Chapter 126: I Am a Master Teacher

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"Cough cough..."

Upon hearing those words, the boss's expression changed. He let out a laughter and replied immediately, "Old master, what are you talking about? This is a wujin courtyard mansion and has such a prime location. Hundred and fifty thousand a month is truly not expensive..."


The corners of Zhang Xuan's lips crept upward, "The original owner of the mansion is called Du Qiao and he is indeed a merchant. However, he isn't dead yet. Due to encountering bandits, a huge blow was dealt to his business and thus, he decided to sell this mansion. However, he was unable to find a buyer so he decided to lease it out instead. According to your agreement with him, it should be fifty thousand every month and you will be entitled to a fifteen percent commission... Yet, you are offering me hundred and fifty thousand now, isn't your appetite a little too big?"

"Old master, you... you..."

Upon hearing his words, the boss staggered backward.

Are you for real?

The contract on this house signed between Du Qiao and him was exactly as Zhang Xuan said, fifty thousand a month, just that... This was supposed to be confidential. They didn't tell any outsiders when signing the contract, so how could this fellow be aware?

"Why? Do you wish to deny it?" Zhang Xuan stared at him calmly. "The contract was signed three months ago at Emerald Pavilion, and the one who accompanied by your side then was the top hostess, Cui Ling. The wine you two drank was the Crushing Waves with eight years of maturity and the dish you two ate was the Ruby Rabbit Meat. During which, you even had Ming Xin Yue play a tune. After sealing the deal, both of you happily invited three ladies in... Do you need me to recount the events that occurred one by one for you?"


The boss looked as though he had seen a ghost and fear surged through him.

The words that the other party said were spot-on, as though the man was there in person.

This is too terrifying!

"You... Who exactly are you?"

Frightened, the boss trembled.

Standing before the other party, he felt as though he had been stripped naked, causing him to feel guilty subconsciously.

"I am merely a person who wants to rent a place, I just don’t wish to be taken advantage of!"

Zhang Xuan's expression was serene.

"I was overly obsessed with profits. This mansion is exactly as what old master said, it costs fifty thousand every month!" After the other party revealed so many things about him, the boss was truly frightened. He dared not to fool around and hurriedly admitted his fault.

"Un!" Watching the other party concede, Zhang Xuan nodded his head in satisfaction. He casually whipped out a stack of bills, "Here is a hundred thousand, I will be renting the place for a month. For the excess amount, help me to get some servants. Also... During the time I am here, you shall be my butler. No need to speak of fifty thousand or hundred thousand, if you perform well, I will give you however much money you need. You will definitely make more money than running that realtor center of yours."

As a master teacher, he couldn't possibly clean such a large mansion personally or do everything by himself. It was necessary to have servants and maids to assist with the chores.

The reason why he wanted this fellow to serve as his butler was even simpler.

He was good at scamming!

To outright offer three times the original price, he had the enormous guts.

His reason for impersonating a master teacher was to make quick bucks and he desperately required such talents.

"I will get how much I want?"

The boss's breathing hastened.

His realtor center only earned him twenty thousand gold coins or so a year. It was not often that people would come to rent mansions like this, and moreover, it was useless if the other party failed to fall for his exorbitant scams.

This is precisely why he felt a surge of excitement upon seeing the bills worth a hundred thousand gold coins and hearing the other party's offer.

The heck! I knew that he was a fat lamb, but I didn't expect for him to be such a massive one!

"Why? Are you unwilling?"

"No... No, I am willing." The boss grabbed the bills from Zhang Xuan's hands hurriedly. His movement was even faster than when he dodged Zhang Xuan's attack earlier.

How could he be unwilling when such a good opportunity was presented in his face?

"Un! I will only be staying in Tianxuan City for a period of time. If you serve me well, I will make you sure you earn ten years worth of salary within a single month. As for what you should do... I think you should know it better than anyone else." The other party's response did not let him down. Zhang Xuan nodded his head in satisfaction.

"Rest assured, old master. I will definitely serve you well."

Upon hearing the other party's promise, the plump boss nodded his head vehemently.

Un, Zhang Xuan responded.

It was of utmost important to balance the carrot and the stick to keep a person loyal. At the very beginning, he exposed all of the other party's secrets, inducing fear in the other party's heart. After which, he offered him massive benefits. It would be queer if the other party was instead unwilling to give in to him.

"What is your name?"

"Your humble servant's name is Sun Qiang!" The boss quickly replied. "You can call me Xiao Qiang!"

"Xiao Qiang?" A strange expression appeared on Zhang Xuan's face.

"Yes!" Sun Qiang nodded his head.

"There are some tasks that I will delegate to you right now."

Suppressing the urge to call the other party 'cockroach', Zhang Xuan waved his thoughts away and said, "Firstly, I want you to find maids and servants for this mansion by tonight. Tomorrow, when I come over, I want to see them here. Secondly, through your connections, I want you to spread the news of me living in this mansion. Say that... A passing master teacher, Yang Xuan, will be staying here for a short period of time. The more people know of the matter, the better it is."

Naturally, he wouldn't use his real name. Yang Xuan was a web name that he used in his previous life, thus he casually chose to use it.

"Master teacher?"

Taken aback, Sun Qiang lifted his head and stared at the old master doubtfully.

"Un, I am a master teacher. I am here to look for something. So, it would be best if you could get the news as far as possible."

Zhang Xuan harrumphed. "Of the hundred thousand I have just given you, there should be a remaining sum after hiring the servants. Do a good job, and I will make sure to reward you greatly. I have taken a look at your cultivation realm and I have noticed that you have been stuck at Zhenqi realm pinnacle for over a decade now. It would be a small matter for me to help you break through during the time I am in Tianxuan Royal City."

"Thank you, old master." Sun Qiang quickly kneeled to the floor.

It was just as the other party said. He had been stuck at Zhenqi realm pinnacle for over a decade, but somehow, he was unable to overcome this boundary. If he were to receive the pointer of a master teacher, Fighter 4-dan wouldn't be a dream for him.

He secretly lifted his head to sneak a peek. The old master whom he had just met with had his hands behind his back as he stood before the background of the setting sun. The faint yellow light that scattered on his body made him resemble an unworldly immortal.

Upon this sight, admiration arose instantaneously from the depths of his heart for this old master.

At this moment, he was completely convinced that the other party was a master teacher.

If he weren't a master teacher, how could he have known about his secret dealings? If he weren't a master teacher, how could he possibly be so rich and generous...

However, what that truly convinced the boss were his disposition and his actions. Majesty exuded naturally in every single action of his. In fact, if someone were to claim that the person before him wasn't a master teacher, he would think that the person was lying.

"Old master, rest assured. I will accomplish this matter perfectly."

Sun Qiang was filled with motivation.

Master teachers. This is the noblest group of people in the world. Even the emperor of Tianxuan Kingdom, Shen Zhui, has to act respectfully and politely around them. For an ordinary and insignificant figure like him to be able to serve such an incredible figure, it was almost as though the Goddess of Fortune had blessed him.


Upon observing the other party’s complete submission, Zhang Xuan gestured for him to leave.

"Yes!" Sun Qiang left excitedly.

Only after his departure did Zhang Xuan relax his body and stretch his back. He sighed.

"To think that acting like an expert would be so tiring..."

Xiao Qiang is another word for cockroach.



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