess didn't matter much to him.
At the same time, he could also show how noble he was as a teacher!
'It's just a small sum of money. Am I a stingy person?'
"Meridian Rejuvenation Pill and Body Nourishment Medicinal Fluid aren't too expensive. Totaling both of them up, it is around four hundred thousand gold coins!" Ouyang Cheng calculated for a moment before continuing, "The Unravel Yin Pill and Colossal Rhinoceros Blood would be slightly more expensive. The former is one of the more advanced grade-3 pills whereas the Colossal Rhinoceros Beast is a primordial beast, a whole level higher than that of savage beasts!"
"Right now, you are an apothecary, so you are entitled to special privileges. I can sell them to you at a discount. The Unravel Yin Pill will cost around twenty million gold coins whereas the blood of the Colossal Rhinoceros Beast will cost three million! How about this, I will lower the price down for you. Twenty-three million will suffice!" Ouyang Yang calculated for a moment before saying.
Upon noticing the abrupt silence in the atmosphere, he lifted his head to take a look. Unknowingly, Zhang Xuan was already ten meters away from him. Waving his hands constantly, he said, "I'm just casually asking about those things, don't take it as real…"
Ouyang Cheng couldn't even choke out a response.



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