Chapter 127: List of Opponents

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If someone were to know of Zhang Xuan’s thoughts, he would probably be tempted to strangle him.

You impersonate an expert and find it tiring? Why don't you kill yourself...

After Sun Qiang's departure, Zhang Xuan didn't remain in the mansion for long. By the time he returned to his dormitory, the sun had already set.

Today's morning lessons, the Pill Debate, and then looking for a base and acting like an expert. He felt exhausted after going through so much today.

Initially, he had planned to research content on the next phase after Pixue realm but unknowingly, he fell asleep right after lying onto his bed. By the time he woke up, it was already morning.

Upon entering the classroom, he realized that his students were already present.

He took a look at each of their conditions and nodded his head in satisfaction.

These students seemed to also know the importance of the Freshmen Tournament and thus, they were extremely diligent in their training. Even though it was just a single day, they had made significant improvements.

After offering them pointers individually, Zhang Xuan clarified some doubts they had. Then, just as he was about to end the lesson, he saw a person walking in through the door.

"Zhang laoshi, Lu Xun laoshi challenged you to a 【Teacher Evaluation】 and this is the name list of students who would be competing with yours!"

When Zhu Hong delivered the war declaration previously, he was beaten to a pulp by Yuan Tao and the others. The one who came this time is a teacher.

Different teachers had different number of students under them. For star teachers like Lu Xun, his students often numbered in the hundreds and if all of them were to be involved in the duel with Zhang Xuan, it wouldn't be fair. Thus, in the Teacher Evaluation, both teachers would choose a few students to represent them in duels.

Zhang Xuan had a total of five students, so there was no need for him to choose among them. It would do as long as the other party chose five students to compete with each of his students.

"Good!" Taking over the name list, Zhang Xuan took a look and a bizarre expression appeared on his face immediately.

He thought that the other party would choose some of his more highly-ranked students, given the number of outstanding students under his tutelage. He didn't expect that the five students he chose would have similar rankings to his own students, with the exception of Yuan Tao (The main reason for that was because the other party didn't have students of Yuan Tao's ranking).

The first one on the list is Zhu Hong, who barged into the classroom previously, and the other candidates he chose corresponded to Wang Ying, Zheng Yang and Liu Yang's rankings, so there aren't huge differences between them.

In Teacher Evaluations, the challenged teacher had the choice of whether to accept or to decline. Once the challenged teacher accepts the challenge, the other party could choose any of the students under his tutelage to compete with him. Theoretically speaking, Lu Xun could send five of the top ten students in the entrance examinations and it wouldn't be flouting the rules. As such, Zhang Xuan had been preparing for such a scenario. He hadn’t expected that the other party would send him such a line-up, so he was a little taken aback.

"Un? Mo Xiao, isn't this fellow..."

Taking a closer look, a familiar name appeared. Perplexed by the matter, he suddenly heard Liu Yang's voice.

Liu Yang had also seen the contents in the name list and felt that something was amiss.

"Zhang laoshi, even though the ranks of our opponents in the list are similar to ours, we won’t be a match if we were to cross blows. There is something weird..."

"Un?" Zhang Xuan looked over at him. "What can you tell from it?"

"For example, take a look at this Bai Chao. My ranking in the entrance examination is 93rd whereas he is 90th. There isn't a large difference in our ranking, but this fellow is skilled in punching techniques and his cultivation realm is one small level higher than mine. If we were to talk about fighting prowess, two of me wouldn't be an opponent for him. The reason why our rankings are around the same was because he fared too badly for the theoretical examination."

Liu Yang pointed to another name, "This Du Lei as well, he is skilled in movement techniques. Wang Ying is ranked 67th while he is ranked 69th. It might seem as though he is slightly weaker than Wang Ying, but he possesses incredible speed. His attacks are also vicious and precise. In a one-to-one duel, Wang Ying definitely isn't a match for him."

"It's true that I am unable to defeat him."

Wang Ying's face flushed red and she nodded her head in agreement.

"Mo Xiao is my friend and I have never defeated him." Zheng Yang started speaking. "Just that... Wasn't Mo Xiao admitted under Wang Chao laoshi? We signed up for his lessons together but I failed the examination..."

"Not just him, I remember clearly that Bai Chao was under Hong Xun laoshi and this Du Lei was under Zhu Hong laoshi." Liu Yang said.

"What's going on?"

Zhang Xuan stared intently at the teacher who passed him the name list.

"Oh, Mo Xiao, Bai Chao and Du Lei withdrew from their teachers' tutelage yesterday and acknowledged Lu laoshi." The teacher nodded his head. "I have already sent you the name list and my job is done. Farewell!"

At this point, the teacher turned around to leave.

"Acknowledged Lu laoshi?" Upon hearing these words, Zhang Xuan immediately understood what was going on.

This Lu Xun is truly a bastard!

He thought that the other party sending students of similar ranking was an attempt to make this challenge fair. In reality, he had already done his research and analyzed his students thoroughly.

Zhu Hong was ranked fourth while Zhao Ya was ranked seventh. There isn't a huge difference in their rankings but when it comes to fighting, as seen before, if it weren't for Zhang Xuan secretly informing her of his mingmen, even two Zhao Yas wouldn't be a match for him.

The other party must have already known about Wang Ying's injury to send Du Lei, who is skilled in movement techniques and possesses superior speed. From the very start, Wang Ying's legs are already her weakness, so how could she keep up with someone with such outstanding speed? Isn't this just becoming a standing punchbag for the other party?

Zheng Yang's spear mastery might be excellent, but the other party sent Mo Xiao, who is a level higher than him. Liu Yang injured the meridians in his right arms due to training in battle techniques beyond his level, but the other party sent Bai Chao, who is skilled in punching techniques...

As for the one who corresponded to Yuan Tao, his name is Kong Jie and he is ranked in the three hundreds. However, after Liu Yang’s brief introduction, Zhang Xuan came to a realization immediately.

This fellow isn't adept at battle techniques or anything else, but he possesses exceptional offensive ability and was an aggressive fighter.

It was ideal to send a person like this to deal with Yuan Tao, who specializes in defense.

The heck!

In the view of those unaware of the situation, Lu Xun's action of not choosing among his outstanding students and instead, picking those who hold rankings similar to his own was for fairness. But, he was actually choosing opponents that curbed his students.

For this, he even took students from other teachers to place them under his tutelage.

If Zhang Xuan were to train his students in the conventional method, his students would improve, but so would the other party's. To triumph over the other party with half a month of effort is nearly impossible!

After all, his five students have problems of their own and those problems aren't minor things that can be solved swiftly.

"That bastard, he is trying to use me as a stepping stone!"

Zhang Xuan's rage flurried.

When the other party tried to trample on his dignity previously, he was furious but not to such an extent. After all, as a member of the modern civilization in his previous life, on which days did he not get his face slapped? He was already used to it!

But now, the other party is trying to step on his face to reach higher grounds. He wants to attract more attention so as to add to his reputation. Zhang Xuan will not allow this to happen.

I am not a staircase for you to step on as you please! Neither am I a melon for you to chew off as you please!

"I will go all out. Within ten days, I will definitely earn twenty million and obtain the pills and medicinal solutions for them!"

Zhang Xuan clenched his fist tightly.

It was his first time getting so furious after transcending over.

Slapping my face? I can still endure it. But to step on my face to reach higher grounds?

Dream on!

In the past, he thought that he was on the losing end spending so much money to buy those items for his students. In his mind, no matter what, he had to get the money back from his students. However, from the look of it now, it wasn't his loss.

This isn't just for his students, this is for him as well!

Lu Xun, just you wait! You might be gleeful now, but you will be in for a rain of tears later on!

In another classroom, Lu Xun sneezed. He rubbed his nose as he muttered, "Is someone thinking of me?"



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